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    mez reacted to Munkworth in MOTM vs Villarreal (N) (SC)   
    A vote for Kepa devoid of irony. Yes they exist.  
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    mez reacted to Scott Harris in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    Just realised my mistake 😆
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    mez reacted to The Don Antonio in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    I am gettinga Kepa tatoo on my left butt cheek
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    mez reacted to Valerie in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    Sheez, Rudi as if he is our main penalty taker.
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    mez reacted to PetrCechYourself in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    Team was definitely rusty...but, gotta like overcoming pressure at the beginning of the season to win a cup!
    Look forward to seeing an actual Striker with guys like Mount, Werner, Puli and Havi playing off of him. Think it will be a night and day difference. 
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    mez reacted to evissy in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
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    mez reacted to evissy in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    Kepa Arrizabalaga - Chelsea legend *
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    mez reacted to Jangz in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    That is 2 mil paid back 🙂
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    mez reacted to evissy in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    Jorginho has partied more in a couple of months than played football. 
  11. Haha
    mez reacted to Scott Harris in Chelsea V Villarreal UEFA Super Cup 11/8/21   
    I said this on purpose 😉
  12. Haha
    mez reacted to charierre in Pre Season Competition   
    Bakayoko showing what we’ve been missing. 
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    mez reacted to petre ispirescu in Pre Season Competition   
    I just feel Kante has entered in his absolute prime years since Tuchel has taken charge here and his next two seasons are going to be some fabulous ones, he is such a joy to watch and no matter who partners him in that two man midfield it seems this Tuchel system is tailor made for him.
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    mez reacted to coombsie in Erling Haaland   
    I do think that we have switched target from Haaland to Lukaku due to the financial demands.  We have established the cost of buying him from Dortmund, Raiola's exorbitant fee, Haaland's own signing on fee and the wages, that apparently will break our wage structure. The deal has just got too rich for us and is now dead.
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    mez reacted to SFL82 in Erling Haaland   
    I don’t get how we can bid 100 million for Lukaku who will be worth nothing in 4 years but Haaland will be worth potentially even more in that time, we could get 4-5 years out of him and not lose money. 
    Surely it’s better to just pay the 150 million as a long term investment 
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    mez reacted to Valerie in Pre Season Competition   
    Perhaps as a token of our friendship we should not do that.
    Just kidding! I strongly encourage the club to do that and what friendship by the way 
  17. Haha
    mez reacted to Eight Times in Pre Season Competition   
    I hope we have the decency to take our European cup with us.  Only polite we show the others what one looks like,
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    mez reacted to ducavis in Next new Striker   
    There will and they are, zero chance Levy sells us a player.
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    mez reacted to evissy in Erling Haaland   
    Haaland is not unproven. He is the real deal and just the type of player we need. 
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    mez reacted to dansubrosa in Random Rumours   
    It’s all very quiet isn’t it.
  21. Sad
    mez reacted to RMH in Euro 2020 (played in 2021)   
    Denmark could win only if England goes all Spursy. It can happen, it’s one game and anything can happen (being Chelsea supporters we know that anything can happen, bad or good), but the chances are very high for England to get through to the final. Italy will beat Spain and the final is one game in which anything can happen. I’d lean on Italy winning it just because they’ve been the best team so far in the tournament, but England improved last night and if they play it well and take their chances, it can win it as the underdogs.
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    mez reacted to Ballack & Blu in Erling Haaland   
    There is no reason there is no real noise on Haaland, unless which is typical Chelsea, we will just announce a capture, leaving the sh*te media in a quandary, and propelling the stories of Utd spunking  half a billion this window?
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    mez reacted to thebluekid in Next new Striker   
    You lost absolutely all ounce of credibility when you put Man City over Chelsea. I stopped reading at the ‘y’ in ‘City’. Deluded.
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    mez reacted to Blue Exile in Euro 2020 (played in 2021)   
    What a strike by Andreas!!
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    mez reacted to Gol15 in Euro 2020 (played in 2021)   
    If France wins = Ngolo gets Golden Balls
    If England wins = Mason gets Golden Ball
    If Scotland wins = wee Billy gets Golden Ball
    If Italy wins = Jorginho gets Golden Ballone
    If Germany wins = Kai gets ze Guld Boll
    TLDR: Chelsea best
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