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    mez reacted to Scott Harris in Brighton Vs Chelsea Player Ratings:   
    Kepa - 4 - Would have been a 6 or 7, but they scored from another of his mistakes.
    Alonso - 6 - I thought he was decent. He didn't do much going forward, but defensively, I thought he performed as well as he could against a quick player like Lamptey.
    Zouma - 7 - Solid, nothing spectacular, just did his job and did it well, exaclty what you want out of your CB.
    Christensen - 7 - Same as Zouma, solid, no messing.
    James - 7 - Excellent goal, okay defensively.
    Kante - 7 - More like himself. It's been a while since I have seen him tackle and track players as well as that. We just need him to stay fit.
    Jorginho - 6 - Took his penalty well, played his natural game, didn't get booked.
    Loftus-Cheek - 3 - One to forget for Loftus-Cheek, he's still lacking the intensity he had before his injury.
    Mount - 6 - A typical hard working performance from Mount. Didn't offer much in attack though.
    Havertz - 5 - Not a great debut. It's going to take time for him to settle.
    Werner - 7 - Excellent in the first half, he was very alert. He will score goals as long as the players play on the same wavelength as him. Gotta pick him out early so he can get a shot away.
    Barkley - 6 - Changed the tempo of our game when he came on, he still took too long with some of his decision making though.
    Hudson-Odoi - 5 - Full of energy when he came on, didn't have much time to have much of an impact on the game though.
    Azpilicueta - 5 - Same as Hudson-Odoi, didn't have much time to make much of an impact.
    Lampard - 7 - I thought he got our defensive shape right, things were a bit disjointed in attack though, which isn't surprising when we have injuries in those areas. Subs were fine, I would have preferred one a little earlier though.
    Opposition score - 6 - They had a lot of the ball, but they didn't do much with it. Lamptey was their main threat, without him, they wouldn't have caused us any troubles.
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    mez reacted to JM7 in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    Anyone watching Spurs a All or Nothing? I’m just on first episodes. Obviously not fussed by Spurs but interested from a Jose perspective. 
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    mez reacted to axman2526 in Brighton v Chelsea (Friendly) Saturday 29th August, kick-off 3pm.   
    Seems odd playing a friendly against the same side we open  the league campaign against. I get not travelling outside of England but games against say Sheffield Wednesday or Crewe would have provided something a little different.
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    mez reacted to Munkworth in Brighton v Chelsea (Friendly) Saturday 29th August, kick-off 3pm.   
    The club don’t like to officially associate themselves with me...
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    mez reacted to Jackbuchanan in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    This made me chuckle 😆 

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    mez reacted to axman2526 in Lewis Dunk has a dog called Didier   
    In other words he could be a real slam Dunk of a signing?... I'll get my coat...
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    mez reacted to forbzy in Lewis Dunk has a dog called Didier   
    Could be another Cahill-type of signing. Gary Cahill turned out pretty well for us in the end if memory serves me well.
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    mez reacted to IliyaKrostin in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2019/20   
    Excellent football in the first half. 
    Bayern are looking great, I want more from them. (i just hate Barcelona so much that I'm ready to support Bayern in the game)
    Let's hope that Barcelona will put more attacking football to keep the high level of the game.
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    mez reacted to Butterhampton FC in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    Our defense hasn't learned a single thing all season. There's never any suggestion that the mistakes the players make in 1 game will be improved upon in the next. I think that is what upsets and shocks me the most. 
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    mez reacted to forbzy in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    You have only really know pretty decent times then to be honest. Try the 20 years from mid-70's to mid-90's
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    mez reacted to Munkworth in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    He’s the only one available, it’s way past all the other players bedtimes!
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    mez reacted to charierre in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    Individually all our defenders are poor.
    We defend as a team poorly, Midfield don't track runners we fail to smell danger.
    Frank has a huge job fixing this, at some point we have turned into Arsenal and are so easy to counter against
    Our squad has some exciting players but maybe it requires a couple of knowledgeable old hands to guide us through this period 
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    mez reacted to Sexyfootball in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    Skybet sent me a free £1 bet, so I thought "f**k it" and put it on a 4-1 away win at 150-1 🙂
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    mez reacted to Munkworth in Bayern Munich (3) vs (0) Chelsea 08/08/20, 20:00 GMT   
    That’s what we call the first team nowadays. Best give the U9s a ring. 
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    mez reacted to mad_mac in Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT   
    still a sh*tty feeling 3 days on, but when Pulisic was through for a potential second and not only did he miss but he fell to the ground in agony, I knew our day was over at that moment.
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    mez reacted to PloKoon13 in Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT   
    Seriously though, when you see Azpilicueta of all people going off with a serious injury you know it's not going to be your day.
    Not that we were particularly good or anything, in fact we saw a lot of the same flaws which have dogged us all season (non-existent midfield when Kanté is unavailable, huge gaps left in positioning, left-back getting consistently isolated and beaten one-on-one, being completely done on the transition with about three passes by any opponent with even an ounce of savvy), but events couldn't really have conspired against us more unless a meteor were involved. Maybe if it turned out that Giroud had some sort of Dorian Gray situation going on all along. Or some hideous Twilight Zone scenario where our best player is an American.
    Written in the stars... whatever the opposite of that is.
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    mez reacted to Stretford Ender in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    Poor subs and too late, plus a couple of players had an off-night. Ole showing his inexperience again in defending a lead with time running out. I don't think you'll slip up againt norwich but they've got nothing to lose now so you never know. 4th place could be determined at Leicester when we go there but teams are jittery and more so now that the bitters have been reprieved.
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    mez reacted to bluesfan in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    Hopefully the United fukup will give us extra motivation to defeat Norwich. This reminds me of the last season when the Top 4 contenders were losing so many games in the final phase.
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    mez reacted to MayosNoun! in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    I am confident we will dispose of Norwich comfortably. 
    If we do not, then we don’t deserve CL football.  
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    mez reacted to DumbYank in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    Four for Bournemouth this last few minutes.
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    mez reacted to The Don Antonio in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
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    mez reacted to The Don Antonio in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    Especially if lamps starts James and Christensen on the right side of defense. It is so funny how Lampard always gives James,Christensen and Abraham  a second third and fourth chance to prove themselves but once Alonso has a bad game he is binned. Okay Alonso f**ked up for Westhams 3rd goal by over attacking and not tracking back but Christensen and James have made more mistakes during this restart and the less said about Tammys form since december the better.
    I just think lampard plays favorites with the homegrown players and that could be his undoing when its all said and done. I am all for giving them a chance but everyone needs to be treated the same way when they f**k up. Thank God Giroud didnt leave us when Lampard was playing favourites with Abraham and even putting Batshuayi on the bench while leaving Giroud in the stands. He could easily have left us in January to get minutes so as to make the French Euro Squad. 
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    mez reacted to loz in Chelsea v Norwich (PL) Tues 14th Jul 20:15 GMT   
    I'd love for Kante to be back but I think it unlikely or, if he is, he would be getting rushed back out of desperation and would be playing at 80% and just risking further injury.
    It really is at a point where we may as well let the defence choose who to play through a best of three game of shove penny shove.
    I am certainly not for bring complacent just because its Norwich. We have been sh*te for weeks and any team in the league can see points in us.
    Surely Kovacic and Giroud will start ahead of Tammy and maybe Mount. I can see Jorginho starting again assuming Kante is not available. I also expect Alonso will be brought back in. Personally I'd put Azpilicueta back in the centre if we go for four at the back. Or go with the wing backs and three in the centre.
    Whoever we pick at the back I suspect  it's going to be another chocolate air biscuit 90 minutes.
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    mez reacted to PloKoon13 in Sheff Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sat 11th July 2020 17:30 GMT   
    Absolute f**king shambles from back to front - infuriating. Completely and utterly outplayed, we are a team with many inherent structural flaws that we have been lucky enough to get away with against other average (on paper) opposition. Let us make no mistake - we had this coming.
    Up until now we have been lucky enough to have scraped into the CL places in what is possibly the worst top four battle in two decades. Lampard was completely shown up today, and it was so f**king predictable. You can sign as many £90m flavour-of-the-month Bundesliga forwards as you want - if we continue to be a team who are so poor at the defensive fundamentals then any pretensions we have of taking our seat back at the top table of European football will remain pretensions.
    Complete and total sh*t. Appalling performance. We've had enough chances and now it is out of our hands. All that is left is to keep our fingers crossed that we get lucky again.
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    mez reacted to Gol15 in Sheff Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sat 11th July 2020 17:30 GMT   
    We have no choice. We can't move forward with the current players in our defense. I give James a pass he's still young but the rest are not good enough and haven't been good enough for quite some time.
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