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  1. That is the thing with cups though, it could be one round and we're out, that would limit the amount of games he is going to get. Ampadu isn't going to learn much playing a few cup games.
  2. I'm sure Lampard is trying not to upset anybody because from what I have seen, Kenedy has no chance. He just isn't good enough.
  3. The problem is that Ampadu needs games to improve as a player, he isn't going to get that with us as 4th choice. Zouma may not be the future for us, but as a fourth choice, I would be happy with that until Ampadu gains experience on loan. I'm sure Zouma won't like that, but he will just have to take the chances he get's and prove himself.
  4. I really don't know. If Loftus-Cheek was fit from the start of the season, I would pick him. The most worrying thing is that I don't see one player getting over 15 goals. Hopefully Pulisic or Batshuayi can surprise us.
  5. I agree. If I was a footballer and I had to wear this, I would find it very uncomfortable. There is no way I would button up that collar, I would feel like I am being strangled.
  6. Only £25m too. Some Spud fans seem to think they are getting a good deal for some reason. I don't think Trippier is anything special, but £25m doesn't get you far in today's market, and they don't exactly have a player that will do a better job.
  7. I have seen that fan with his David Luiz hair at 45 seconds so many times now 😄 He must have been thrilled when he heard that Chelsea were playing a friendly in Japan.
  8. If it wasn't for the transfer ban, then I am sure this would have been the season that we signed Hulk
  9. I don't think Maguire is that much of an upgrade on what they have. United's CB's are all rubbish, but Maguire isn't world class or anything, he has a ton of mistakes in him. Also, I don't care if the market is inflated, if he goes for £80m, then that is quite possibly the most insane price I have ever seen a player of his calibre go for. Look at De Ligt, the prices being talked about for him are nowhere near £80m and people are expecting him to be the best CB in the game in a few years. £80m today was £40-50m a few years ago.........no way is Maguire anywhere near worth that amount!
  10. Being small isn't as big a deal in football as it used to be. A lot of the best players in the game over the last 10 years have been a similar height, just look at Hazard, Kante, Xavi, Iniesta, Modric, Aguero, Sterling, Griezmann, and one of the greatest players to play the game, Messi.
  11. This is what I don't understand, you have faith that Lampard can get the best out of Kovacic and improve his end product, but at the same time you have no faith in Barkley, a player that has actually proven in the past that he has end product. The thing lacking from Barkley's game is consistency, Lampard himself had a similar issue at the same age. I would be more confident in Lampard getting the best out of Barkley in the attacking areas than I would with Kovacic, a player that has never looked like an attacking midfielder throughout his whole career. If I had to pick a midfield to start the season, it would be Kante and Kovacic in the deeper role and Barkley in the attacking role.
  12. Sums up Arsesnal really. This guy is their captain too 😂
  13. Yep, ability is important, but the mental side of the game is just as important. I feel like Christensen has only just got over those mistakes he was making a few seasons back. Morata started well with us and then completely crumbled and blamed everybody else but himself.
  14. I remember when Renato Sanches played against us for Swansea a few seasons back. He played a pass so poor that it made Paul Clement facepalm 😆
  15. Yep, just sell the ones that have no future here and loan out the ones that could make it. Sell them now before nobody wants them and we can't make any money on them.
  16. I know it's only pre season, but like you say, Bakayoko looks no different than the player we bought two seasons ago. He still looks clumsy and he still turns like a tank. I'm sure Lampard wants to have a look at everybody before deciding what to do with them, but I don't think Bakayoko will do anywhere near enough to impress him.
  17. Isn't it time that we sold Piazon now? I don't see the point in holding on to a 25 year old who will only be loaned out again. He's been loaned out 6 seasons in a row, and the only time I see him play for us is during pre-season. The same goes for Lewis Baker. Just sell them on now, they have no future at the club.
  18. Ampadu's playing style worries me. I like that he likes to get stuck in, but I can't help but feel that he is going to pick up a lot of cards and injuries if he doesn't change things a bit. He doesn't seem to know when to tackle, he just goes for it every time. Hopefully that improves the older he gets.
  19. He wasn't great though, it's a myth. Out of all of the younger players in that Monaco team, Bakayoko was the worst of the lot. His two performances against Juventus in the Champions League that season was a sign of things to come. He's been overrated from the minute people started noticing him.
  20. I still can't understand why Aubameyang joined Arsenal. If he had stayed at Dortmund, he probably would have been the difference for them this season and he would be celebrating a league title win. He was a player in his prime, one of the best strikers around and he joined a worse team. Money must have been his only motivation when joining Arsenal.
  21. Rudiger isn't going to ever pass the ball as well as Luiz, but he's still very comfortable passing the ball out of defence. I think we could win the league with Rudiger, it's other areas of the squad that stops us from achieving it though. I think Rudiger would get into every defence in the league. He would get into City's defence alongside Laporte. He would get into Liverpool's defence alongside Van Dyke. I think he is better than Tottenham's defenders, Vertonghen is aging and Alderweireld hasn't been as good as he used to be. He is better than every CB at Arsenal and United.
  22. What makes you think that? It's not like United and PSG haven't both made w**k signings in the last few years, especially United.
  23. Robben was one of the best wingers of his generation, that is without a doubt. Even with all of those injuries he had, he always bounced back. Usually when a player picks up so many injuries, they are finished by their late 20's, but he just kept getting better. Messi and Ronaldo are top tier when it comes to footballers of his generation, but I think Robben was easily one of the best outside of those two.

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