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  1. I couldn't look past what could have been when Lampard was hired. The dream of him lifting trophies as our manager was outweighing any thoughts of him being a failure. Now that things have gone down hill, it really f**king sucks. This situation feels so bad that I kind of never want to see a club legend take on the job again. Seeing Lampard sacked really could drain away the rest of my passion for game, even if that decision turns out to be the best move for the club.
  2. I think it would be similar to when Mourinho got sacked. The fans at the stadium would never boo Lampard. They would rather take their frustrations out on the players.
  3. Didn't have a good game again, so let's get that out of the way first, but at the same time, is there any other team in the league that would ignore so many runs into the box? He's doing what he was bought in to do, make runs into the box and rely on teammates to spot them. Lampard would have struggled to score half of his goals for us if players ignored his movement, so why isn't he instructing the players to pick out Havertz when he makes his runs into the box
  4. Are you for real? That midfield of ours is slow as anything at passing the ball. When do they ever spot the run of the wingers or strikers behind the defence? They may see the pass but they rarely attempt to pull it off, they just pass it out wide or backwards. It's the same with the defenders. We are supposed to be a team that plays it out of the back, but so often I see the opposition all over us and we end up giving it away in dangerous areas. The only defender that plays it quickly out of the back is Silva, the rest stutter and play fake passes that the opposition aren't fooled by. As
  5. As was proven again tonight, movement means f**k all if the players you are playing with aren't going to make the pass. That is a tactical issue. We are playing far too slow and we have been since Sarri was here. Lampard should know better and he should be instructing the players to get forward quickly. There isn't a single team in this league that has been successful playing passive football.
  6. Can we go back to taking the piss out of Brendon Rodgers? Those days were more fun.
  7. Defensive organisastion. It's something you work on in training. Maybe it's something the coaching team haven't been paying enough attention on.
  8. We can't even get our strikers on the ball as it is, why would that suddenly change by bringing another player in? Haaland is another that relies on service, and our tactics show no sign that we can offer that service. The players deserve a share of the blame for our position, but the biggest issues are clearly tactical. Just throwing in a new player or two isn't going to fix things.
  9. I don't see how we get top 4 from here, it's already gone. We are relying on those that are already in the top 4 to collapse and for us to go on an amazing run of form from nothing. Then we also would need the likes of Everton, Villa, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham and even Arsenal's form to drop too. It's just not happening, maybe 1 or 2 will drop from until the end of the season, but I don't expect the rest to drop form as well.
  10. The strange thing is, it actually started when Matic was here. This is why the Fabregas and Matic partnership was broken up. It only improved when Kante joined and we switched to 3 cb's. That didn't last long though and the problems have appeared all over again. Midfield has been one of our biggest problems (maybe the biggest problem) for years now. All of our midfielders seem to shine in some areas, but not a single one of them seem be good enough off the ball.
  11. It feels exactly like the other defeats. Leicester have been comfortable. We haven't really had a period of dominance and forced them to grind anything out. This is exactly the type of performance you see when top of the table teams play against mid table teams.
  12. Because Vardy wasn't offside for their second goal. You can't be offside from a goal kick.
  13. He's another player that has gone to sh*t. Reminds me exactly of why I never wanted us to sign him in the first place. He plays well for a few games, people start taking notice of him, then he goes missing for the rest of the season. He was exactly the same at Leicester.
  14. Every league is different. That is like saying if Tottenham played in the Bundesliga they would finish second every season. That would be very unlikely because their tactics wouldn't work there. They would have to adapt to German football, which isn't the same as English football.
  15. Now you definitely are trolling. Leipzig crushed Tottenham last season, they also beat United this season. Dortmund are always a tough team to beat and Leverkusen keep improving.
  16. Been saying it all season. We bought these players in and none of them are being told to play the way they were at their old clubs. Why did we even bring these players in if they were a complete mismatch for the tactics we were going to play?
  17. They definitely were playing that way, it just wasn't perfected at the time, they were still learning. Once they got the right players in and the players they kept on got used to the tactics, things came together for them. Lampard won't get the same financial backing next season, not after we have spent all of the money we have just spent. If Lampard is sacked, I don't even expect the coach following him will get a ton of money to spend.
  18. This happens all of the time with us. I see a player make a run, no pass to them is ever attempted though. It's like the players have zero confidence to play the pass. It just goes out wide and then it's played back to the half way line. Nobody is stepping up in this team.
  19. There was always progress with him though. You could see what he was trying to do with Liverpool from the off. I see no identity with us, I don't even really have a good idea what our game plan is anymore. I hate all of the Klopp comparisons anyway. Klopp's experiences at Liverpool doesn't mean the same will happen with Lampard or any coach.
  20. The most pathetic defending you will see. James was just ball watching.
  21. What a waste from Hudson-Odoi. Silva there once again the most positive player for us. Got us going with a good pass out of defence. Everybody else is way too safe.
  22. He's been changing a lot of things. The problem is, he keeps getting things wrong.
  23. This is decent? They are comfortable, we look as sh*t as we have looked since November.
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