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  1. Anybody upset that we didn't bring Ake back to the club now?
  2. And then there are the ones they have now sold like Danilo. The amount City have spent on defenders is insane.
  3. City right now remind me of the time when Costa, Willian and Hazard ripped them apart in Pep's first season.
  4. How would he cope if he had a smaller budget? I can think of a ton of managers that would spend way less and wouldn't have the troubles he has had to build a defence.
  5. I wonder how much better Vardy would have been if he was found earlier in his career.
  6. We seem to have a lot of good CM's but can't seem to find a way to get any of them to work together. Sometimes it will work one week, then next week it will fall apart.
  7. I have noticed that sometimes typing has a delay on it. It seems to be completely random though, I'm wondering if certain ads are causing it.
  8. Does anybody else get bored watching games involving Man City? They are just so much slower than other Premier League games. Teams just seem to wait to be beaten by them.
  9. Another attempt to protect the refs. Refs couldn't make their mind up what was handball and ball to hand in the past so now we are stuck with this rubbish.
  10. I agree. He shouldn't be a regular starter yet, it's too soon for him. We don't need to rush it, we have a perfectly capable right back in Azpilicueta and James can keep learning and getting games here and there. I think we are asking for trouble if we start him for the majority of the games this season. He will gain experience, but it will cost us with results and could actually hurt his confidence going forward.
  11. Caballero - 5 - I don't think he was at fault for anything today and he didn't do anything spectacular either. James - 4 - Got forward well at times and played one or two decent balls, but defensively he was terrible. Too often he loses his man from set pieces and crosses and is often yard to slow to react when people attack his side. Christensen - 7 - A steady performance, the type of performance you should expect in a game like today. Silva - 4 - Not a good Premier League debut. When you concede 1 goal, it's a wake up call, and it clearly wasn't enough of a wake up call for hi
  12. Didn't look anywhere near as good as he was in first two games.
  13. Alonso has awful games (like today) but Emerson does nothing, ever. I don't see potential in Emerson. I do agree that he shouldn't have started today. Give Alonso too many starts and he gets too comfortable and plays an awful game. Azpilicueta should have started today.
  14. If some Chelsea fans can't understand why he starts then they aren't watching close enough. Without him today, we don't get 3 goals, I would be suprised if we even got one. Just because he isn't always trying to be flashy, it doesn't mean he isn't one of our key players. You can't underestimate just how much he dictates the tempo of our attacks. He isn't just running around like a headless chicken, he's forcing things to happen, he's making the opposition work and making it difficult for them. The rest of the team need to look at him as an example of how to approach a game of football. I
  15. This is easy, Mount. The one player in our team that you can say always puts in a shift and understands that you can't approach a game so lackluster. Once again, he dictated the tempo of our game and kept forcing things to happen. Even in the first half he was the one in attack forcing things, he was just unlucky that the players behind him lacked the same desire and concentration.
  16. The problem is, Silva directly contributed to our problems today. He can't play like that in the Premier League, and he's done it twice now in two games. This isn't Ligue 1 where you can make those mistakes and not be punished for it.
  17. A great comeback, but it's hard to excited when you know we could be in the same situation in the next game. This isn't a one off, there will more than likely be more comical defending in our next game.
  18. 30 seconds of added time added on to added time? United got 2 minutes. We had VAR, a goal and a sub in added time, surely that is 3 minutes wasted.
  19. Should have just left it as it was. Now it's like we have too many in attack and they are getting in the way of each other and not knowing where they should be.
  20. Good finish from Mount, problably the only player that has turned up today.
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