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  1. Confused, yeah, he's probably confused why he was playing a friendly at such a stupid time of the season in the first place. I really wish I could find a way to stop reminding myself of this because it really pisses me off every time I think about it. I just can't think of a single reason why Loftus-Cheek of all players would be risked after everything that has happened to him in his career so far. Picks up injuries easily, and we play him in a friendly, thousands of miles from home, on a sh*t pitch, less than 4 days after the final game of the Premier League season and 13 days before the Europa League final. I don't care what anybody says, that is beyond stupid. One of the most ridiculous decisions the club has made in my time as a fan.
  2. If our ban sticks then we should let them go, bring back Batshuayi and Abraham and promote somebody to take Kovacic's place in the team. I don't see the point in wasting money on these two when that money could be held back for next season to spend on decent players. I also wouldn't let Hazard go either. I don't care if we end up with nothing and he leaves on a free. If we have a transfer ban, then we simply can't afford to lose him. With no way to replace him, we would be selling the only player that is consistently scoring or assisting goals.
  3. For me, it's the way City are winning that is concerning. 100 points last season was insane, that is something you see in a video game, not real life, and then the next season they get 98 points. Both of these seasons they got 32 wins, you just can't compete with that. My worry is that this is going to be the standard set by them for years to come. Liverpool played a Premier League winning season this season, but they still lost, I can't see them or any other team managing that consistently. If City were winning without destroying English football records, I would just see this as phase, but their position in English football is something I have never seen before and something I don't think the rest of the country is capable of stopping. The only way I see things changing is when Guardiola decides to leave and if City get in the wrong man to replace him.
  4. I don't think things were anywhere near as bad back then. We spent enough money to get us competing with the best, but there was still a ton of great players playing for different clubs all around Europe and we were never ahead of every team in Europe. City have been spending and spending and spending for over 10 years now, and it looks like it's going to keep going. There was competition when we were spending money, but City are taking away any kind of competition, especially in the Premier League. Nobody can compete with City, if City wants a player, then there is no point trying to out bid them because you will always lose. I personally think English football is in big trouble of becoming boring to the point where people start losing interest. The Premier League is known for being competitive with teams that never give up and we see mid table and lower league teams produce good results against the big teams, that hasn't been happening in the last 2 seasons. We just seen a team in the top half of the Premier League get destroyed easily by City in an F.A cup final, I have never seen anything like that. There is no competition anymore, and English football is well on it's way to becoming dominated by one team, exactly like Scottish football.
  5. I'm turning it off, this is going to end up being a simple win for City.
  6. It's only been 26 minutes, but that's it for me. Just don't see Watford scoring twice and City not scoring again.
  7. It's only a matter of time before City score from one of Gomes mistakes.
  8. I also still remember that time we compared Coutinho and Oscar, but as at that time, Coutinho haven't yet adapted to the league. The comparisons were going on until the moment Oscar left the club, and they both joined the Premier League the same season. Coutinho was into his 5th season at Liverpool, he was as adapted to league as he was ever going to be by that point.
  9. I just found out that Neymar only got a 3 game ban for punching a fan. If that was the other way around, I guarantee that fan would never be allowed to attend another football match and likely be thrown in jail. Oh, and PSG thought the punishment was too severe and appealed the ban. Severe? They are lucky he wasn't charged for assault.
  10. Liverpool fans have been doing this all week. I even seen some say that they would have had a better chance had Brighton sacked Hughton a week earlier. 🙄
  11. It's funny how people underrated him now because he is struggling in Spain. I can't believe many people already forgot how good he was when he was with Liverpool. I haven't forgotten, I thought he was okay at Liverpool, but nothing more. He was only ever good in patches for Liverpool, I didn't see him have one outstanding season with them. I remember a few seasons ago that people on here would compare Oscar and Coutinho to each other, most people would say they were very similar because they would play really well for month or two and then disappear for the rest of the season. If he was to join us, you would soon see fans complaining because his peformances aren't living up to their expectations.
  12. I don't think it is over the top all things considered. Let's say worse comes to worse and we have this transfer ban and sell Hazard. We would have no Hazard, no Loftus-Cheek for half of the season, an over the hill striker in Giroud, possibly Batshuayi who doesn't look like he would work well in this Chelsea team, Willian with no attacking threat, Pedro who is getting worse with each season that passes, no goalscoring or attacking threat from midfield (especially since Barkley's form dipped), full backs that are poor getting forward and only one of them is good defensively, and CB's that are prone to making stupid mistakes. I don't think a bunch of youth players that are coming from the Championship are suddenly going to keep us up there with the other top 5 teams either, that is just fantasy. Reece James, Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham are nowhere near ready to be playing for a top 6 team from what I have seen. If they weren't already Chelsea players, then nobody would be saying we should go out and sign them. I'm also very skeptical that Pulisic is as good as some people think he is. This squad doesn't look capable of competing for a top 6 spot with a transfer ban and without Hazard. We will be competing with the likes of Wolves, Everton, Leicester and Watford.
  13. Well, we need to get our asses in gear. There is no time to piss about here. If we can't make any transfers in the summer, then I think we are heading for a battle with the mid table teams at best next season.
  14. If we sign Coutinho (and I really hope we don't) then I wouldn't want him anywhere near that LW position. He's not a left winger, he never has been. He's being played out of position at Barcelona and he looks awful for them.
  15. Imagine being the player to pick up a potentially career changing injury in a friendly just before a major cup final. It's frustrating enough picking up an injury on the training field or in an important game before a cup final, but to get it in an ill timed friendly must be sickening. If I was him, I would be so pissed at the club right now. They have been telling him all season that he can't play every game because of a back issue, and then we play him in this game of all games which ends up giving him a much worse injury. I just can't get my head around the utter stupidity of it all. I'm sure the board members and Roman Abramovich would have known this game was a major injury risk, of course they would know, you would have to be an idiot to not see that, but the fact is that they just didn't care. For me, this is where the issue lies with our club these days, it's business before football.
  16. I would have been, I even said in the thread about this match that it was a bad idea and that it was adding an extra injury risk. No other club does this, I don't see Liverpool, Tottenham or Arsenal playing a friendly before a major European cup final. What club would? only a club run by idiots.
  17. It makes me so angry, seriously. This, on top of all of the other stupid decisions the club has made in recent years has pushed me over the edge. I'm furious about this, absolutely nothing can convince me that this club is being run how a football club should be anymore, we are a joke. Far too many business people are involved in the club and not enough football people, they need to go.
  18. You have got to be f**king kidding me!? Why am I not surprised that this exact thing has happened? This club in recent years has been a laughing stock, the decision making has been nothing short of embarrassing at times, this friendly is up there with the worst. Sorry, but this has seriously pissed me off. To arrange a friendly in America two weeks before a major cup final is shambolic. The Europa League should trump everything, but because we value money over football, we have possibly lost our most in form player for not just the Europa League, but also the start of next f**king season too. Just f**k off. I'm astonished that Loftus-Cheek would play in this game at all anyway. This is the guy that can't play every game because we need to manage his back problem, but here we are playing him in a stupid friendly right before a cup final. Seriously, what brainless idiot came up with that idea? So yeah, well done Chelsea, well done for making the squad even weaker. It's not like our squad isn't already struggling with injuries to our key players right now. f**k it, I'm going to bed, hopefully I wake up and find out that it's not as serious as it looked.
  19. I'd take him over Coutinho any day.
  20. I don't think he is. Pedro is still putting in decent performances now and again, the problem with Pedro is that he is putting in a lot of awful performances too. Willian doesn't even have a good performance in him these days, I can't remember the last time he had a good game.
  21. I'm calling bullsh*t on that. I don't think he will be sacked and I don't think Lampard will take over any time soon.
  22. What makes this even more ridiculous is that if we had made it to the F.A cup final, we would have played this game 2 days before. I think the timing of this friendly is an absolute joke, there is no reason why it couldn't have waited until pre-season. It's needlessly risking injury. I know players can pick up injuries at any point, but why add an extra risk? New England will not play this game like a friendly, they will want to win. I also don't think I like the idea of our players mentally checking out before a European Cup final. All focus should be on that final, we don't need a distraction like this.
  23. We stupidly left ourselves short by selling or loaning out our midfielders. Matic, Chalobah, Loftus-Cheek, they were let go and we were left with Fabregas, Kante and Bakayoko as our only options. Then we got desperate because we couldn't sign junk like Oxlade-Chamberlain so we signed Drinkwater instead. That transfer window was a farce. If ever we needed proof that we need better people in charge of our transfer activities, it was that transfer window.
  24. I'd keep Pedro and sell Willian. There is no way we will manage to bring in 3 new wingers if we get this transfer ban suspended and assume Hazard is going to be sold. We also need to remember that Hudson-Odoi is still injured.

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