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  1. Varane's a confusing one. Was his last 2 seasons at Real so mediocre because he wasn't very good, or was it because he had already won everything and wasn't as motivated as he used to be? After the world cup in 2018, I thought he was one of the best CB's around, so it does seem odd that he would suddenly start playing so poor so soon after. Personally, I think he just needed to move clubs, and now that United are set to sign him, it pretty much completes their defence. They are going to be very hard to break down now.
  2. Mid 20's, not played a single game of European football, not won a single trophy, spent most of his career fighting relegation and winning promotion with Villa and doesn't have a single top 10 finish in the Premier League in his career. Doesn't score enough either. He still has everything to prove at the top level before he can be considered world class. The majority of our squad are more proven at the top level than Grealish is, but there are only two players in our whole squad I would label world class, Kante and Silva.
  3. I really thought our players underachieved at times last season. The Champions League was pretty much faultless, but in the domestic competitions, I thought the players didn't reach the highs they should have reached. This group shouldn't have been involved in a top 4 scrap. We should at minimum have pulled away like United did and we should never have allowed Liverpool to catch back up and overtake us.
  4. Would Mahrez and Sterling downgrade at this point in their careers though? Mahrez just had his best season since his title win with Leicester, and Sterling is just entering his peak years. I can't see either of them going to Tottenham.
  5. I wouldn't be happy with that at all. I think Alonso is a useful player and gives us something a bit different.
  6. I hope for our sake that we do.
  7. Selling before having a replacement lined up and ready to sign is something we have been doing for a while now. It's such a risky policy and can put us in a position where we end up panicking and buying players like Drinkwater.
  8. I have still been in party mood since we won (which has been dampened a bit after England lost the final of the Euro's) I think I have enjoyed this more than any other title we have won so far, I have barely even thought about pre season and potential transfers. I'm looking forward to the fans singing Champions of Europe at Stamford Bridge again.
  9. Still don't like it. We also lost the FA cup final in the shirt too, so it's ugly and has bad memories attached to it.
  10. Not much more than people are willing to pay for a Switch and this thing is a lot more powerful. I decided not to reserve a spot in the end though because I just don't see me using it much. If I am playing games, I am always sitting at my desk on my pc, so I don't see where the Steam Deck would fit into my life.
  11. Anybody see the Steam Deck? Honestly, it looks pretty good. Not much of a handheld gamer, but if I was, then it would replace the Switch instantly.
  12. Raiola is the biggest issue of this whole thing for me. I never liked Alex Ferguson, but he was right about Raiola, he's a sh*t bag. He's the perfect example of why people hate football agents.
  13. It's not about being happy about finishing runners up, it's about using it as inspiration to keep pushing yourself to achieve something better. Taking your medal off and throwing it away somewhere just comes across like a child sulking because he didn't get his way.
  14. Too many players overthink with their penalties. You either smash it in, or you aim for one of the bottom corners. All of these stupid run ups and waiting for the keeper to move is just adding more risk and pressure to your penalty.
  15. I don't think I can ever forgive Rashford for that penalty, it's going to haunt me for a long time. I really don't understand what makes a footballer take a penalty like that, all it does is make you look like a massive tit. There is nothing about it that gives you a better chance of scoring, if anything, it just enhances your chances of missing it because it's not a natural way to approach kicking a ball......so why do it? It just comes across as arrogant and disrespecful. It makes you look like an even bigger tit when you try it with so much fear on your face. Sancho and Saka's penalties are much easier to forgive because it was just a case of the keeper guessing the right way.
  16. After his perfomances in the Euro's, surely we can get a bit more. Nothing less than £20m for me.
  17. I can't think of any other sport where this is considered acceptable. I could never imagine a silver medalist in the Olympics doing this. They should be proud of their efforts, they have achieved something no other English player has achieved in a very long time. They should be looking at that runners up medal as inspiration to push themselves one step further, not sulk and be brattish. It's no wonder there are so many players in that squad that are building up a career of being nearly men.
  18. Southgate reveals he was the one who decided the penalty kick takers. That is terrible management. You can't plan ahead when it comes to penalty kicks. You never know how the player will feel at that moment.
  19. Disappointed to see them yank their medals off like the United players did in the Europa League final. I'm sure the defeat hurts, but it's sign of a loser to me.
  20. Deserves all of the criticism he is going to get after that penalty. Also, bringing on players to take penalties is f**king stupid. Penalties is all about bottle.
  21. Rashford's penalty was f**king brutal. Unforgivable. f**king show boating run up, he was always going to miss, stupid twat.
  22. I don't usually defend Grealish, but he wasn't faking that. That was dangerous from Jorginho, he should have been sent off. It's shocking that he hasn't been punished for that.
  23. Jorginho should be off, that was dangerous.
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