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  1. Why did Mount take the shot on with his right foot? He could have bent that in with his left.
  2. There is a bit more bite to our attack, but the loose giveaways are so frustrating to watch.
  3. Well, my apologies to the coach then. Hudson-Odoi has picked up an injury somewhere.
  4. Here we go again, Tuchel going after the kids. Hudson-Odoi was the only player that created anything in that half.
  5. The problem is that this seems to be the case with every single one of our attacking players this season. No matter who we put in, they just stink up the place. Pulisic and Havertz are invisible when they play, Ziyech can't seem to get anything right, Werner clearly doesn't suit possession based football, Hudson-Odoi isn't at the point in his career yet where he can hurt teams at this level, Mount's football is erratic. It just seems like nothing works with this group.
  6. 2nd and 5th in table.........modern football is garbage. Take me back to the mid to late 2000's please. This sport has become all about running with very little football to be seen.
  7. Another 30 minutes played where we have created absolutely nothing of note.
  8. Why does our attack always look like they have never played together before?
  9. We're always like this. I think for a possession based team, we get a lot of the basics of possession based football wrong. Touch, movement and giving away possession cheaply are all something I think we struggle with.
  10. Gotta admit, I'm surprised that wasn't given. I'm glad it wasn't though, obviously for our sake, but because it was such a nothing situation. It didn't effect the flow of the game, it's not like any advantage was gained from it.
  11. Our short corners are sh*te. Don't know why we persist with them.
  12. Even after the win last night, it's hard to feel confident about this one. We don't create anything, so it's hard to see how we can win any game.
  13. Better for us than he ever was for Arsenal. He's got that big game goal in him.
  14. It's a problem with us. When teams are in a rut, we give them a lifeline. It's like we look at recent results of the teams we play against and just expect an easy 3 points. We need to do more to earn our 3 points.
  15. The changes from Tuchel were probably spot on today. Atletico were always going to push on when we scored, so bringing on Kante to stop that is logical. And then having Ziyech and Pulisic on to counter meant they couldn't overcommit.
  16. Kante is putting in some shift since he game on. Must have won the ball back like 50 times already 😆
  17. Just shows how far Real Madrid have dropped off since Ronaldo left and Barcelona since they became Messi FC and ran out of money.
  18. Although he could have done a bit better there, that is only way we are going to get the best out of Werner. Quick passes through the defence to give him something to run onto is what his game is all about. I just don't see how we are ever going to get him scoring goals playing possession football.
  19. I would rather he waited until the full time whistle is blown 😆
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