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  1. The reaction to his death Injury has been ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. I think this is my favourite thing to come out of it so far 😆
  2. Defending was the thing I worried about the most with Chilwell before we signed him, but tonight he looked perfectly capable.
  3. There was a moment in the second half where he played it between two Sevilla players to get us moving quickly, but our midfielders decided to slow it down and play safe. That really annoyed me because Silva could clearly see an opening for us to actually create something.
  4. Silva, he was solid all game. His experience makes a huge difference.
  5. I worry for Silva over a full season, especially a season like this one where so many games are going to be played in a short space of time. He's still world class, but you can see him struggling to recover quickly after straining to win the ball. At his age, it's only natural, and if he was to play every game, I think it would be inevitable that he would pick up a few injuries. He won't be able to play every game, which means one of the others will have to fill in. The problem is that I don't trust any of them to go a single game without making a ridiculous error that concedes a goal. No
  6. People keep blaming Lampard's defensive coaching, but as we could see once again tonight, there was nothing wrong with it. The problem isn't Lampard, it's the players making individual errors. On another day, Zouma's mistakes would have been punished and that would have had nothing to do with Lampard's defensive coaching tonight. It's the players that are to blame for most of our defensive problems, not the coaching team. Kepa, Christensen, Zouma and Rudiger have been taking in turns making errors for over a year now.
  7. Our passing tonight has been horrible. The worst I have seen for a long time.
  8. Would help if we could get the ball beyond the half way line.
  9. Sevilla are pressing well, but it's something we should be coping with a lot better than we are. It's something teams work on in training every day. Touch, passing and movement is the best way to beat any press, and we have failed in all 3 areas so far tonight.
  10. I always forget how much I hate Spanish sides. They ALWAYS fake injury. If there is a chance on goal, and there is contact, you can guarantee the player playing for the Spanish side will go down and fake injury.
  11. Chilwell has probably taken more good corners since he arrived than Willian managed in a full season.
  12. Pulisic on the left, and instantly looks more comfortable.
  13. We can't even use the excuse that he is playing there because of injuries anymore. We have a perfectly capable winger in Hudson-Odoi on the bench. Mount just isn't involved enough on the wing, and his movement and decision making is poor. He's not a winger, and there is no point shoehorning him into the side for the sake of it. He's a midfielder, so play him in midfield or not at all.
  14. sh*t first half, the only upside is that we haven't concdeded.
  15. The more Mount plays on the left, the worse his performances become.
  16. Passing is sh*t. We keep playing it in front of the players or behind them. It's causing the players to make fouls and Jorginho was close to being sent off because of it.
  17. A lot of Liverpool fans on RAWK seem to be behind the idea. The bitter w**kers are so upset about what happened against Everton that they now want to leave the Premier League 😆 Laughable supporters really, they wanted the Premier League title for so long and after winning it once they now want out.
  18. It's box to box, but you need a DM next to him to get the best out of him.
  19. It's been said many times now that Kante is not a DM. I would prefer him staying a bit deeper than being a box to box midfielder in our current set up, but Kante can't play DM. He doesn't have the positional discipline to play there, he would roam too much and leave gaps.
  20. For sure. It's not just United and Leicester we need to worry about this season, but Tottenham, Arsenal and Everton as well. If we didn't have a sh*t defence, then I wouldn't be worried, I would actually be less worried about top 4 and I would believe we would have a chance at winning the title.
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