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  1. 1 hour ago, Imran_CFC said:


    So when the England Captain Dives around it's called being street smart & when foreigners do it then its a cultural thing, I like the Sky punditry team however they do say some crazy sh*t at times.

    I don't know why some people are afraid to say it. Harry Kane is one of the biggest cheats in the league. He reminds me of Suarez, he commits a foul and pretends that he is the one that is fouled.

  2. On 21/11/2020 at 12:28, jack_super_class said:

    I got it wrong, Chilwell didn't impress me at Leicester but he's done well for us so far. Never a huge fan of Alonso but he was good going forward. Stats wise Alonso had a better season last season than Chilwell, i wasn't the only one who wasn't sure about Chilwell.

    Yep, I'm in the same position. I never really rated him at all, but so far, he is proving me wrong. I just hope he keeps it up this season, which is something he didn't do at Leicester last season. He faded after the midway point and then never really recovered, which is the reason why I never wanted us to sign him. I hope it doesn't happen again.

  3. 22 hours ago, Slojo said:

    We were also a lot better without Kante last season, just saying. 

    Anything can change, I'll give him credit where it's due, he's looked good so far. But anything can change in football. 

    But this whole Jorginho vs Kante debate is pathetic at this point, and it isn't just Gol15. 

    This is true, and I was often critical of his performances, but it's become clear that the issues Kante was having was because of injuries and playing a role in the team that didn't suit him or us. Our best midfield partnership last season was Jorginho and Kovacic, but it wasn't without some serious flaws, especially when it comes to the defensive side of the game. The way we are set up now just seems to have much more of a balance to it. Once Havertz returns, I expect Mount to take Kovacic's spot and I think that will be our main midfield 3 going forward.

  4. Can anybody really blame us for thinking something dodgy is going on in this league and Manchester United? Name one club that has had so many bizarre VAR decisions go in their favour since it was bought into the game.......you won't be able to because there aren't any. It's not just a one off thing with United, it's happening every other game, and it's been going on since before lockdown started. It ramped up when they signed serial diver Bruno Fernandes. 

    If it was happening every few months, you would be annoyed, but you wouldn't suspect something dodgy is going on, but it's so frequent that it's gaining more and more attention and raising more eyebrows. 

    We know how much the Premier League loves money, so I guess its in their best interest to keep United competing at the top, they aren't just going to let them slip away and become a mid table team, or worse, relegated to the Championship. I'm not saying this is definitely what is going on, but when you see these crazy decisions time after time, every other game, it makes you think all kinds of things.

  5. There is something really dodgy going on in the Premier League, there has to be, it's always the same f**king team. It's not just once every few months, it's almost every game they play at this point. United were given top 4 last season, they didn't earn it, they cheated their way into the Champions League. The same thing is happening again this season. It's like the Premier League are refusing to let United slip down the table, which is where they would be if it wasn't for dodgy VAR decisions.

  6. I don't see a way for Jorginho to get back into the team. It's just a fact that we look much better with Kante as the DM. Jorginho keeps things ticking, but it's not enough, it makes us weaker in other areas and to be brutally honest, we haven't looked any worse on the ball without Jorginho in the team. 

    Kante is bringing that perfect balance right now. As a defensive shield he has been excellent, and he is moving the ball on quickly to players who are more comfortable in attacking positions.

    This is the best I have seen Kante since Conte was in charge and it finally looks like he has shaken off those niggling injuries (touch wood) which stopped him gaining any momentum last season.

  7. Just now, Slojo said:

    Emerson playing him on side... He can't even go 10 minutes without making a stupid mistake. 

    He never looks interested enough and doesn't seem to be all that bothered with being 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice either. He just doesn't look like he cares.

    Compare him to somebody like Giroud who has been fighting for his spot in the team since he joined the club and you will see a huge difference in determination. 

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