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  1. Because Kante's role isn't to sit deep in this situation. At this moment, we had just lost the ball after being on the attack, so Kante was taking up the role as a supporting player, exactly what a box to box type player should be doing. Jorginho on the other hand had no business being involved in the attack. He should be on the half way line just incase the ball is turned over, which it was, but he is too high up the pitch to do his defensive duties. Jorginho's job is to be the link between the moving the ball from defense to attack and be an extra man in midfield just incase the opposition w
  2. It's one of the things I pointed out in the Jorginho thread. There is no protection for the defence and it's happening more often than it's not. It's so bad now that I even get worried about losing the ball in attacking positions. All the opposition needs to do is play a ball through our midfield and they are running straight at our defence. The fact that it happens so often is proof that the opposition manager knows exactly where our weaknesses are.
  3. Liverpool asking the Premier League to investigate VAR because something has gone against them is laughable. They have forgotten the times when they have had it go in their favour when it shouldn't have. People call us a classless club, but we have had more sh*t VAR decisions than most and we have barely said a word.
  4. I forgot Lampard and Southampton's rating. Lampard - 6 - I don't really see much he got wrong, but I think he took too long to make a defensive change when it was clear that Southampton were getting on top of the game in the second half. Southampton - 7 - Exploited all of our weaknesses, but they were very vulnerable at the back and we took advantage of that.
  5. Yes, they are that terrible. I don't know why this is so hard to believe.
  6. Jorginho and Kante were terrible. The were dominated in midfield. Jorginho had to play CB just get on the ball and Kante couldn't make a decent pass and tackle all game. They also couldn't stop a single attack from Southampton, they were running through that midfield of ours with ease.
  7. You're not, it's that bad. Maybe not quite has bad as Maguire's sunday league defending for United the other day, but it was really bad. He looked to me like he was originally going to slide and grab the ball, but he's worried that it was going to be a pass back so changes his mind and goes to clear it with his feet and totally misses it.
  8. Well, that's just it isn't it? we don't have that luxury, so why do we persist with it? If we don't have the players around to help with a luxury player like Jorginho, then Jorginho simply doesn't fit and we shouldn't be trying to play a style of football centred around his game.
  9. He bloody well should have the most interceptions out of our midfielders seeing as he is playing the deepest. I'm also not saying bringing in a DM would stop us leaking goals either, the defenders have their own issues in that area, but that protection will help and cut out how easy it is for teams to take the control away from us. These days, I even get worried when we lose the ball in attacking areas, because I know that it's basically just one pass through the midfield and the opposition are overloading and running at our defence. The opposition can see it, they take advantage of it, a
  10. To be perfectly honest, I have never been a great fan of possession based football, especially in the Premier League. Quick and effective attacking football has always been the Premier League's best way forward. Also, since we have switched to this possession based football team, we haven't really bought in the players to play that way, it's only really Jorginho that plays that way. So why bother with sticking with this type of game when the majority of the squad is more suited to different play styles?
  11. And for 3 seasons we have been leaking goals like crazy, bullied in midfield, seeing constant complaints about the defence getting no help from the midfield. It's the same sh*t in these types of games for 3 years now.
  12. If YOU'RE going to call me an idiot, then make sure you spell properly first. As for Kante, he was really sh*t today too, I said enough about him in the match thread. He couldn't pass all day and his tackling was terrible. The difference between Kante and Jorginho is that Kante isn't in the position to be a shield for our defence. He's too often involved up the field and roaming to be asked to play that role. Jorginho is a luxury player for me. He can play one position and only one way. If he is ever out of his comfort zone, he struggles, which also puts the whole team in trouble. I
  13. Yep. I would have preferred Pulisic on the left too, but in the end, it didn't make our attack any worse, we were brilliant going forward in the first half. If we were struggling to create chances, then yeah, it would be something worth complaining about, but our midfield and defense is where all of the attention should be.
  14. Great counter argument. Tell me then smart ass, what does he offer the team when the opposition are playing a high pressing game against us? The assist was nice, but those are once in a blue moon assists and in all honestly, that is not what I am looking for from that position in a game like today. When teams are pressing like Southamptom were today, we need somebody that will take back control and be that shield in front of the defence. Jorginho isn't capable of this in this type of game. Like all of our midfielders, he has certain qualities for certain situations, but in games like
  15. Thiago Silva is our best defender and Zouma never looked immense next to Terry, that is an exaggeration. He was a raw youngster who had mistakes in his game that were mostly overlooked because of his age. I remember plenty of comments at the time saying how he had to use his pace a lot to make last ditch tackles because of poor positioning and the comments about his awareness from set pieces. I also don't think he was brilliant against Crystal Palace either. Palace were the complete opposite to Southampton. We can deal with pretty much any team as long as they don't play a high pressing
  16. Kepa - 2 - Another horrible peformance. He made a few decent saves, but they were saves he should be making. The first equaliser was pathetic. He was afraid of the attacker colliding with him and basically just shat himself. Surely when you become a goalkeeper, you know you are going to collide with the attackers now and again, if you don't have the bottle to take it, then you may as well just give up and retire. The second equaliser was pathetic too. It was a nothing shot from Walcott and Kepa should have had it covered easily but somehow was too slow to get to it. Chilwell - 6 - Decent
  17. Well, yeah. They are ones making mistakes no professional player at this level should be making. Nobody is saying Lampard is without fault, but when you see the sh*t our defenders produce, obviously people will be pointing the finger at them more than Lampard.
  18. I'm sure I will get a sh*t ton of useless stats thrown at me to try and disprove the point I am about to make, but today's game is a perfect example of why I said we will never win titles with a Jorginho type player in our team. The simple fact of the matter is that against high pressing teams like Southampton, he just cannot cope. He was a passenger all game, he couldn't protect the defence and this is why they were able to create so many chances. I said I was surprised by Crystal Palace's approach when we played them before the international break, and this is the exact reason why. They
  19. Terrible result and The defense was mostly to blame for it, again, and it's a chore watching us because of them. We'll struggle to get top 4 even with the attacking players because of them. Kepa shouldn't start another game, he's done now, he was hopeless for two of their goals, and I think people are dreaming if they think Thiago Silva will improve Zouma or Christensen. People keep going on about Desailly's influence on Terry and they think a similar situation will happen again, but it's just wishful thinking. Desailly helped Terry, but Terry was already quality before he turned 20 and w
  20. Useless, totally useless. How easy was Kepa beaten there? It was a nothing shot.
  21. I would get James on for Jorginho. Give the defense some help.
  22. I think this team is desperate for a DM. In games like this, when the opposition is pressing us high up the pitch, players like Jorginho are mostly just passengers. He's done absolutely nothing to protect our defense today.
  23. What can he do though if they are all doing it? He can't drop everybody. Rudiger, Tomori, Christensen and Zouma have all been making mistakes, but one of them has to play. With Kepa and Caballero it's a tough choice because they are both capable of howlers (Kepa seems to have more of them than Caballero these days though)
  24. There is nothing wrong with the defensive set up today, it's the individual errors that is costing us.
  25. The thing is, they can't do anything about what Zouma and Kepa did. Those are things players need to cut out of their game themselves, if they can't do it, then they aren't good enough for this level. I think we have seen enough from Zouma and Kepa now to say they will never be top level footballers.
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