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  1. Pulisic still not fit enough to make the squad is concerning. Again, it would have been nice to have Hudson-Odoi start instead of seeing Werner forced out wide. Not many attacking options on the bench could be one of the reasons why though.

    It's frustrating that it's the middle of November and we still can't get our best team on the pitch together. If we could get our best team on the pitch consistently, I honestly think there is enough quality to challenge for the title.

  2. 4 hours ago, mojo said:

    what the actual f**k!?


    Referee David Coote taken OFF VAR duty for Liverpool's clash against Leicester after fan backlash ahead of what would have been his first Reds game since Merseyside derby - when he allowed Jordan Pickford's lunge on Virgil van Dijk to go unpunished


    That is complete bullsh*t. We have had FAR more bad VAR decisions go against us, and not once have we seen refs dropped for our games. This is also the same ref in charge of VAR when Lo Celso didn't get sent off against us for a clear stamp which VAR said they got wrong like 5 minutes later. Where was the same reaction back then?

  3. Just now, dansubrosa said:

    No, it would have benefit Gilmour and us much more if he got the minutes in. Looks like he’s only played 10 minutes and now suspended for next one. Far from ideal, he need match fitness.

    At least he’ll have learnt his lesson and keep quiet next time, there’s no way he got sent off for a shoulder barge.

    Everybody has a moan at the ref when they give a decision they don't agree with. If the ref is going to send him off for that, then he must be sending players off in every game.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Floyd25 said:

    DT is the typical school playground chavy thug that picks on smaller people. Plus he always starts something & then he says I have a health condition, well don’t start on people then, absolute moron. 

    There is no way I could watch a game of football with somebody like him. Having a rant now and again happens, but this guy is ranting like a lunatic every few minutes, in every game. I would be afraid to speak, he comes across like the type of guy that would snap and throw a chair at you if you said something he didn't agree with.

  5. Penalties are getting softer and softer. It's come down to if you catch the player, it's a penalty, rather than being about actually impeding the player. I have always said that if you don't actually stop the player, then it shouldn't be a penalty. Kyle Walker didn't actually stop Mane, Mane just threw himself to the ground, there was no trip on him, Walker brushed his thigh and Mane threw himself to the ground. The challenge on Sterling moments earlier was more of a foul seeing as it actually knocked Sterling off balance.

  6. 1 minute ago, MayosNoun! said:

    He’s played Havertz, Mount, Werner and now TAMMY at LW instead of him. 

    Are you going to sit and clap, nod and approve that this is beneficial for CHO?

    I don't know, I'm not the coach, I don't see Hudson-Odoi day in day out. Maybe there is something missing in his game right now that Lampard isn't happy with. I'm certain he isn't trying to destroy Hudson-Odoi's confidence though. 

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