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  1. We have been poor since the restart. We are taking too long to move the ball out of our own half.
  2. What are we doing? We are just inviting pressure by playing it out of the back like that. Southampton are pressing high, just get it out of our half.
  3. The other way around. Pulisic on the left and Ziyech on the right.
  4. I agree. It looks like he is struggling to get into the game on the right.
  5. Very good going forward, but Southampton's high press is causing us a lot of issues. Kante and Jorginho need to do much better, they aren't helping us out defensively at all. We also need to cut out the individual errors, it costs us way too many goals.
  6. Kante, stop fouling players needlessly. He's one more away from a yellow.
  7. And it's still not complete yet.......we still have Ziyech to bring in. If they play as good as they look on paper, we will have one of the best attacks in the world.
  8. The first time Jorginho can find a bit of the ball and he gets himself an assist.
  9. Southampton are playing the complete opposite to how Crystal Palace played against us. They are pressing us high up the pitch, Jorginho is barely involved, Kante can't cope with the pressure being put on him and defence looks a bit rattled at times. Once we beat their high press though, we look very dangerous.
  10. Some of Havertz touches and especially his awareness of his surroundings is fantastic to watch.
  11. Poor from Kante again there. That should have been a simple pass.
  12. Kante has started poor. He's too sloppy and he's giving away cheap fouls.
  13. Werner should have cut that back. It would have been a tap in.
  14. With Mount playing so much football of late, including international football, it would have surely been better to play Hudson-Odoi. I also think it weakens us offensively. Hudson-Odoi is obviously a much better winger than Mount.
  15. He should be hitting double figures easily for assists from crosses. He's fully capable of getting as many assists as Alexander-Arnold and Robertson.
  16. That would be a shame if it's true. Hopefully he gets that confidence to cross more back in his game. I hope he realises that his crossing isn't the problem, it's the finishing and movement of the attacking players.
  17. This is why people say he should have so many assists by now. How are players not finishing or anticipating the cross? They know how good he can be at crossing, so just get on the end of it and put it in the net. He's doing the hard part for them.
  18. Even if we could sign him, I wouldn't want him at the club. The guy is poison, even PSG fans have struggled to like him since he joined them.
  19. We all have a budget, and watching football on tv is priced so ridiculously that I just can't fit it into mine. Other forms of entertainment have found a way to become affordable without forcing the consumer to break the bank, but when it comes to football, the prices are only going up, and they don't just go up by a couple of quid, they ask you sign up to a whole new service that costs hundreds of pounds a year. So no, I don't feel guilty, not in the slightest.
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