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  1. 44 minutes ago, ForeverCarefree said:

    The boy just can't catch a break. No sooner does he get fit and back in the Madrid starting XI he's tested positive for Covid. 

    Will he be able to finally get going after the international break? Or is the Madrid move already shaping up to be a disappointment? 

    Scored last weekend too. Should have stayed with us. The guy would get kicked around the pitch every game for us and never pick up an injury.

  2. Two of the worst pieces of defending I have seen this season has come from United. Maguire's defending against Tottenham where he wrestled his own team mate to the ground, and last night when they left Demba free on the half way line. The goal Demba Ba scored was like Torres goal against Barcelona in 2012, the difference was that United weren't desperately pushing for a last minute goal to put them into the final like Barcelona were.

  3. Just now, EdinburghBlue said:

    It is an unnatural position to be fair, his hand should never be above his head. It seems strange Peter Walton is saying if it’s an unnatural position it’s a penalty but then he says it’s not a penalty. It’s very harsh and a pretty stupid law. The second yellow is just totally ridiculous.

    I can kind of understand the hand ball decision. It's one of those that could go either way, but like you say, the sending off is ridiculous.

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