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  1. It's not like Amazon and Netflix are confined to small devices though. I can watch Amazon and Netflix on a big tv just like I could with Sky and BT. A Smart TV, Firestick, console, laptop, pc, they all connect to a big tv fine. I don't see how watching Amazon or Netflix on a Firestick or Smart Tv would be any worse than watching it on Sky or BT. I think how much it costs to watch to Premier League football is absurd to be honest, even back when Sky had it all to themselves it was very expensive, now that BT, Amazon and PPV is around, it's way out of my price range. Illegal streaming is bo
  2. Well, sorry about that, but I just didn't think you were being serious. It was good performance from Chilwell, but it's not one that will be remembered by anybody as the best ever. It wasn't exactly the same level as Ashley Cole's performances in the Champions League against Bayern and Barcelona in 2012 for example.
  3. Somebody who has two starting 11 wingers out injured, that's who. I don't understand how some people aren't getting this. It's not like Lampard wants to play Werner on the wing, he is being forced to because of injuries. As for the rest of your post, I agree that Chilwell had a good game, but come on, best left back performance you have ever seen? Surely you are trolling right?
  4. Going back to that defending from Maguire yesterday, did any pundit highlight just how bad it was? I know he was criticised, but could you imagine if that was David Luiz? he would have been torn to pieces by the media. I honestly can't think of a worse piece of defending in my life, it was that bad. His attempted headed clearance was hit straight at his teammates face from 5 yards. He then tries to head it back to his keeper, which was way too short. Then when Shaw tries to clear it, Maguire wrestles him to the ground and basically sets up the perfect chance for Tottenham to score, a
  5. First touch has been spot on to be fair. Liverpool are making it very easy for him though, these Villa players have so much space.
  6. Laying the blame entirely on the goalkeeper would be a cop out. Liverpool's defending and tactics have been terrible. They have had defenders beyond the half way line many times tonight and been caught out. It's one through ball every time and Villa are in. They were the same against Leeds. It's suicide defending. I hope they set up like that all season.
  7. Should be about 9-2 to Villa by now. Liverpool's high line was ridiculous there. 6-2 down and not a single defender in his own half.
  8. The way Salah throws himself to the floor would make you think he's been taking drama lessons. And if it wasn't for Gerrard's dive in the Champions League final in 2005, they wouldn't have won it.
  9. The stupid f**ker was saying before kick off that he didn't think Barkley would make any difference to Villa.....I wonder what he is thinking now? 😆
  10. He's definitely bitter about it, that is why he keeps talking about how much we have spent.
  11. If it wasn't for Barkley missing, this game would be done.
  12. Barkley misses again. The guy is getting into better positions to score than he did for us, he should be burying these chances.
  13. Sky just cut to Evra's face and it honestly looked like he was going to cry 😆
  14. Pogba has to be up there as one of the most overrated players to play the game. Aren't world class players supposed to make a difference? He's done nothing since he joined United. He has one or two good games a season and everybody goes mental.
  15. They weren't much different under Pochettino. Remember the Battle of the Bridge?
  16. On Sky, you can still hear Gary Neville moaning in the background when he turns his microphone off 😆
  17. West Brom didn't exaclty put up a fight against us, we basically just capitulated and undone half of the damage in second half.
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