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  1. On 25/05/2021 at 22:43, loz said:

    I'm surprised it was overturned. As much as Grealish played up to it itbwas still a deliberate action. I never expected it to be over turned. 

    As for slating Grealish for his reaction. There isn't a club in the world who doesn't have players who don't do it.  If Mount does it on Saturday and gets De Bruyne sent off I'll wager we would find it in our hearts to forgive him!

    I can forgive it if it's happening now and again, but Grealish is doing it in every game. Also, our players aren't constantly looking for reasons to go to the floor screaming, they actually want to play football, Grealish is looking for it every game. He's more interested in winning fouls from diving than playing football.

  2. I think some of the scores given to some of the players are a bit kind.

    Mendy - 9 - Expectations weren't very high, but he's actually turned out to be a very good goalkeeper.

    Silva - 9 - The main reason why our defence improved this season.

    Chilwell - 7 - Solid, needs to stop having dips at certain points in the season.

    Ziyech - 3 - Really disappointing. Started well, but just doesn't look interested most of the time.

    Havertz - 4 - Shown flashes of brilliance but can't find a regular spot in the starting 11. Injuries didn't help, but for a so called generational talent, we need him in the first team regularly.

    Werner - 5 - Works hard, but his poor finishing has seriously held us back at times this season and cost us many points.

  3. 8 hours ago, Bob stark said:

    A lot of people say that United has improved this season. I honestly don't see it. 

    They finished 2nd because pool losed all their cb and we are still not good enough after spending 200 m+. In normal season it will probably be 




    Same as last season. 

    Those VAR decisions at the start of the season saved them from being in a scrap for a top 4 finish. They would have been where we were when Lampard was sacked if they didn't get those BS VAR decisions.

  4. Just now, sonic90 said:

    oh look at Ole's Utd chums making excuses for him on BT, what's the solution? Spend more money? you've got to be kidding me.

    They do this every single time. A few hours ago, Bruno Fernandes was amazing, Rashford is one of the best English players and Cavani was world class, now they ain't good enough apparently. Have they got around to blaming Ed Woodward yet?

  5. I would give it a go. He's had a rough time with injuries, but he isn't the only player that has been in that situation and bounced back. I also think he has been horribly mismanaged when he has been fit for Real Madrid. They have never played to his strengths and they have been shoving him out on the right at times which doesn't suit his game at all. 

  6. 17 hours ago, jack_super_class said:

    Then he gets a start and plays like he did VS Arsenal and then you realise why he's on the bench. Players always get made to look better when they aren't playing every game.

    To be fair, this is kind of expected of any player that isn't given a proper run in the team. He's in one game and out the next, it's hard to find any consistency when you're not getting games.

  7. 32 minutes ago, Nick05 said:

    At the moment where this team is and for our new coach, its more important that we made the top 4 instead of how we made it. Every team have their moments of luck and here we see people complaining that we got lucky!

    Newsflash - you dont win every game, sometimes you lose playing well, sometimes you win playing sh*t.

    Top 4 looked impossible when we looked done as a team in 9th place. Its a great recovery to finish 4th no matter how we did it.



    I disagree. This team is constantly relying on other teams to bail them out. If they can't get the job done themselves, then I expect to see more cup final defeats and more top 4 battles for a long time to come.

  8. 1 hour ago, Jangz said:

    3 managers have failed to motivate this lot.. i think some players are just not good enough.. time and again our midfield and fwds let us down.. fwds are young and have to still do a journey.. but midfield needs an upgrade.. need a proper Midfield general enough of this regista and quarter back stuff..

    It really does feel like the same sh*t is starting to happen all over again, which is exactly why I was so pissed off and fed up when Lampard was sacked. Most of these players just don't have it in them to keep going. They talk big when they get a decent win or go on a decent run of form, but then they sh*t themselves when it really matters, lose form and fail to motivate themselves again until a new coach comes in. When do we reach the point where we say enough is enough and start pointing the finger at the players? It seems like never, because player power at this club always wins.

    I am also sick and tired of the approach from the majority of our lot going into games. The performance against Leicester in the F.A cup final was crap, then we play against them a few days later and you could see how determined they were to win. That should be our mentality going in to every game, where was it for the cup final, where was it today? A lot of these players clearly can't be motivated to do it game after game. They talk big when they go on a streak of not losing, then they suddenly get into this rhythm of sh*t performance until the manager is sacked. Stop bigging yourselves up if you can't back it up with the performances on the pitch. Most of them have barely won a thing in their careers, so they need to shut up and prove themselves instead of giving themselves a pat on the back after one or two decent wins.

  9. Well, top 4 is secured, but I feel that it's come about in the worse way possible. Once again, it's been handed to us. How can this team ever grow and become winners if they are constantly waiting on others to make mistakes instead of getting the job done themselves? Things need to change, because in recent months, I have been getting this horrible feelling that this generation of Chelsea players are missing something special.

    The Champions League final could make or break a lot of players in this group. Losing 4 finals in row means they are going to be viewed by everybody as a nearly man, something that most players never shake off.

  10. 5 minutes ago, haidertalal said:

    I love Tammy bit how many goals Werner has made? Have you ever tried to count his assists and penalty wins?


    It's nice that he can assist, but that was not what he was bought in to do. His lack of goals have set us back this year, we have scored 11 fewer than last season. He is right up there for being one of the main reasons why we're no closer to winning a title this season.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Jangz said:

    He has cost us atleast 3 games this season.. all winnable games.. this despite not starting so many... to be champions you cant lose more than 4-5 games a season... which tells me he is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.. having said that Kovacic was very poor today.. till the time we need to play these two together.. Top 4 is all we can achieve.. 

    Jorginho and Kovacic always give teams too many chances. Kovacic has given the ball away 3 times in the last 3 games that have all ended up in big chances for the opposition, its just poor finishing or luck that they haven't gone in the back of the net. The only difference between his mistakes and Jorginho's right now is that Jorginho's mistakes are being punished. 

    It's not good enough from either of them and so much of our game is built around them, especially Jorginho. We have built a team around a player that is more likely to cost us points than anything else. We need a dominant midielder, enough of this tikki takka bullsh*t that is getting us nowhere. It's made us soft.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Zero said:

    That's basically our season summed up. Dominate them, not scoring and then conceding a flukey goal or a stupid and avoidable penalty . At least it's very apparent what needs to be changed next season and getting CL football will make that much easier.

    No guarantee though, just look at us this season after finishing 4th last season. None of the attacking players we signed have improved us, we have scored 11 goals fewer than last season. 

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