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  1. Since Ferguson left, it's been funny watching old United players losing their sh*t and struggling to stay professional and unbiased with their pundity. I have seen Neville, Scholes and Evra losing their composure many times over the past few years. They can't accept the post Ferguson era of United.
  2. Seriously, what the f**k? Has to be one of the worst pieces of defending I have ever seen. He's fouling his own man 😆
  3. Definitely. It was only Chelsea, United and Leicester competing for it last season, but Tottenham, Arsenal and especially Everton will all be confident in getting it. I wouldn't be surprised if Man City are dragged into the mix either, they look really sh*t defensively, Silva has left and Jesus is no Aguero.
  4. Yep, proper w**ker. How has he got away with it exactly? He puts his elbow into Martial's face to begin with.
  5. For me, it's his acceleration that seems to have slowed down. He doesn't seem to be able to just pick up the ball and leave players for dust anymore. But at the same time, I thought he was a lot quicker on the left against West Brom. I really do think he struggles more on the right. Everything seems to come more naturally to him on the left. The only thing he is better at on the right wing is crossing, everything else he is better at on the left wing.
  6. True, but most teams that sit deep will press us a lot more than Crystal Palace did yesterday, and that is where Jorginho struggles the most. It's not just Jorginho though, it's all of our midfielders. Dealing with the oppositions press has been something we have struggled with as a team for a few years now. That is why I was so shocked to see Crystal Palace stand off us so much, they played right into our hands.
  7. Yeah, Dragon Ball Z was a lot more popular than Dragon Ball here in the UK. Dragon Ball didn't start airing until after all Dragon Ball Z episodes were aired. I didn't even know Dragon Ball existed before Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. The first time I seen Dragon Ball was on a RTL 2, a German tv channel that my dad used to be able to get on his old Astra satellite dish.
  8. Bamford reminds me of Morata at times. He wastes so many 1v1's.
  9. This Leeds vs City game is ridiculous. It's non stop attacking with no break in play. They don't even have time to show replays 😆
  10. Poor finishing from Leeds are the only reason why they aren't in front right now.
  11. I saw nothing to suggest that the outcome wouldn't have been the same had Mount played.
  12. I have watched Dragon Ball Z so much in my life (especially when I was younger) that I could tell you exactly when in the series this gif takes place 😆
  13. Mendy - 6 - An easy day for him today, was only tested once. Azpilicueta - 7 - Standard Azpi. Zouma - 7 - Solid from Zouma, a nice a header for his goal too. Silva - 7 - Commanded the defence, exactly what he was bought in for. Chilwell - 8 - Got caught out defensively once, but overall, it was an excellent game from him. Jorginho - 7 - Kept things ticking. Kante - 7 - Solid. Havertz - 7 - Some really nice touches and movement throughout. Hudson-Odoi - 6 - Decent at times, a bit in and out of the game. Werner - 5 - Really struggled again on the win
  14. As long as Pulisic doesn't pick up another injury, I expect to see him playing through the middle in our next game.
  15. Everton are a serious threat for top 4 this season. They were showing signs of improvement with Ancelotti last season, but the signing of James Rodriguez has taken them to another level. Calvert-Lewin is also getting better and better.
  16. Chilwell. If he carries on putting in good performances like that, he'll prove me wrong. Jorginho, Silva, Zouma and Havertz were good too.
  17. We have played well in this half. I do think Crystal Palace have made it very easy for us though. We haven't had to deal with a team closing us down all over the pitch, which is very rare these days. The defence and midfield will be happy to have had it easy for once. Kepa is probably saying to himself "why didn't I get to play in games like this" 😆
  18. I don't think Crystal Palace can complain about that. Ayew went down too easily.
  19. I would have let Werner take it. He needs a goal to get his Premier League season up and running.
  20. Ah, that was great play from Hudson-Odoi. Abraham again just can't do much with his head.
  21. I actually thought Zouma jumped too early at first, but he had enough strength to get the header out of the reach of the keeper.
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