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  1. If that was the other way around, the ref would never have got the yellow card out.
  2. Zouma and Abraham are very tall and are good at being the first to get to the ball, but they are so poor at taking advantage and scoring from those situations.
  3. It's not hard to understand why we are doing it. We have two wingers injured. It's not like he will be playing there all season.
  4. That was a poor half from us, especially the last 15 minutes. The one decent chance we did get for Werner should at the very least have forced the keeper to make a save. Put Hazard or Pulisic in that position and they probably score. The lack of ruthlessness from us usually results in a mistake from the defence that leads to a goal, so I wouldn't be shocked if that happened again today.
  5. Why do we try and be too clever? Just take a touch and shoot Abraham.
  6. Of course his stats were better than Rudiger's last season, Rugider was sh*t. Rudiger's best form is still better than Zouma's though, no matter what the stats say. Stats aren't everything, especially when it comes to defenders playing for teams at different ends of the table. Zouma's stats were actually slightly better than Laporte's that season, and Zouma is nowhere near Laporte's level. Ben Mee was statistically better than all of them, including Van Dijk, but we all know he is worse than all of them.
  7. No, it was just something I wanted to point out. It's a forum, multiple things will get talked about at once.
  8. If we can keep him fit, then Pulisic. The guy was showing all of the signs at the end of last season that he can go on to be one of the best in the game.
  9. Zouma's stats should be higher than Rudiger's that season seeing as Everton were doing much more defending than we were. Zouma was actually pretty poor that season, same goes with the whole Everton defence. They were the worst team in the league for set pieces if I remember correctly.
  10. I disagree with Lampard on that. Goalkeeper and CB are probably the two positions I don't want to see changed much. Rotation is needed now and again, but CB is not a position you can afford to keep changing game by game.
  11. I would never let one of our players go to Tottenham. If this was the other way around, they would never even consider giving us one of their players. I also think Rudiger is being written off too early. Even though he was very poor last season, there is still a chance he can get back to his best form, which is better than anything Christensen, Zouma and Tomori have shown in their careers so far.
  12. Ramires was far from a great player. He had days where everything would click, but more often than not his passing, shooting and touch was too erratic. It's the same with all of the Brazilian players we have signed in the past decade. They were all capable of producing world class performances, but it was never consistent.
  13. Both of them were at fault. Zouma should be clearing it, the ball was right on him but he missed it completely. I don't think anybody can say others are being harsh on Zouma when it's something Zouma has had a problem with throughout his career. Emerson is at fault because he should have been tracking Lamela's run.
  14. I would actually really like to see how this would work. I'm not convinced by Rice in all honesty, but I would be up for seeing how it goes. I just really want us to get a settled team at this point, I'm tired of the constant chopping and changing of the defence and midfield.
  15. I said at the end of last season that I didn't know where Barkley was going to fit and expected him to be the one let go, so this move doesn't shock me that much. I'm really concerned about our midfield though. We have a ton of them, and they are all really good footballers, but for some reason, we can't seem to get any of them to fit. Jorginho and Kovacic is the only one that worked for a decent period of time last season, and Gilmour and Barkley worked for a few games, but even with their strengths, they seem to come with major weaknesses, especially when it comes to off the ball stuff
  16. I'm not. He couldn't beat his man at all in the first half. The right wing doesn't suit him anymore. I don't know if it's because of the injury or he's playing at a higher level of the game, but he consistently struggles to run and and beat his man on the right win. He always looked more threatening running at people on the left.
  17. I don't know. I feel like if he dived to his right for any of the first 3 penalties, he would have saved them.
  18. Apart from the tackle that led to Werner's chance, I never seen much good from him. He was trying, but Tottenham were mostly brushing off his attempted tackles.
  19. Stealing a living. I have never seen such a nothing player play for the club in my life. He offers nothing positive at all. Defensively he's sh*t and lazy, but you would think that with his pace he would at least get forward and try and help in attack, but the most he will do is pass it backwards. I see almost zero effort in defence or attack, he's just so negative. He never shows anything that suggests he is capable of playing football at any decent level of the game. I don't know why he is still at the club, he should have been one of the first players sold at the end of last season. Ma
  20. Mendy - 6 - Made a few decent saves and catches, but still failed to catch one that could have resulted in a goal. Didn't look like saving any penalty either. Azpilicueta - 5 - Defended fine in most parts, don't know where he was for their goal though. Tomori - 3 - Looked uncomfortable all night. Kept jumping for headers too early and positionally was all over the place. Zouma was doing too much covering for him tonight. Zouma - 4 - Mostly fine apart from a few dodgy clearances, but like all of our defenders, they always make a costly error when they are having a decent game. He
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