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  1. 22 hours ago, DidierDrogbalala said:

    If you guys think Lampard is doing a bad job, wait till you see Juve play.

    I was watching the first half on mute yesterday and there were a few times I thought the ref had blown the whistle because Juve just stopped playing. Barcelona players were standing still with the ball and you had a Juventus player just standing there. No closing down, no urgency to win the ball, just nothing. 

  2. Just now, RIP Mourinho said:

    Looked so boring and predictable until Jorginho went off. Midfield of Kante, Mount and Havertz is our best option.

    I'm hoping Lampard wasn't just subbing players out to keep them fresh, I'm hoping it was an actual tactical change and something he will be looking at in the future. I think there could be something in that midfield 3 if we give it a try.

  3. 1 minute ago, Slojo said:

    Werner has been sh*t so far imo

    We aren't playing to his strengths to be fair. All we do is send passes to him out wide or make him come short for him to collect the ball. There is nothing across the box for him to score from, no passes behind the cb's. There is no link up play at all. 

    I honestly don't understand why we persist with this tiki taka sh*te. For a start, it's boring to watch, secondly, we don't even have the players suited to play this style. Our players are made for direct football.

  4. 2 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

    He couldn't find a forward pass on that side of the pitch, CHO was on his heels just standing there

    Then he should drive into the box, or try some quick passes with the players around him, anything is better than playing it back to halfway line. The lack of ruthlessness is one of the reasons why we struggle to finish games off. We ain't going to get anywhere with this side if we aren't going to be more daring and inventive.

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