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  1. 11 minutes ago, ducavis said:

    I do wonder if we have a Giroud problem. Tammy might not be many fans cup of tea but he was a perfect foil for Werner. He isn’t going to win many aerial fuels but he would come short, allowing Werner to exploit the space between the full back & centre back. With Giroud we have been playing more aerial balls for him to hold up, which with teams sitting deep reduces the space for Werner to run into.

    Earlier in the season with Tammy up top, Lamps was also using Chiwell/James as width allowing Werner to play closer to Tammy. Now with Giroud he has changed it to Pulisic & Werner providing the width.

    I remember asking for Giroud to play more, but Lampard has gone to the other extreme now and is playing Giroud in every game and giving Abraham 10 minutes here and there. I understand picking players in form, but sometimes that is not what gets the best out of the team. I have been saying from the start that Abraham and Giroud should share the role equally, not pick one player and then leave the other out for a bunch of games. It should be about the team we play against and the condition of our squad at the time, not just the form of one player. There are a handful of games now where it would have been better to start one of those strikers over the other, but Lampard has gone for the player in form every time.

  2. 23 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

    He looked good maybe in the first 1 or 2 matches on the wing but ultimately he averages maybe 1 chance all match there. The standards keep dropping when we have wingers injured so we might have to go back to having Mount play there again.

    Or Lampard could change formation and tactics until all wingers are fit again. I would rather see that than have Mount anywhere near the wing. Maybe switch to a back 3 and have Chilwell and James providing the width.


               Azpi          Silva          Zouma

    James                                           Chillwell

                       Kante      Mount/Kova/Havertz





    James and Chilwell offer the width. Pulisic and Werner can move around the pitch and provide back up for James and Chilwell and Werner moves into a central position to play off Giroud.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Butterhampton FC said:

    You can hide behind the fact that Werner is not being played in his primary position but I thought his nickname was Turbo Timo? The guy can't beat a single opposition player for pace.  

    When has he ever been in the position to beat a player for pace? The ball is played to him in wide areas where he is being asked to play crosses into the box or take on the defender and beat them with skill like Pulisic or Hazard. That isn't Werner, Werner got his nickname from balls being fed through to him that he could run onto and beat his man for pace to score a goal or set up a team mate.

  4. Everybody is pointing their fingers at Havertz and Werner, but instead of looking for a scape goat, look at us collectively. Werner wasn't the reason why we lost today, neither were Havertz, they were part of the reason, but not THE reason. 

    We aren't playing well as a team right now, it's not just those two players that have dropped form. Mount has been as bad as anybody of late, but he works hard so he's going under the radar, his quality on the ball has been horrendous. Chilwell has gone very quiet, he can't deliver a single decent ball into the box unless its from a corner and isn't exactly bringing any excitement to our attacks. Mendy is making mistakes that is costing us goals, Zouma's defending is still a bit all over the place for me too. 

    Lampard's tactics are the biggest issue though. He's not adapting to the situation at hand. Why is he sticking to the same formation and tactics no matter the condition of our squad or team we play against? With everybody fit and everybody in form, 4-3-3 is the way to go for us, but we have 2 injured wingers and one unfit winger, the answer is not to just fill in those positions with any player available and hope things work out. 

  5. 22 minutes ago, TomCFC85 said:

    Probably is who the hell does he play instead? People talk about our amazing squad depth, we have zero wingers available most days

    If we have no wingers, then we change our approach. You don't just stick players in unnatural positions and hope it pays off. Lampard is getting this all wrong in my opinion, he could easily change formation and how we play, but he is sticking with 4-3-3 even if it means playing players out of position. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Dr Gonzo said:

    Werner is dreadful on the wing. I know we are short on wingers. But when they are fit either play him up front or don't play him. 

    He's not a winger, I don't give a sh*t about where people say he played at Leipzig, we play nothing like how they play. Werner was bought in to play as a striker, he has played pretty much every game for us on the wing and he looks awful there. It would be like asking Abraham or Giroud to play on the wing. 

  7. 1 minute ago, reparto corse said:

    It seems weird that Werner is hugging the line so much. I don't know if Lampard instructed him to do so but he should play a lot more centrally at times for sure.

    This is why I don't like it when people say Werner played wide for Leipzig so should be able to do it for us. On paper it may look like he is playing in the same position, but that isn't what is actually happening when you watch him. He's much wider for us than he was at Leipzig. He would start wide, but would be moving centrally off the ball. He wasn't playing a traditional wingers role at Leipzig like we ask him to do.

  8. 2 minutes ago, doctorblue said:

    Dreadful...Havertz needs the hook...need Jourinho to pull some strings and Giroud to stop playing the lamp post...I'm old enough to remember when Werner was menacing...

    No to Jorginho, it would mean moving Kante's position and I think Kante has been outstanding playing where he is. If it's anybody that comes on for Havertz, it has to be Kovacic.

  9. 1 minute ago, Slojo said:

    We're playing well but Werner and Havertz are holding us back as usual, whenever the ball comes to either of them we will lose it or the play becomes flat. Get the ball to Pulisic and it's a different story, you see the difference. 

    Thank god we have Pulisic today, otherwise it would've been awful. Kante has been superb also, Mount good, but certain areas in the attack he has been sloppy. 

    I agree with what you say apart from when it comes to Mount. I think Mount has been poor, a lot of loose touches and passes, he keeps getting in the way of players out wide too instead of making himself available centrally.

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