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  1. 20 minutes ago, charierre said:

    Looking like exactly what he is, a young player who has potential and possibly moved country too early. Danger is his confidence could get shattered. We will have to have patience with him otherwise we could end up looking at a DeBruyne situation and saying if only in three years time.

    I just think he needs to make adjustments to his game. I don't think his passive style works in the Premier League, it's too pacy for that type of football. Both Ozil and Pogba tried to play that way and it's not worked out for either of them. Berbatov and Anelka were like this too and they were both hit and miss throughout their careers. It wasn't so bad for them though because they were strikers, their job was more about finishing than it was the other parts of the game.

  2. 11 minutes ago, reparto corse said:

    I don't think you quite understand it so I repeat it again.

    Timo Werner has played off a main striker for Leipzig (mostly on the left cutting in while Poulsen was the CF) and the same for Germany. He isn't asked to "change his game", quite the opposite he is just supposed to do what he did in Germany. Unfortunately he has been very poor recently in terms of his finishing ability and missed plenty of chances.

    Harvertz has played RW and even CF for Leverkusen so him helping out when our wingers are injured is normal and just what you would expect. Why are you blaming Lampard for this? What is he supposed to do when Ziyech, CHO and Pulisic are all out injured at the same time.

    Both Werner and Havertz weren't as wide for their former clubs like they have been for us though. They are both being pushed far too wide and into crowded areas, that wasn't what they were doing at their previous clubs. Their starting position was wide, but once the attacks were in full flow, they would be moving into central positions. They also weren't as involved in the build up play either, most of the time they would be the ones finishing off these chances, not the ones being asked to create them. Havertz and Werner are much better with their off the ball movement and finishing rather than creating chances and build up play.

  3. 22 minutes ago, PhilH930 said:

    I don't disagree.  I actually thought he was wrong to charge out last week against Leeds also - Bamford still had a hell of a lot to do to finish from where he collected the ball.

    Calm down Mendy, nobody panic!!


    If the last two league games are anything to go by, then it seems like he panics when the defenders are beaten. He needs to have more faith in Silva and Zouma's ability to make the recovery. Both the Bamford goal and penalty today didn't need to happen. Against Leeds, there was no guarantee Bamford was going to score, Zouma has the pace to square up to Bamford and make it awkward, Bamford would still need to have got a decent shot in if Mendy stays on his line.

    Today was much worse though and after looking at it again, it doesn't get any better. Silva is beaten in the air, but instead of just trusting Silva's experience to deal with Calvert-Lewin, Mendy charges forward needlessly and gives away a penalty. Silva wasn't even completely beaten, he was still goal side of Calvert-Lewin and with how good of a defender he is, I am possitive he would have dealt with the situation easily enough if Mendy didn't get involved.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sindre said:

    Better fix his first touch and finishing in that case.

    You can't be the focal point in 4-3-3 with a touch as bad as his is currently. Need someone who's able to bring others into play as well and currently i am unconvinced he'd be able to.

    Werner's touch is mostly fine when he is running at the defence, it's when he is facing away from goal that he struggles with. He's not your typical winger, he isn't somebody that is good in tight spaces and can create clever pieces of play with his touches and passing, he's a striker with a lot of pace being asked to play wide. The finishing, yeah, it needs to be sharper, but he missed a lot of chances at Leipzig too, but it's something I believe he will put right if he plays as a striker regularly.

  5. 2 minutes ago, PhilH930 said:

    Exactly my thoughts, posted similar in Kai's thread.  Both Werner and Havertz, imo, are suffering from being played out of position.  They're both compounding the issue a little too with some rather sloppy play!


    They are both being asked to do things that don't suit their game. Both Werner and Havertz are more famous for their goal scoring abilities, not their build up play. I have barely seen Havertz get into the box for us since he joined.

  6. 3 minutes ago, jack h said:

    Needs to sort out what we're doing with our two German signings amongst other things, neither have any confidence at the moment and look unsuited to the way we seem to usually play.

    One thing is for certain, both Havertz and Werner weren't bought in to be played on the wing, and that is where Werner has been playing in nearly every game he has played for us. Get him up front and settled. I know Hudson-Odoi is injured now, but he is the one that should have been filling in for Pulisic when Pulisic is out injured, not Werner.

    As for Havertz, it looks like he has been rushed into the team too soon. I think Lampard should have done with him what he did with Pulisic when he first signed for us. Give him time to settle before throwing him in to the first team in every game. Havertz has a lot of work to do to adapt his game to the Premier League.

  7. Lampard is getting it right in the games we are expected to dominate, but against the teams around us, it's just not happening. We have faced Liverpool, Man Utd, Tottenham, Everton and Southampton and failed to get a win against any of them. 3 draws and 2 defeats, and 3 of them were at home. If we can't take maximum points from any of these games, then we can forget about going for the title, we'll be fighting for top 4.

  8. Not impressed with that half at all. The error from Mendy was stupid, we look very disjointed in attack, and we are once again incredibly wasteful. 

    The wastefulness is starting to catch up with us now. We got away with it against Leeds, but it cost us a win against Tottenaham and it could cost us again today. This is what will stop us seriously competing for a title if we don't sort it out now.

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