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  1. Turan is 30 so we'd only offer him a 12 month deal. Unlikely he'd come here for that when he'd easily get 2-3yr contract with a club in Italy or France playing Europa League footy
  2. Wouldn't blame him for wanting to go. If the offer came in for £75mil or higher we'd need to look at it. Couldn't think of an ideal candidate to replace him that isn't Sanchez, so we'd probably end up with Candreva. Probably just bs though
  3. With all due respect, are you sure you want to be a Chelsea fan? As you mentioned this has happened before and it will no doubt happen again. It's all part of the rollercoaster ride of supporting this club. You get the highs of winning the CL and the lows of finishing 10th or sacking a beloved manager. Just roll with it and KTBFFH
  4. Imagine the sh*tstorm of ffp investigations that's about to take place. I'd be more worried about Barca coming for Hazard personally
  5. Apparently our interest in Drinkwater is 'not reciprocated' Probably doesn't want to move to sit on our bench. Fair enough
  6. Every player we're linked with seems to be a dead end. In the morning rumours start surfacing about being linked with such and such player and within the next 12 hours the players manager/chairman/agent comes out saying the players is invaluable/unavailable. I understand that this is sometimes used as a ploy to raise any potential offer but it so bloody tedious!!!
  7. He said shoot, he didn't say score!
  8. Wondering how this thread is still going with no movement on the transfer...
  9. It's a bit of a conundrum really.. Media blasting us for a poor window and having so few first team players but also chastising us for not using our youth. We've painted ourselves into a corner over the homegrown/non homegrown ratio. I hope this is resolved soon
  10. Wouldn't be surprised tbh, doubt he'll go back to Watford. Maybe Brighton or Huddersfield?
  11. No chance of offloading him to a Chinese team now then...
  12. I don't see Shaw having a future at Utd but I doubt Jose would let him come to us, unless we offered Matic and that's not happening.
  13. I see Currasco as one of the targets we turn to if Hazard ever leaves for Real. Quality player but as mentioned above it won't happen at the moment
  14. Inflammation of the troll gland. Should go down once he signs..
  15. It is. Sorry peeps, I've been at Football Agent's champagne obviously!
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