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  1. Xfaxtor


    Costa has been absolute w**k, why do you think Atletico are looking at Morata? Hes never coming back. Especially not under Sarri, I dont think I can come up with a worse fit for this system if I tried. Also, Higuain isnt cup tied for the EL, theres no such thing.
  2. Xfaxtor


    Not qualifying for the CL for the second time in a row could have huge implocations. If the board was told tjat they could pay 40 million today and be a shoe in for CL next season, they would trip over themselves to make the transaction. If Higuain can help us qualify for the CL maybe even win the EL that will be money truly well spent, then next sesson we can get our striker for the future
  3. Its not like we dont need wingers either
  4. Depends on what you mean by «that good». He is better then what we got and is a decent fit for Sarris system, would give us a better chance at top 4 this year. Not a long term solution by any stretch
  5. Has anyone been wroting him off though? Expressing a consern is hardly the same as saying he will never be good.
  6. Lmao what? Your point was that he cant help us score goals because he isnt coming before the summer? I have honestly no idea what «point» you are trying to make here. We are desperate for goals, have been since we lost Diego and we need our midfield and wingers to chip in just as much next year. Pulisic had never been a goalscorer at any level in his career, thats a worry for some
  7. If he isnt brought here to score goals, what is he brought here to do? Yes a striker would help, but we are desperate for our attacking mids to be able to produce, if he isnt going to help us score goals I really question how you can be excited avout this signing. Also, why is everyone so quick to point out how he will help our «marked value»? Are we as fans getting a share of the profits? You know what would really help marked value? A player that bangs in goals
  8. You could also see how much Pep respects his ability on the ball. Whenever City pressed they tried their best to block off Luiz and have either Rudiger get the ball or make sure that two men blocked the mid channel and force Luiz to play in Alonso. Still wasnt enough, that long crosser for our first goal is something no other defender in the prem does after him
  9. If I got a pound each time someone compemtely misunderstood the concept og freedom of speech, Id be a rich man. How hard of a concept is it to understand?
  10. Is he though? As of now Id lick Luiz ahead of him, he just offers more. I kind of rate Christensen, but when he actually got to play against a decent opponent this year he had a mare. It is what it is, should probably get more time, but Luiz and Rüdiger is quite clearly our two best CBs at the moment
  11. Says a lot about the state of Englands midfield when Henderson is nailed on and the likes of Barkley and RLC is getting call ups
  12. It all boils down to what you want in a defender and how you want to play. If I we are parking the bus and playing 11 men inside our own box trying not to concede Cahill is the betyer option. If we are playing expansive football were our CBs are required to press high up the pitch, distribute from the back and take the ball upfield then Luiz is the better option. Sort of the same with Carvalho/Gallas.
  13. This was what Napoli fans said of Dries Mertens. Just sayin. Doesnt have to be Werner, but I think a similar striker would fit better then an out and out target man
  14. Doesnt suit Sarris system, at all. Much better of getting a forward like Timo Werner

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