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  1. It's mad how Liverpool and Chelsea have secured identical results throughout each matchweek fixture. 3-0,2-0,1-1,3-0,3-0.
  2. After committing his e 69th foul, Fabinho remains unbooked.
  3. Need Werner on ASAP. Lukaku a literal spectator right now.
  4. The fact that it happened right on half time could be a blessing. We had time to reorganise, calm down and plan out how to see the game out.
  5. Spot on. It was still going in after hitting his thigh. Regarding Alonso, Mendy should have called for it.
  6. Let's be real. If Matip did exactly that, we'd be screaming for a red.
  7. Gotta get Chilwell on now.. Can't have Alonso as part of back 4.
  8. It's a Liverpool thing. The rest of us can't stand him, yet the media thinks everyone loves him which makes us despise him more.
  9. Looks as if their plan is to just keep pinging in crosses. Should be dealing with that quite comfortably.
  10. Lukaku is everything Timo is not and Timo is everything Lukaku is not. Can we combine them somehow?
  11. What a goal that was. Great link up play by Alonso and Havertz, Lukaku played his part. Mount with a perfect weighted pass and what a finish by James!
  12. Wanted Spurs to win their last PL game, finding myself wanting them to win this one. Feel sick.
  13. Unbelievable. Two late subs to take pens, players who haven't touched the ball and expect them to dispatch a pen. Pickford couldn't have done more. Sterling should have taken our 5th.
  14. He has but he'll probably pop with a goal tbf
  15. He started off the whole move impeccably
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