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  1. I don't find that too hard to believe actually. He's never managed to stay on the pitch for longer than 45 minutes under Tuchel in the PL when he started the game. It makes sense for him to wait whether the manager believes in him. And if he doesn't get a lot of playtime now, he's not going to get any more if we sign a high profile striker in the summer. He's still young, maybe playing regularly, improving as a football player and increasing his chances of playing a role in the England squad, is more important to him than earning high wages and being a back up striker here.
  2. Spot on! That's the main thing he's improved on when comparing last season's Mount to this season's. And it's made such a difference!
  3. He won't keep his place once Silva is back though. Unless he can challenge Rüdiger in that LCB role. He's our best ball playing CB besides Silva so he should be able to handle it. I've never seen him play on the left side though. It was always Zouma, Rüdiger, Cahill, Luiz, Tomori, Silva or whoever he played with, who was moved to the left, although all of these players bar Luiz prefer the RCB role. There's probably a reason for that.
  4. We had a nervy first 15 minutes, but after that we controlled the game really well. Good line up, tactics and substitutions by TT. If we manage to get past Atletico it might do wonders for the confidence of the team.
  5. I have to disagree with that. Pedro was good for us under Conte, but I don't remember ever thinking that he was playing as well or even better than Hazard. I always thought Hazard played some of his best football under Conte because he didn't have a lot of defensive responsibilty in the 343/352. Actually looking back at their goals and assists you definetely have a case regarding the 16/17 season (not Contes second season though). Pedro had 9 goals and 10 assists in the league that year whereas Hazard had 16 goals and 5 assists, while playing significantly more and doing less defensively.
  6. I have to admit I don't know Haaland very well, I've just seen him in some Champions League games, but to me he seems like the kind of striker, who's also very capable of holding up the ball. To me it seems like a fit but as I said I'm not sure because I haven't got a lot of knowledge about the player. But in my head I don't plan with Werner for the long run anyway. It's not entirely objective, because I just don't like him as a player, but I can't see him really making it here. There are just too many holes in his game. He does come up with a decisive contribution more regularly than mo
  7. I'm really happy with him this season. He's made a big step in his developement. If he now starts being more decisive in games and improves his decision making in the final third, he's got the tools to be world class.
  8. Why not? Werner thrives when he can play off another striker. And Haaland is tall, physical and capable of making the ball stick and then laying it off for Werner. If we stand a chance to get him, we should go all out. It would be great to have a player of that calibre at Chelsea again.
  9. Pulisic was doing it after the restart last season. Boy, I hope he and/or Kai Havertz discover their form. That would make a massive difference to the rest of our season.
  10. Christensen is not short. He's 1,87, whereas Azpi is 1,78.
  11. It really is odd. I wonder why he loves playing on the left side so much. He never cuts in anyways. His shooting opportunities barely come from him cutting in on his right foot. And it would be easier for him to go past the defender on the outside and deliver a good ball into the box on his stronger foot.
  12. Yup, I agree with you on that front. The game management today was bizarre to me and I also didn't like Callum having to play a position that doesn't suit him, and then being taken off as a result, just to accomodate Werner, who had a bad game himself. I just don't think that in general Tuchel introduced the 3 at the back formation to suit Werner and Havertz, which was your initial point.
  13. Have you looked at our schedule? We cannot start every player every game and then just take him off at 60/70 mins, because we have got only 3 substitutions.
  14. Yes, the 3412 is to suit Werner, but when we play Giroud or Tammy, we play 343 and Werner does fine there as well. I think that's more about Tuchel not trusting our main strikers and appearently he doesn't trust Werner as a lone striker either. I think he started with 3 at the back, because he saw that as the easiest way to make us more stable defensively, which gives us (and him) a base where we can build from.
  15. I don't buy that. As of yet there is no evidence, that this system particularly suits Havertz. And while it does suit Werner, it also really suits Alonso, CHO, Christensen, Azpi. In the first game under Tuchel, where we played this formation he didn't even use Werner.
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