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  1. 😂😂😂 I watch Bundesliga and I also think he's promising 😅
  2. He returned a few days before the game, at the same time than Kovacic, Kante etc. Don't know why because he wasn't at a tournament as far as I know, but that's what it says on the Chelsea website. So unfortunately it doesn't mean that TT doesn't like him. Everytime we have a pre season under a new manager I fear that he sees something in Bakayoko and that I have to endure more of him in a Chelsea shirt. 😐
  3. I don't think we need another CB with Silva, Christensen, Rüdiger, Azpi and Zouma and maybe James becoming a RCB in the longterm, but would have preferred us to try and go for Varane than Kounde if we bought one. The few times I saw Kounde play he didn't impress me, but he seems to be highly regarded so there's certainly worse signings we could make. Anyways, I wish him all the best if we sign him, but won't be gutted if we don't...
  4. It looks even more underwhelming, when you put it that way... nothing against the players you listed, they are all good and talented players and 1 or 2 of them (not counting Havertz) might end up good enough starting for us, but bar Havertz none of these players holds a candle to the ones you compared them with at this moment in time, and history has shown that most of them won't end up bring good enough. I mean you're comparing someone who has scored nearly 200 goals in the PL to someone who has scored 7 goals for Vitesse, someone who has won 3 CL's a WC and some la Liga titles to someone who has never even played in the PL... Actually the more I'm writing about this, the more I'm questioning whether you were actually serious or just being sarcastic. If so, then you got me good. 😂
  5. I agree with Plokoon that it isn't a good decision. We don't need more game time. Players play too much as it is. Also on another note, I quite enjoyed the tactical element the away goal rule added.
  6. Yeah, we won a CL title with both while they were starting 🙌
  7. He's quite quick when he gets going, but he isn't the most explosive, which hurts him when he tries going past people. I think Hakimi could have been important in terms of a title challenge if we stay with 3 at the back. Because as others have pointed out, our wingbacks aren't great at attacking, so we might struggle breaking down packed defences (again), especially if we can't get a top striker.
  8. Funny you see it that way, because for me it's the other way round. Yes, we were inconsistent in the final stages of the season regarding our league form, but we've generally had the upper hand in big games since TT came around, and were the better team against Atletico, Real and City en route to claiming a thouroghly deserved CL title. I feel like we have a very good foundation to build upon. If we manage to sign Haaland and Hakimi I think we could challenge for the PL title. In 2012 on the other hand, we had an old team on their last legs. We were even more inconsistent in the league than this year (we were 6th if my memory serves me right) and didn't look too good in the final stages of the CL (especially against Barca and Bayern). It felt like we managed to win it through the sheer force of will of our big players (Lamps, Terry, Cole and mostly Drogba and Cech), who saw it as their last chance to win a CL title and fought their hearts out and rose to the occasion in the biggest moments. And of course we had a huge slice of luck as well, no point in denying it.
  9. Why though? I agree that Werner could be lethal for Burnley on the counter attack with the spaces he would get there, but Hazard isn't a slouch himself. I remember him always being very dangerous on the counter and he adds so much more to the team in an attacking sense. With Hazard and Werner I can understand that argument even though I would pick Hazard, because of the stark contrast in work rate defensively. It's arguable imo. With Messi and Ronaldo however, there isn't really a difference in work rate, if anything Messi works harder. So with what justification do you pick CR7? CR7 is more dependant on his teammates to get his goals whereas Messi is more capable of creating goals on his own and is also going to make his teammates better with his passing, so I think he would work better in Burnley's setup. Having a player like Messi or Hazard in the team who you can just give the ball to and then rely on them to a) not lose it, even when under pressure and b) create something either for their teammates or themselves is extremely valuable for any team.
  10. Wingbacks are extremely important in a 3 at the back system, and Hakimi is one of the best, if not the best attacking wingback there is. James has good crossing and is decent going forward, but he isn't the most explosive and not great in one on ones. Hakimi with his dribbling, his directness and the goal threat he offers is a different beast. Get him and a striker and our struggles in front of goal could be a thing of the past. Of course we would lose something in defence and Hakimi is worse in the air than James, so we would be worse of on set-pieces, but if we get a tall striker (Haaland) or a tall midfielder (Rice, Tchouameni, Gravenberch, Locatelli) the last part would be compensated for. Hakimi would also offer us a lot of flexibility. In games where TT thinks that we need more defensive stability we play James as a wingback and in games where we really want to get at the opposition we play Hakimi.
  11. I agree that Kante (especially if France were to win the EURO) or Lewandowski, who should have gotten it last season and then went on and topped that phenomenal again, should get it this year. I was just replying to that ridicolous "Messi is just good in one system" comment that gets thrown around from time to time (not only here but in general).
  12. That pass was fabolous!🤤 First time pass with his weaker foot and then he follows the play into the box and finished the move he started off himself. Weren't we interested in some midfielders? Based on these two Euros games Locatelli looks the part.
  13. He was very good under Sarri in a back 4 as well. And if my memory serves me right he always played in a back 4 for Roma and did well enough for us to buy him. He also was decent in Lamps' final games when he started getting his first appearances this season. He was comically bad last season, but who of our central defenders wasn't? It was more down to our defensive set up that season (or the lack thereof). I don't think it's a back 4/back 3 thing. With Christensen it might be different. His best performances came at Gladbach, who played with a back 3 quite often back then, Conte and Tuchel. So I think that for him it might be the case that he is more comfortable in a back 3.
  14. Come on you don't believe that, do you? The man has lost a step, but he is still a phenomenal player. And I'm convinced that there's no set-up a prime Messi doesn't fit. I mean look at that combination of technique, dribbling in the tightest spaces, vision, passing (range as well as accuracy), shooting (long distance as well as finishing), link up play, acceleration, end speed, pressing resistance, understanding of the game. On top of that he is a lot stronger physically than he looks, with his low center of gravity he is so hard to to push of the ball. The man is good at everything besides winning headers. I mean I love Kante as much as every Chelsea fan. What he has done for us, for Leicester and fro France is phenomenal, but prime Messi is possibly the best footballer ever, definetely the best I have ever witnessed. I don't understand how a fan of football can not be in awe of what Messi is capable of.
  15. I think he did well. He linked play nicely, had a couple of nice ball recoveries, barely gave the ball away, played a very good through ball for Sterling and should have had an assist (the cross for Kane).
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