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  1. I think he could be quite good as a number 8, but I don't feel he can be elite in that position. For me the position that suits his strenths the most is no. 10.
  2. I'm not so sure about that. He's also way more assured in possession than Barkley. Barkley always tries a lot, but is a bit hit and miss. It's why he can be a liability in big games.
  3. His link up, movement and passing are a level above Barkley's.
  4. I love his link up play, his passing, the way he finds space between the line and manages to ghost into dangerous scoring positions. He's also not bad at shielding the ball in build up play. Having said that it's obvious that he's a team player. He can interplay with his team mates, he makes smart runs, so he will always be a goal threat when he gets played in, but he isn't somone who will take the game by the scruff of the neck like Pulisic or Hazard and score a goal from a great individual action. So to get the best out of him, we need to play well as a team. The beauty of having him though
  5. I honestly think he's at his best when he's being played closer to goal, where he can interplay with other attackers, be a threat on goal and trigger our pressing. I think Kovacic offers a lot more deeper in midfield as he is a way better ball carrier, who can be a link between defence and attack. He's also a lot more press resistant than Mount and I also think he has the edge when it comes to long passing.
  6. I think he also had a very good game against Brighton. But he had games like that last season, like against Man City, but never managed to stay consistent. I still think of him as a potentially world class defender - he was brilliant under Conte until the Barca game and also very good for BMG - but he has to perform consistently now. This season he's still got a chance to show that he has a future here, but after Silva leaves we'll probably get a big money defender, and if he doesn't perform this season he's likely to be moved on, and rightfully so.
  7. As for the criticism directed towards Frank for putting him out wide... I think it's totally understandable. Both Tammy and Giroud played very well midweek whereas Callum didn't show much. And with Ziyech and Pulisic out this was the logical call. And it's not like Timo isn't used to playing there. He started his career there, plays there often for Germany and even for Leipzig he played off a target man and liked drifting to the left. Our system is quite fluid anyways so no criticism towards Frank from me on that front.
  8. He isn't the greatest technically, is he? His first touch and short passing are far from elite level. He played pretty well in spite of that in his first two games, and he can always trouble defences with his speed and his sharpness, but it's definetly something to look out for. Curious to see if he works out for us.
  9. I agree that he gets overhyped and I too would start Azpi as of now. But he is still very young and has already improved this season compared to last, which is encouraging. If he improves his defending and awareness, which usually comes with age, we've got one hell of a RB on our hands. And offensively he's a weapon.
  10. Well there was no one else on there who's really captain material as of now. Maybe James or Mount in the future, but I can totally understand the call. Having said that, he had a horrible PL debut and as somebody above pointed out, it's pretty worrying that this is the second time he's made this mistake in 2 games.
  11. He was our best defender today. If he can cut out his lapses in concentration, he could be one hell of a defender. He's very assured and comfortable in possession.
  12. I'm not a big fan of his, but this last two games he's shut me up. He's thoroughly deserving of his place in the team at the moment and is my MOTM today.
  13. Decent cameo by Callum. Was dangerous as soon as he was moved to the left and got himself a nice goal. Today showed that our team is desperate for players who can beat their man. Adds another dimension to the game. Apart from him and Pulisic, we haven't really got a player of that profile in our attack. At times he could still show more urgency I feel, but this was an encouraging sign today, after a dire outing against Barnsley. Will probably start against Tottenham, where he can hopfully continue this upwards trajectory.
  14. I think Chilwell's out because Lamps doesn't need two fullbacks on the bench and Azpi is captain and more versatile than Chilwell as he can play RB, LB and CB.
  15. Tomori's passing against Barnsley was all over the place in the first half. And not for the first time... Zouma's complete omission is baffling though. He'd started the season pretty well in my book. Probably injured 😐
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