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  1. Well, he also created the chance that lead to the penalty incident. That and as mentioned before a lot of running and hard work, protected the ball a lot better than most of his team mates when we had it and played a few good passes. That to me is a good performance in this kind of game. He was overshadowed by Christensen and Pulisic, but after them he was our best player.
  2. I'm really surprised he's turned out to be such a goal scorer for us as he never scored many in Germany. He has already surpassed his former goal scoring record despite his injuries and us still having 7 games to go. He's developing into a nice little player and I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.
  3. I agree in general, I don't love seeing them play together against your average Premier League side, that sits deep against us. Against City however we won't have to play against a low block, so I value good ball retention and defensive solidity over the goal threat Mount or Barkley offer, who both aren't great when they're pressed.
  4. I'd start with a midfield three of Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante. The former two are our most press resistant midfielders (the jury on Billy is still out for me - he's had only two full games at the highest level) and Kante with his energy and the defensive stability he offers is a given.
  5. I suggest you listen to H.A.M by Jay-Z and Kanye West to get the full picture 😂
  6. We have RLC, Mount and Barkley for his position, while Ziyech and Pulisic are also very capable of playing number 10/second striker. I would rather get a winger, because with Pedro and Willian likely leaving, that leaves us with only 3 real wingers, two of which are very young and have both had their share of injuries this season and the other one is new to the Premier League. Also CHO might be distracted with the allegations, so I really think another winger is paramount. Sancho would be ideal of course, let's see if we can bag him.
  7. I know he wasn't our fan's favourite player, but I didn't realize there was such a dislike towards him. He f**ked Liverpool over and the media hated it, but I don't see how that's a negative with our fan base. Also he's one of the top 5 wingers in the world, still rather young, english and seems to have evolved into a leader who often seems to come up with important goals. I'd bite City's hand off if he becomes available.
  8. Why is nobody mentioning Sterling? If he becomes available, I'd go all out for him. Laporte, KdB and B. Silva are good shouts as well.
  9. Seems rather small for a CB and was far from imposing physically. The rest of hi sgame is decent, but I don't see a lot that's standing out.
  10. Frank wasn't given a new contract. His move wasn't considerate of the fans he wasn't wanted here anymore so decided to do what was best for him. He didn't sign a new contract before the summer and then decided to leave the club a day before the Window closes. Also we didn't have a transfer ban that Session.
  11. Could you elaborate further? Which players are you referencing?
  12. I wouldn't really consider selling Bakayoko to United "helping them out"...
  13. A sum that low would indicate that we have a buy back option though.
  14. He's a better defender than Luiz, but his distribution is pretty bad. Easily the worst out of our options.
  15. I think they will. Luis Enrique didn't even call up Alba, despite him being fit. The two left backs in the squad are Alonso and Gaya. So for now I guess he'll be given the starting spot.

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