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  1. We definetely need a new centre back after Silva is done. Potentially two, but let's see how Zouma keeps developing. He's looking pretty good so far this season.
  2. He was fecking brilliant at that. An underappreciated part of his game imo. He was a very good player, who unfortunately had inconsistency issues. I see Mount as sort of an Oscar light. They have a similar profile, only that Oscar was a bit better at most of the attacking stuff (dribbling, shooting, link up play, better pace) and Mount is a bit better at the defensive aspect of the game (more disciplined positionally, but then again Oscar was never asked to play as an 8). But if you look at their profile they're actually very similar players.
  3. I agree with you that his shooting technique isn't the greatest (I still wouldn't call it poor though), but I meant his touch and his technique while running with the ball. He's very good in that department. There's an interview with Zouma and where he says that he's the best dribbler in training. He was going back and fourth between him and Pulisic, but settled on Callum. You can see flashes of it in games, but he's not doing it consistently enough. I also think his crosses are fine and his long passes are very good.
  4. He was a bit casual with his passing at times yesterday, but luckily we cleaned up these situations very well. Generally he has been a revelation. His positional play and ability to anticipate danger and snuff out potentially dangerous situations are second to none. He is also very comfortable with the ball at his feet and is a threat in the Opposition box when attacking set pieces. Very happy to have him here and maybe we can get more than just the one season out of him.
  5. His touch and technical ability are among the best in the squad. Several levels above Werner's who's playing in his favorite position. His long passing is also top class. I do agree he's lacking a cutting edge though. Werner for example might not be the greatest on the ball but he tries things, works hard and is always a goalscoring threat. Callum otoh still looks like he hasn't quite gotten used to the pace of the man's game yet. He's way too sloppy and it seems like he often thinks he's got more time than he really has and loses the ball as a result. While I agree with Frank that
  6. Yes, our attack has looked more potent, displaying was more different threats than last season, and our defence looks way more stable, but let's not get carried away. We've only beaten one team that's currently in the top half and that's Crystal Palace. We've beaten Krasnodar, Burnley, Rennes and Sheffield United in our nice little run at the moment. Not exactly top competition. Whenever we went up against a decent team this season (Pool, Sevilla, Man Utd, Soton) we didn't look great. Also this team has shown that it's prone to inconsistency in the past. So, I think the right wa
  7. Very good performance yesterday. Long passing and corners especially were on point, but also apart from that he did very well. I hope he continues playing in midfield now and we don't have to see him on the wing anymore.
  8. I liked his allround game yesterday. His hold-up and link up play was pretty good and he really was a handful for those Burnley defenders. But for a striker with his goal scoring return he has weirdly bad movement in and around the box.
  9. Good point, but I would want more concept how to attack (safely) when we get the ball, if Lamps wants to play this style. Even if we get the penalty it's hardly a tactical masterclass. United definetely had more and better chances than us, so if this game was played like this 10 times they win more of those games than us. What was our xG? Also we didn't get the penalty and United moved up a gear in the second half, and Frank had no answer for it. For a tactical masterclass we would need a potent threat on the counter attack. With Pulisic, Werner and CHO we've got the right players for it.
  10. Of course having Mendy, Silva and Chilwell available helps in getting a clean sheet. But these last last two games were mainly down to Lamps' tedious defense first approach, and quite frankly I don't hope that's the way we play going forward, because these games were absolutely boring to watch. Makes Mourinho look like an adventerous big game manager. At least with him we would get some meaningful chances on the counterattack.
  11. I don't think playing Mount deeper is the answer. He gets disposessed a lot. Him beside Kante could be a disaster. We need at least one midfielder who is comfortable keeping posession unser pressure (Jorginho, Kova or Gilmour).
  12. Well, you also need to give them a platform. If you just defend (which these 3 are a part of) and then tell them they have to get up the pitch quickly and make something happen it's very hard for them. Especially considering two of these players are new to the team and the league. It's pretty obvious Lampard just focused on defense these last two games.
  13. Unfortunately I don't think Lamps is a good enough manager for a club of our dimension yet. Our defending is horrible and our build up play isn't very structured and pretty susceptible to being pressed. Of course we're a threat going forward but that's a given with the quality we have at our disposal. But apart from Allegri, who doesn't really fit the profile of players we've brought in and the more expansive playstyle the club seems to be keen to implement, there isn't a manager available who I would trust to take the club forward. For this reason I would persist with Lampard this s
  14. Would have preferred CHO on the wing instead of Mount, otherwise good lineup.
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