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  1. He has added another dimension to his game this season with all the assists on top of his goals. If he wants to move, he will have options though. He's unlikely to go to one of the biggest rivals of his beloved boyhood club.
  2. We were 5 points off 4th placed Liverpool, but there were Tottenham and Everton ahead of us as well, 4 and 3 points respectively with Tottenham having one and Everton having two games in hand. So a pretty bad position to be in. Barely anybody believed in CL football at that point. Not saying we are going to achieve it now, but the position we're in at the moment is considerably better. Edit: West Ham were 3 points ahead of us as well.
  3. He definetely is quick, but I don't think he's as quick as everybody's making him out to be. But yes you're right, in this situation he never got the ball out from under his feet, which due to his below average technique happens to him quite a lot, so maybe this stops him from showing his pace more often.
  4. He must hate playing against West Brom...
  5. Absolute horror show in that first half.
  6. I've been thinking for a while now that for a player whose biggest assest is his pace, he's not all that quick. I mean he should be able to look better in a race against an ancient Ivanovic. I remember him being a weak link in that regard even 5 years ago, when still playing for us.
  7. I worry that we will struggle to penetrate West broms deep lying defense with this personnel. Would have preferred CHO over James and Kai/Tammy/Giroud over Werner for this kind of game. But what do I know... let's hope for a comprehensive win!
  8. Surely Lewandowski and Benzema belong on that list. Arguably Lukaku is up there too at the moment.
  9. We paid big money for Drogba (well at the time it was) and Diego Costa wasn't exactly cheap either. Not buying potentially world class players, just because other, completely different signings in the past didn't work out, and because you are afraid of being laughed at, is stupid. Of course there is the risk he could flop. Just as there is with any player in any position. They are all just human beings and whether they are able to perform, comes down to a lot of different variables. But believing in a "striker curse" is superstitious nonsense.
  10. There were rumblings that Jorginho was injured, so I'm guessing the second line up is the real one
  11. Ok that new line up makes way more sense haha. Now which one's the real one?
  12. Things aren't looking too rosy for CHO those last few weeks. I would have preferred him over Pulisic as wingback. Also a shame about Gilmour.
  13. With our squad depth almost every side we put out is a strong one. I'd go: Kepa Zouma, Christensen, Emerson CHO, Jorginho, Gilmour, Chilwell Mount, Giroud, Pulisic Changed on 10 positions from the Atletico game and still a very competitive team where each player deserves a game.
  14. Ronaldo is still a very good player, but not what he once was and Dybala is a talented player, but not a world beater. He's scored 3 goals this season in Serie A and CL combined. And who else is in there that puts them on "another plane"? That Juve squad is good but far from great and definetely not on another level than ours. I'd say they are comparable. Coupled with their inexperienced manager they are far from a team to be feared this season. Having said that, I still don't think Porto are going to be easy. They seemed pretty good defensively against Juve and with our struggles upfront
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