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  1. Mount is injured. But I'm really surprised that Silva is out. He's been immense against Villa and Spurs.
  2. I think Lukaku should get them. If I remember correctly he hasn't missed any in his time at Inter, whereas Jorgi seems to have been figured out a little. Missed two in a row for us last season and two for Italy recently. On top of that it's always good for a strikers confidence if he's able to boost his goal stats with pens.
  3. You might be right. This was an encouraging week for him. The two minutes, as little game time as it was, showed that he has worked himself into Tuchels plans and yesterday he played the full 90 as a CM, whereas Saul played in a different role in the first half, and then got taken off for Barkley. RLC might just be slightly ahead of Saul in the battle for the fourth CM spot right now. Quite a stark contrast to the interviews right before and right after the end of the transfer window where he said he needed a fourth option/said he was happy to finally have a fourth option for that CM spot.
  4. Ah yes, now I remember, thanks!
  5. He did well again today. Couldn't do anything about the goal and had some nice moments apart from that. And of course he saved a penalty... again.
  6. It really speaks volumes about his current confidence level, that after being the first choice penalty taker for Leipzig and for a while even here, he doesn't even take a penalty in the shoot out. Well, I'm happy he got going for the season in a blue shirt. Lukaku could be really good for him. Gives him a reference point he can play around and takes the pressure of him to be the team's main goal scorer. I thought there were some encouraging "nearly moments" between the two today in their 15 minutes together.
  7. Had a rusty first 20 minutes, but grew into the game after that and had a really good second half. When everything clicks he's just a joy to watch. I enjoyed him staying on the pitch over Saul. He might still have a future here after all.
  8. And neither Jorgi nor Kova are on the bench... I really hope we don't go behind. I don't wanna see N'Golo play the whole 90.
  9. Against Liverpool we were down to 10 men for a half, against Tottenham he should have had two assists and he brutalized Arsenal, who you've conveniently left out, despite being only one point behind Tottenham last season and having spent the most money in the PL. Also as others have said, our biggest problem last season was scoring goals against the "lesser" clubs. You're never going to win the Premier League if you can't score against them regularly. And so far he was vitally important in these kinds of games. So to conclude: He did pretty well against the better clubs we faced, and very well against the "lesser" clubs we played. At least wait until he has a dip in form before you start complaining.
  10. I think it's about managing Kante's fitness. He's become quite injury prone lately and he just came back from an injury, so maybe Tuchel doesn't want to overplay him. If you start him and the game doesn't do well you can't really take him off, because he's too important. Then he would have to play the full 90 again and maybe get injured in the process. Tuchel decided to go with a trusted midfield two, that has worked well for us in many important games, and keep an ace up his sleeve for when he needs it. The result was a 3-0 victory and Kante only having to play 45 minutes, so a win win situation. Also about being lucky... Spurs pressed us well in that first half, but they never really threatened our defence, so it's not like we just scraped by.
  11. He has looked his best since TT came in, no doubt. But apart from that 19/20 season, where every single one of our defenders looked really bad, which points to a systemic error, he was one of our best defenders and not inconsistent at all. So the anomaly is not his form now, but rather that one season where our defensive set up was sh*te. Before that he was a really good CB under Conte and Sarri, who has now evolved to being borderline world class under Tuchel as he hits his prime as a player. Put his importance on the pitch as a leader and in the dressing room on top of that, and yes I would be happy with him being one of the 4 best players at the club. Especially considering his replacement would cost a substantial amount of money, would probably not earn a lot less and could be a flop.
  12. Yeah right? All of the players from our youth that feature regularly for us now (Mount, James, Christensen) went to lower level clubs on loan first. We try to bring CHO through without a loan and it doesn't work too well. Also remember RLC's path? He stayed with us for two seasons (15/16, 16/17) and never really managed to break through, then he went on loan to a poor Crystal Palace team, came back and started to really cement his place in the team before his horrible injury set him back again.
  13. Mhm you're right that we have to be careful not to inflate our wage bill. But if Rüdiger keeps performing like this, then he's worth it. If we buy a hyped prospect like Kounde, then I doubt he would earn a lot less than 200k. Chilwell is reportedly on 190k. Also I feel like Rüdiger isn't just any player. He's a leader who drives the team forward and seems to be well liked in the dressing room. I think it would be hard to replace him. On top of that he's one of our senior players and on current form one of our best players so I feel he deserves a nice little pay rise.
  14. But is 200k that outrageous? Kai, Timo, Kante and Lukaku reportedly all earn significantly than that, so I think 200k would be deserved. He's a leader and has been one of our best players these last 9 months. He was also very good under Conte and Sarri before that.
  15. He had a good pre season and did well against Villareal. Tuchel seems to see something in him that he wants to unlock. He's probably impressive in training. He's had two anonymous games in a row now though and is up against a lot of competition for places, so he's probably getting dropped sooner rather than later now, just like he was last season.
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