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  1. I think he did well. He linked play nicely, had a couple of nice ball recoveries, barely gave the ball away, played a very good through ball for Sterling and should have had an assist (the cross for Kane).
  2. Hahaha I'd forgotten all about that.
  3. Kepa had a decent season under Sarri. It was the following season when it all went titts up for him.
  4. We shouldn't go into the season with just 3 players for 2 positions. Depth is so important in these packed seasons. I would keep either Emerson or Alonso (preferably the latter). That way we'd have 9 players for the back 5, which imo is a good number.
  5. I'm not buying that. Lamps wasn't sacked for not challenging for the PL, but because we were sitting in 8th and were 5 points away from Top 4 (potentially more if the teams ahead of us won their games in hand). And he didn't look like turning around the ship. I doubt he would have been sacked during the season had we been in the Top 4.
  6. If we sell Zouma and Alonso we are short in those areas, so we would need to buy back up players and would end up needing more than the 3 top signings Tuchel reportedly wants. And how many of these players would have already been on your list last season or the season before? It's not that easy because 3 parties have to be happy with the deal. Both clubs and the players have to agree, so you're never going to have a summer where you are able to sell all of your "deadwood" unless you sell them extraordinarily cheap. If you also take into consideration that most clubs outside of England have ser
  7. Kepa has also won the CL, so according to your logic we shouldn't accept a loss on him either? I know Ziyech has played more than Kepa, but he still wasn't a key player in our CL campaign. He definetely contributed (especially that 1:0 in the second leg against Atletico was important) but in the final run in he found himself on the bench more often than not. His legaue form was nothing special either, so there's no way he's worth €50 million right now.
  8. Not to forget Christensen. He is also an academy product. To have 3 academy players playing regularly (Mount, Reece and AC) is pretty good for a club with our ambition.
  9. This isn't FIFa, we're not going to make 235 million pounds off of sales, especially in these COVID times. Alonso and Zouma I would keep as back ups, Caballero and van Ginkel have already been released and Ampadu is probably going to be loaned out again. The players we can realistically sell for noteworthy sums are Abraham, Barkley, RLC, Kepa, Bakayoko, CHO (but I don't think the club is looking to sell him), Tomori and Ziyech. But due to disagreements on transfer sums, wages etc we're not going to be able to sell all of them and are going to end up loaning out quite a few of these player
  10. We already did it this season with Azpi on the right and even Rüdiger on the left to a lesser extent.
  11. If we get a good wingback, I absolutely don't see the need to get another defender. We'd have Rüdiger, Silva, Christensen, Azpi, Zouma and James. The 4 I mentioned first have all proven that they are good enough to be starters, Zouma is a good backup and James a lot of potential in this role. @dkw I think James is going to be a utility player for us who can perform to a high level as a RWB, RCB, CM or RB should we switch formations again. In a 3-4-3 the RCB pushes up a lot, so we would see quite a bit of his attacking prowess. He could be a weapon delivering crosses from deep. Add H
  12. The inside forward position in a 3-4-3 is different to being a winger in a 4-3-3. He played it under TT a couple times. He started there in the CL final. The squad depth would be impressive as well. We'd have Christensen, Azpi, Kovacic, Jorginho, Alonso, Pulisic, Werner and maybe even Ziyech, CHO, Giroud on the bench/in the stands.
  13. He is with Chelsea training there every day. TT will know him in and out. If we keep him, it should be because we see something in him, not because Bayern keep being interested. What I find interesting is that both Lamps and TT started out playing him a lot (he played a lot in Lamps' first season right after he came back from his big injury) and then gradually started turning to other players more and more, although to my eyes CHO's performances didn't drastically drop. What I read into this is that he is immensely talented (hence them wanting to play him to get the best out of him), but
  14. He didn't though. From what I understand the club had the (one-sided) option to extend the contract for a year. No decision or input needed from the big striker himself. I guess the thinking on the club's part is that like this we might get a small transfer fee out of him, and should we not manage to sell him, we have a decent back up striker, who is a valuable part of the dressing room as well.
  15. For me it would be trying to be more productive. His finishing can be a bit dodgy at times, and while his pass in the CL final was great he could provide the final pass more often.
  16. I was one of the people who after last season thought that he wouldn't be more than a squad player for us in the long run, but boy was I wrong. He was absolutely massive for us this season, and if he continues to improve at the rate he is doing at the moment then sky is the limit for him. On top of being a brilliant footballer he has a top attitude and has turned into a leader in this team. Future captain indeed 🙌
  17. I hate Spurs the most, but how can a team that can't win a title if Levy's life depended on it be the biggest rival to the reigning European Champions 🤣
  18. Disagree. If you link up well with your teammates you are more likely to assist them or get assisted by them. Anyways you described Lukaku as a pure goalscorer. 11 Assists suggest he is more than that. He really seems to have evolved in this departement similar to Kane. Some of his assists were really good. I'm still not sure we should go for him. Not sure he presses as well and works as much as TT would like. Haaland would fit that bill better on top of being younger and more promising but unfortunately Dortmund won't sell him this season.
  19. Lukaku has got 11 assists this season in Serie A. He's quiet capable of linking up the play.
  20. Decent option, but at the quoted price of 50 million I'd stay away. Also I'd like CHO to be given a go at RWB again. I feel like he could be a recent more attacking alternative to James. Curious as to why TT stopped using him there alltogether as I feel he did quite well most of the time he played there.
  21. Never knew that being in your 20's is the wrong side of 30 for a footballer 😂. But I get what you mean. His age doesn't worry me though because we have enough young players with potential, so I wouldn't mind a bona fide world class striker in his prime. Also he doesn't rely on pace and strikers of his type often enjoy good longevity (eg Lewa, Benz). His injuries are a cause for concern though, especially with the money he would cost. Still, I would probably pay around 100 million euros to get get him.
  22. He has added another dimension to his game this season with all the assists on top of his goals. If he wants to move, he will have options though. He's unlikely to go to one of the biggest rivals of his beloved boyhood club.
  23. We were 5 points off 4th placed Liverpool, but there were Tottenham and Everton ahead of us as well, 4 and 3 points respectively with Tottenham having one and Everton having two games in hand. So a pretty bad position to be in. Barely anybody believed in CL football at that point. Not saying we are going to achieve it now, but the position we're in at the moment is considerably better. Edit: West Ham were 3 points ahead of us as well.
  24. He definetely is quick, but I don't think he's as quick as everybody's making him out to be. But yes you're right, in this situation he never got the ball out from under his feet, which due to his below average technique happens to him quite a lot, so maybe this stops him from showing his pace more often.
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