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    True Blue23 reacted to Argo in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    Yes i really don't like the narrative that everything was next to perfect for a season and a bit then a mere few bad results and all of a sudden people lost patience.
    The previous season we produced borderline relegation fighting form for nearly half a season and Lampard still kept his job, the notion he was sacked at the very first sign of trouble is complete nonsense.
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from Argo in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    I'm not buying that. Lamps wasn't sacked for not challenging for the PL, but because we were sitting in 8th and were 5 points away from Top 4 (potentially more if the teams ahead of us won their games in hand). And he didn't look like turning around the ship. I doubt he would have been sacked during the season had we been in the Top 4.
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from coombsie in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    If we sell Zouma and Alonso we are short in those areas, so we would need to buy back up players and would end up needing more than the 3 top signings Tuchel reportedly wants. And how many of these players would have already been on your list last season or the season before? It's not that easy because 3 parties have to be happy with the deal. Both clubs and the players have to agree, so you're never going to have a summer where you are able to sell all of your "deadwood" unless you sell them extraordinarily cheap. If you also take into consideration that most clubs outside of England have serious financial struggles right now due to COVID, it gets even less likely.
    We would have sold Drinkwater 3 summers ago if it were possible, but due to his wages it's hard so we keep loaning him.
    We would have sold Emerson last summer already but due to COVID we didn't get our asking price. But we might get it done this summer for 10-15 million.
    We're never going to get 5 million for Blackman.
    Which club needs a goalkeeper and has the funds to pay 30 million pounds for our second choice GK? On top of that Kepa earns quite a lot and the new club would have to pay his wages or he would have to be ready to take a hefty pay cut -> totally unrealistic. I think a loan would be a good option. It gives him the chance to play regularly and raise his market value again.
    I doubt Ampadu is going to be sold. Don't think we've given up on him yet.
    Barkley, Bakayoko and RLC we might be able to sell for your listed fee, but again we've been trying to sell Bakayoko for at least two summers now and never got our asking price...
    I doubt that anybody is ready to pay 10 million for Bats and 5 million for Baba.
    CHO we would be able to sell for 30 to 40 million but I doubt that we are looking to sell right now. Could be a possibility though if we get the right offer.
    On top of that I'm almost certain that Giroud and Abraham are on their way out and they could get us maybe 30 to 40 million pounds combined (5 for Giroud, the rest for Tammy). And I could imagine that we're looking to sell Ziyech which might bring us another 25 million. But then we'd have to either keep CHO with the squad or buy another player for depth.
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    True Blue23 reacted to chiefBlueCFC in Erling Haaland   
    I locked this transfer up in 2 minutes on FIFA... not sure what Roman and Marina are doing here 
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    True Blue23 reacted to Deino in Achraf Hakimi   
    Exactly, even during the early Morata years, Azpi was delivering crosses from deep.
    Reece's best attacking quality is his crossing but at WB he doesn't have as much opportunity because he sometimes gets caught in two minds whether to bomb or maintain the line. At RCB he gets the space to deliver the ball without worrying too much. 
    As it stands, we have huge amounts of games anyway plus the world cup in 17 months. If we want a title challenge, we need the quality backup anyway
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    True Blue23 reacted to LongtimerLurker in Achraf Hakimi   
    I think a lot of people are under the assumption this will be the only position James would ever play again for us. We are trying to build a world class squad with depth in all positions.
    James is not a big drop off in quality whether he plays RCB replacing Azpil in the starting XI or if he plays RWB instead of Hakimi. If Hakimi plays RWB and Reece at RCB we have two athletic players able to cover on defense and push forward like how Cesar used to before he started to lose his legs a bit.
    To clarify this is only one of many possible variations are team could play. Hakimi offers more attacking threat and so having him as well as Reece on at the same time just provides more attacking scope, yet allows for Reece to still showcase his brilliant defensive abilities since that's what he is primarily a defender.
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from LongtimerLurker in Achraf Hakimi   
    The inside forward position in a 3-4-3 is different to being a winger in a 4-3-3. He played it under TT a couple times. He started there in the CL final. 
    The squad depth would be impressive as well. We'd have Christensen, Azpi, Kovacic, Jorginho, Alonso, Pulisic, Werner and maybe even Ziyech, CHO, Giroud on the bench/in the stands.
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    True Blue23 reacted to Sindre in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    Even with most of these the biggest issue is that other clubs don't want to match the salary they earn here.
    Was a report in Italy this morning that AC Milan want Ziyech but need it to be on loan and that we cover a part of his wage.
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    True Blue23 reacted to Argo in Achraf Hakimi   
    In a back 2 I would agree but outside CB in a back 3 is a totally different ball game, you almost have to be a hybrid CB and RB and that would especially be true if Hakimi (or CHO) is the the wingback infront of him. How many times has Azpi gone forward and made key contributions in that role? (And that was with Moses who is worse defensively than Hakimi).
    The main sell point of a wingback formation is to create the kind of overloads that simply aren't possible (without seriously compromising your structure) in a standard back four, two attacking fullbacks down one side is one of them.
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    True Blue23 reacted to big blue in Achraf Hakimi   
    When CHO played wing back against Burnley, the opener came from azpi overlapping CHO, there is definitely flexibility in the formation to allow the right centre back to push forward. Even under conte, Azpi was stepping into midfield and putting in dangerous crosses. 
    In the youth team, James played right centre back, with Dujon Sterling at right wing back and it worked out well. 
    I dont think it is a priority area to strengthen, but I also dont think it is a bad thing for James, he is quality, and he will play, and personally i think he isnt that suited to wing back anyway, because he isnt great taking on his man 1v1, by the looks of it, Tuchel feels the same, hence the Traore and Hakimi links.
    Azpi will be the one that sees his minutes reduced, which was also the case at the start of last season under Lamps ironically enough. 
    Livramento has 12 months on his contract, maybe he wasnt planning on staying anyway, after seeing Lamptey leave because of James, who knows whether he wants to stay. 
    Hakimi is class, and will improve us if we manage to pull this off. 
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from Sindre in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    This isn't FIFa, we're not going to make 235 million pounds off of sales, especially in these COVID times. Alonso and Zouma I would keep as back ups, Caballero and van Ginkel have already been released and Ampadu is probably going to be loaned out again.
    The players we can realistically sell for noteworthy sums are Abraham, Barkley, RLC, Kepa, Bakayoko, CHO (but I don't think the club is looking to sell him), Tomori and Ziyech. But due to disagreements on transfer sums, wages etc we're not going to be able to sell all of them and are going to end up loaning out quite a few of these players. I'd be happy if we made north of 100 million pounds off of player sales. 
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    True Blue23 reacted to ElTerrible in Achraf Hakimi   
    What are his numbers contributions though? He takes a lot of corners/indirect freekicks and his overall numbers read 1G/4A in 56 PL games. Reece is a dynamic player, but that doesn´t automatically make him a good attacking player. One of the reasons Chelseas struggle to break down deep-sitting teams is the lack of attacking thread from the wings. I think Tuchel views Reece/Hakimi as perfect complementary player. You can play them together in a 3-4-2-1 or it´s simply match-up dependent whether you need a shutdown defender (Reece) or an attacking menace (Hakimi) against a  specific opponent.
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    True Blue23 reacted to Sindre in Achraf Hakimi   
    I don't necessarily disagree with your thinking. But I do think you'd be surprised about his contributions in attack from even from RCB. It's far from a traditional CB. Even in the season that was you more often than not found Rudiger "fighting" in midfield areas instead of deeper as a traditional CB would have. And you also had him going on marauding forward runs a lot of the time. If we had James going on those instead of Rudiger I think that could only be good for us.
    And at least on paper Hakimi is an even better attacker from wingback and if we could get both him and Reece James performing at a top level I think that would be fantastic for us.
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from ducavis in Olivier Giroud to Chelsea   
    He didn't though. From what I understand the club had the (one-sided) option to extend the contract for a year. No decision or input needed from the big striker himself. I guess the thinking on the club's part is that like this we might get a small transfer fee out of him, and should we not manage to sell him, we have a decent back up striker, who is a valuable part of the dressing room as well.
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from Oiboy78 in Erling Haaland   
    We paid big money for Drogba (well at the time it was) and Diego Costa wasn't exactly cheap either. Not buying potentially world class players, just because other, completely different signings in the past didn't work out, and because you are afraid of being laughed at, is stupid.
    Of course there is the risk he could flop. Just as there is with any player in any position. They are all just human beings and whether they are able to perform, comes down to a lot of different variables. But believing in a "striker curse" is superstitious nonsense.
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    True Blue23 reacted to big blue in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    I think the most advanced of a midfield 3 is the only place ive seen him look quality.
    For 10 games before that injury, he looked like he was about explode onto the scene, but that injury killed his momentum, his confidence, and ultimately his Chelsea career. 
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from 1manwent2moan in Who is our biggest rival?   
    I hate Spurs the most, but how can a team that can't win a title if Levy's life depended on it be the biggest rival to the reigning European Champions 🤣
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from Oli in Who is our biggest rival?   
    I hate Spurs the most, but how can a team that can't win a title if Levy's life depended on it be the biggest rival to the reigning European Champions 🤣
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    True Blue23 reacted to PloKoon13 in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    I can't say that I give the slightest sh*t about American expectations. Pulisic will start when he plays well enough. This season he has consistently been nowhere good enough.
    I think that he is young and showed enough last season (particularly towards the end when he was excellent) that we should keep him, but at the moment he is deservedly benched.
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    True Blue23 reacted to Oli in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    This guys got an agenda. Luckily the fans want him here and most importantly so do the club..he has that star quality, but he also needs to come to terms that he cant play every game, one because of his fitness  and two because we have a big talented squad. Hes played a lot of games near the end of the season, and whilst i really rate him, he deserved to be benched for the final because his performances werent at their usual electric best last few weeks. He will prove to be an important player next year and hes in the best place he could be right now. He seems happy and hes not stupid enough to listen to a small minority of usa fans who keep complaining if he doesnt play every minute of every single game.
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    True Blue23 reacted to Oli in So who do you think is realistic   
    When Frank could spend last summer, he said something that has been our downfall for many years now. We will only buy players who are exceptional that will improve our team, if they wont, we just wont buy anyone at all.
    We spent years buying dross or bang average squad players. And what happens, we spend £20-£40m, they play badly, so results suffer, they stick around for 3-4 years in which time certain parts of the squad are holding us back from the top prizes, then no one wants to buy them or can afford their wages, and then in a few years you need to throw money at the position again.
    Contrast that with this year, Mendy direct improvement, Silva direct improvement, Chilwell direct improvement. Whilst the first two were free/cheap generally speaking, Chilwell shows if you spend money but its on real quality, we might not have to replace that position for the next 5 years, and throw more money at a new left back, but not only that, in that time we have someone of real quality in that position so our performance don't decline. Then you add that to the forward players we bought who all throughout the season showed real brilliance and match winning performances.
    That's why its pointless adding any more players to an already big squad and loan army, we just need to buy two or three players max, but who have that absolute star quality, to cement us as Champions League favorites. Players like Mbappe, Kane, Lewandowski, Haaland, proven quality, or an absolute young talent that is destined for the top. Not average players that we will just need to throw more money on in a few years whilst not having improved our situation in the meantime. And if we cant get players of that quality we just need to do without and keep what we got, afterall they have proved they are good enough. 
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from STATS in Mason Mount   
    I was one of the people who after last season thought that he wouldn't be more than a squad player for us in the long run, but boy was I wrong. He was absolutely massive for us this season, and if he continues to improve at the rate he is doing at the moment then sky is the limit for him. On top of being a brilliant footballer he has a top attitude and has turned into a leader in this team.
    Future captain indeed 🙌
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    True Blue23 reacted to Gol15 in Mason Mount   
    Maybe the most complete player of his generation
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    True Blue23 reacted to charierre in Mason Mount   
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    True Blue23 got a reaction from DidierDrogbalala in Who is our biggest rival?   
    I hate Spurs the most, but how can a team that can't win a title if Levy's life depended on it be the biggest rival to the reigning European Champions 🤣
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