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  1. and you think wolves will sell their prized asset for these few days before the transfer window closes? even the players we've been pursuing since the start of the transfer window, we've not gotten them. Apart from that, Traore will want to go to the best of the best teams, not Chelsea. since Chelsea fans have convinced the board that Zaha is not good enough for them, then long may we remain without a signing.
  2. The problem is that because he scored the winner against Arsenal, some fans suddenly thinks he is good enough to lead our line now. First, if it were not for the ban, we would definitely have bought a striker last summer, Abraham would only have been a back-up to that striker because he is still too young and inexperienced to lead our line. When we played Everton, Southampton, Bournemouth, West Ham etc., and we lost, we all saw his weaknesses, and we all agreed that we need a new striker in January so that we don't loose three matches and win just one, that is not Chelsea's standard, so, let's not because of a goal against Arsenal think that we cannot buy a striker that is better than Tammy for now. Tammy can still be a back up to a proper striker for now, after three or four years, I believe he would have matured, and be ready to lead the line for us.
  3. We can't afford to use a bad team for this one. Forest will come planning to cause an upset. Most of the players that we refer to as our first team players should have been the ones we would have been expecting to play in this kind of matches had it not been for the transfer ban that left us with mostly young players in the team. it is those young players that play this kind of matches, they would have been in the team from the beginning of the season, coming in as substitutes and playing full matches occasionally when we want to rest some of the first team players. I think that is how a top team should be. But of course, because of the transfer ban, we didn't have any option than to keep playing them. Anyway, some of them are better than that, all I'm saying is that we should play them for this one because in the first place, they would have been the ones that would have played this kind of match. If we say we want to be using the likes of Pedro or ......., we may be using a team that is too weak to play against Forest, and they may defeat us. In this transfer window, we need to make important signings. Teams like Everton, Bournemouth, West Ham, Southampton shouldn't be defeating us, if we are really desirous of finishing in the top four at the end of the season.
  4. I'm not going to comment about whether or not Jorginho should receive a second yellow for that foul, but, when the incident happened, I felt really angry with Jorginho. Why on earth did you need to foul that guy cynically like that? We were in full control and even the guy that was to get the ball, we would still have dealt with the situation with what really happened, so, what was that foul for? Firstly, Jorginho knew he was on a yellow, why commit such a pure yellow card offence? The entire stadium clearly saw the pull, I think everybody in that stadium would have agreed with the referee if he had given him a second yellow card and then a red card, why commit such an offence? Secondly, I think it underlines Jorginho's lack of pace. If he were a fast and strong player, he would have gone shoulder to shoulder with that player and initially give the player a chance to have the ball (since the player got to the ball first), but he would have run after the player and make it difficult for the player to do anything good with the ball instead of doing a lazy pull of the guy the way he did it. I mean because of Jorginho's lack of pace, he could not initially leave the player and later run after him, he had to resort to a pull on the spot because of his lack of pace. thirdly, our defenders were still behind Jorginho, why didnt he leave the guy for the defenders to deal with? Why did he pull him? However, I started watching the match from the moment Emerson was substituted, I didn't see anything that happened before that time, but what I saw when I started watching the match, I think Jorginho really did well when he came on. The only think I didn't like was that cynical pull, it was not needed.
  5. Some of our players are very average, that's the truth. We have very few players that are world class, unfortunately, one of them is Kovacic, and yesterday, he was suspended. That affected us. Then, no need to rest Mount and I think James yesterday, they would have been handy. Moreover, it became very clear yesterday that we need to sign a new striker in January, I hope we can.
  6. For Mount and Willian to receive better service upfront, both Kante and Kovacic must always play because they cover a lot of ground from the defence. They are very good with quick counter attacks, Jorginho is slow, he's not very strong, he cannot drive forward, he stays on a spot and he is trying to pick passes, he's passes are very predictable, it's very easy for the opponents to defend against Jorginho than against Kovacic. Kovacic losses two, three or four players with his excellent drives forward, and he therefore creates easy chances for willian and Mount to score goals upfront. That's the secret of this new system.
  7. Thanks mate, many arrogant Chelsea fans don't like him. I cant explain why, maybe he snatched their girlfriends. Seriously, it's close to a case of being blind not to know that the guy is good. If he had a maximum of four or five matches in his entire Chelsea career where he played poorly, but he played very well in all the other matches, what do you call that? that is excellence, that is still a very good career. Even in school, when you score 80 out of a possible 100, you are still an excellent student. Some chelsea fans have really dissapointed me with their comments on Willian. It's unfair.
  8. If we gave Pedro 2 years contract after he was already above 30 years old, I think we should give Willian minimum of 2 years as well.
  9. I don't know why people talk ignorantly like this, because Hazard for example has only scored maybe twice this season, does it mean he is a poor player? Does it mean he is an inconsistent player? I think we need to understand the meaning of some vocabularies before using them like this. Willian is the same player, he has never changed since the first day he came to Chelsea, he was moved to a wing that is not his normal wing because a better player was on the left wing both at Chelsea (Hazard) and in Brazil (Neymar), because of that he has been struggling for many years at Brazil and in Chelsea, because the right wing is not his preferred position. But the guy did not complain, instead he has been doing exploits in a rather difficult wing for him. Everybody knows, on his day, there are few players that are better than Willian in the world. He has two advantages over everybody, his pace and his quick feet. we all saw his performance on the left wing against spurs, he's very good on that wing if the coach can create a system where he can flourish. Last weekend, the system was very OK for him, he had a lot of freedom, he didn't have to do much defending and Tottenham gave him a lot of spaces, so he flourished. But that doesn't mean that if he played against a team that is very good, a team that doesn't give him spaces, that attack us and as a result, Willian has to do much defending, and as a result he didn't have the chance to attack the team or score goals like he did against spurs, it doesn't mean Willian is inconsistent, it is because of the opponents he is facing at that time. Willian is a top player.
  10. Frank Lampard was a genius today. Actually I said it on this forum that Jorginho should be dropped, has everybody seen that Kante, Kovacic and Mount will offer more to us than Jorginho? Mount replacing Pulisic in the front three was a tactical masterclass from Lampard, I think that is the way forward this season. Today's formation is the formation we need for the team going forward. I hope Rudiger does not have injury again. About Willian, he deserves more respect from Chelsea fans all around the world. He's a very explosive player, he likes the ball moving every time, because of that, in some matches where he was a little bit tired, he literally gives the ball away to the opponents because he likes to kick the ball and run after it. He's the best player at Chelsea presently, that explains why the club gave him No 10 jersey, he's a very good player.
  11. I don't agree with you. Truth is they are not as devastating as teams like Man Utd, City, or Liverpool, and that's why Man Utd defeated them two weeks ago. If we are smart with our team selection, we have a chance. But if we lack the gut to make tough selections, we would get beat. For me, I go for James instead of Aspi (Lampard thinks marking Zaha was easy), Rudiger and Christensen in defense, Emerson left back, Kante, Kovacic and Mount in midfield, then the attack can be the usual way. This will make us okay defensively since we are playing against a good team away from home, then, we will have the chance to also try to win the match. If we permit spurs to control our defensive midfield area, we will lose the match. If we play Jorginho, we will lose the match.
  12. We are saying the same thing. We play against poor teams and we cannot win, that means we don't have enough quality players.
  13. i'm not happy with the way some of us come here and instead of just acknowledging that this squad is not good enough to win well organized teams, we come here and start claiming that this player or that player should start instead of this player or that player. There are numerous top quality players all over the world. We cannot continue to use average players and expect good results. All we can get from average players is mistakes week in week out, ignorance week in week out. When we had players like Hazard, Costa, Fabregas etc., the team had the quality to break teams down and win football matches. They were better than the opponents and so they were able to win matches. If Chelsea have the ambition to compete for trophies again in England, then we need to see it in this forth coming transfer window and in the summer.
  14. Im very sorry everyone for this comment. It was actually during my passtime at work yesterday. I actually came across the comment on Youtube. Someone posted the comment on a Chelsea video on Youtube. I actually wouldnt have written such a thing about Chelsea by myself because it sounds derogatory. However, I posted it on this forum because i believe on this forum, we have mature, reasonable Chelsea fans who know everything about the history of the club and understands all the challenges the club is facing at the moment. All of us agree that with the current squad, we can say that this team is overachieving at the moment. With the young players, the ban etc, we dont have a proper squad that may be able to go all the way in all competitions and compete with the top sides in the pl and the cl. this is why i posted it on this forum. However, since it sounds persimistic, i ought not to have copied it or posted it on this forum in the first place.

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