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  1. Havertz came in and scores a goal for us and sets up Rudiger, who won us a penalty. And people will still find something wrong with his game. I think u said here that he played some sloppy passes. But u don't complain about Mason Mount. U don't complain about his poor passes. U want them to play Mount ahead of Havertz. It's so interesting.
  2. I actually watched the first 70 minutes of the match and i had to leave to do something. So if you watch that first seventy minutes, you will know that Mendy didn't really do anything in the match apart from a mistake he almost made when his boot removed and I think Aspi was helping him tie it. So after the match and I was hearing everybody talking about the match, they were saying it was Mendy that saved Chelsea. Well, I think I've seen the highlights of the game, and I think I saw that overhead kick by that Brentford player, the ball was coming in the direction of Mendy, I think he just jumped and tipped the ball over the bar. I think we should be careful not to over-respect opponents. We have not even played against this Brentford and some people were already afraid of them. They don't know whether Brentford have players that are very dangerous. Because if a team does not have very good players, then definitely it will be easy for us to win them. I don't think Brentford have extremely good players like that, so this unnecessary noise about them, I don't understand. Yes the opponents will make some efforts too, but it is our job to make sure they don't score, if we do that, there's nothing special about the opponent. What is most important is for us to talk about the good performance that our players put forward. I kind of have a feeling that the coach really did a great job to come up with that 352 formation, I think it really worked against Brentford. And when we are playing against a difficult opposition, it is very good to have a coach who can use a system that can overcome the opposition. Because I think since Brentford has been able to draw Liverpool and I think win Arsenal this season, it's good to win them. Then its good to say that Chillwell's goal was nice. And I think Loftus-Cheek had a great game and I think Loftus Cheek should be first choice in midfield right now, others like Jorginho, Kovacic, or Mount, are behind him at the moment. Then up front, I feel Werner needs to improve, if not, Mount can pair with Lukaku up front, or Havertz or Ziyech can pair with Lukaku upfront.
  3. We should all agree today that Tuchel did badly. Simple. Eventually if we won the league, that is the experience that all of us want to have. To be happy that our team is the champion of England. No one wants another team to be champions. No one wants other fans to make jest of him. So Tuchel did badly and there is always consequences for doing badly. He should be ready for it. If he continues to do badly, There will be consequences. We saw what happened to Frank Lampard. I expect some people to say that I am wrong for saying that. There was no reason to have Werner in the starting line up. No reason to have Alonso. Kai Havertz's creativity is very important to the team. But they don't start him. Ziyech is also needed to assist Lukaku. Instead of working on Ziyech and Havertz and making sure they play well together with Lukaku, you bench them. They can only get better when they play together. I'm not getting this at all.
  4. What is wrong with Chelsea fans? It's only Chelsea fans that have a player misfiring and they will still want the coach to be playing him. Didn't we watch the champions league final, and saw how this Werner was misfiring and it is thesame Werner that people still want us to be using. If it was Man Utd fans, if any of their players is misfiring, they won't want the coach to use him again.
  5. I hope u will understand before it is too late. Why are they out of form? Is that how people like Hazard and Willian that we had before, play four matches and then go out of form? There is nothing like that. The coach should prepare his players very well for football matches and stop saying certain players are out of form.
  6. I disagree with you. It was poor team selection today. And thesame Werner who was poor last season was thesame player many people were shouting and clamouring for this season. Many people oppose themselves. Werner who does not know what to do with the ball when he gets it is the player that some people want. There was no single creative player for us on the pitch. It seems to me that Tuchel is good at setting up the team defensively but he is very poor at setting up the team offensively.
  7. Poor game management from Tuchel. And I always hoped he understand his team. When a coach does not understand his team, it is always bad. The two major players that make us good going forward are James and Chillwell. And that is when the attacking players will perform well. But when the coach is playing Alonso instead of Chillwell. Then the attack will be poor. The right set of players that we should have in attack should be Ziyech, Havertz and Lukaku. If not, there will be no service for Lukaku. Even if Ziyech was not doing so well in the previous matches, he might do well in this match and he might be a better threat going forward than Werner or whoever he used. The fact that a coach of his caliber does not have his starting eleven is even annoying to me.
  8. So, Saul and Chillwell should start, James needs to start. Malang Sarr should start so that he can be replacing Rudiger at times to allow Rudiger to rest. Trevor should start, then probably Christensen. Ross Barkley should start, then probably Werner should start upfront. This is the kind of game where Mount should play. He should be the king in this type of games and still be playing few games for us in the league. Games like this can develop him. And since so many people don't want to hear that we should loan him out for now. So many people don't want to agree that he is not ready for us. What so many people are celebrating about him is that he is still young and energetic, but even if you are young and energetic but you lack the talent to play football well, then you are just not the right person.
  9. Please let's not bring this issue of work rate into football. If a player is bad, he is bad. What is the meaning of this work rate that we talk about. When Fernando Toress was why us, I think he didn't play so we'll for us for a lot of the time. So, will someone now say that he normally tracks back to tackle opponents, and that because of that he is good? My question is that is that his job?
  10. I've always said it that Mason Mount is such a weird player. His passes are poor. And it is such a bad news for an attacking midfielder to have poor passes. He can score goals in few occasions but that's everything about his game. That's why, for me, he's not my first choice to start, I want someone who gives more to the striker. And I think that's why at times Havertz and Ziyech starts. And at times Pulisic. But it seems Ziyech is showing us that he doesn't deserve to start now. So sincerely I will choose Pulisic and Havertz as first choice in those two positions for now. I feel anyone playing in those positions must be better than what Mount is giving us, especially to score by himself and create chances for the striker.
  11. Even if we are playing against a small team, we still need a cracking performance. So, our best players must play. I don't think this is time for rotation. Against small teams in the premier league, we can rotate.
  12. Nobody knows if Tuchel is that intelligent to do that.
  13. Please, let's start Odoi over Dave at RWB and have Chillwell at LWB.
  14. So your best possible team, both defensively and offensively, is Alonso over Chillwell at LWB? wow.
  15. No Mount, are u sure some people will like that? But I like the line up. However, anytime James does not play, I always want to see someone who can make good crosses as well in that RWB. So, I want Odoi in that RWB, Aspi should rest. I hope the manager will have the balls to rest Aspi sometimes this season. Then at LWB, please let Chillwell be back please. Chillwell at LWB please. Then I want us to try something new in the midfield. Let's have Saul and Jorginho partnership. Jorginho at the base trying to create play, while Saul assisting him with the defensive side, and also moving the ball forward to the attackers. I want Kante and Kovacic to rest, not because they are bad but to bring Saul up to speed and make us have four good midfielders in that midfield.
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