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  1. But, you understand my point. I don't want us to remain at the level we were last season, I don't know if you want it, but I don't want it. If Oxlade Chamberlain, Shaqiri, Minamino and Keita can be on the bench at Liverpool, it's not too much for Mount to be on the bench at Chelsea. However Mount can still be starting and Chelsea may not buy Rice. If Lampard can makes Kante Mount and Havertz partnership to work in the midfield.
  2. I think Mason Mount is also good but if you watch Havertz' videos on YouTube and you have an idea of the kind of player he is, you have to as yourself, Is Mason Mount world class good enough to be Chelsea's no 8, in the premier league against any opponent, in the Champions league? we saw him last season. I don't think so. If you as yourself thesame question concerning Havertz, you will say yes. So I feel Havertz should be the one. I look at the Calibre of players in the midfield of teams like Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and other Champions league opponents, I feel Chelsea's midfield at t
  3. Please what happened to 2nd?, With this team. Once we have good bench, with players who can come in to allow the starters to rest sometimes. Once we have a good bench of players that can come in and make a difference. We can. But we shouldn't think that because of what we have done in this transfer window, we are now at the level of Liverpool. Compare our team with Liverpool. They have Alison- is he not the best goalkeeper in the world Van dijk- is he not the best defender in the world Arnold- is he not the best right back in the world Robertson- is he not one of the best l
  4. Seriously I want us to get over this last season please, we faced some circumstances, and we started using academy players in Chelsea. Please look at the kind of teams we are facing. In the Champions league and in the Premier league. If we want to compete with the likes of Liverpool in the Premier league, I don't think we can be using these kind of players. Last season, against Liverpool, in the league, how did we do? Against United in the league, how did we do? Last season, against Bayern, how did we do? I reckon we did well some times, but we should not be at that level where Man U
  5. Well I don't know the way it will work for us this season, I also like high pressing, I like fluid midfielders, I hope we can have defensively strong and yet fluid midfielders, that will really be great.
  6. Yes even though they do high pressing, they must still be able to rise up to the occasion when their opponents do a counter attack, they must be able to defend it. Anytime the opponents are attacking they must be able to defend.
  7. That's my point. But I don't want us to continue being abysmal this season too in the Champions league? I don't want that. That is why I'm thinking of how we can have a team of players that can come up against teams like Bayern Munich. Look at PSG, their midfield was Marquinho, Herrera and Paredes. Look at Bayern, their midfield was Goretzka, Thiago and Muller. Look at Liverpool, their midfield Fabinho, Henderson and Wijnaldum. So for me, it is good to have good attacking, pressing players, but also a team should have strong defensive midfielders to protect the defense es
  8. I want us to erase attack, the attacking ability of Mount, from our minds in that position. What we need in that position is a defensively minded midfielder, who also is good going forward. So I think it is Declan Rice (or Ampadu) we need in that position, not Mount.
  9. Please let's not be thinking of our team alone, let's be thinking of our opponents' teams. If the opponents are very good, how do you set up our team to be solid defensively? If we don't want teams to just run us over, we need Declan Rice and Kante, if not, if we say Kante alone, I don't think Mount is a defensive midfielder, so I don't think he can be effective in supporting defensively. I don't think Kante alone can do it. Take a look at PSG, Bayern and Liverpool's midfields and look at how they are set up. It is good for us to be good offensively and also good defensively.
  10. Love alone cannot qualify him to be in the team. Let's not overrated Mount. He's good. But he can slowly ease himself into the team, from the bench or starting at times in the FA cup. But he can still be coming in off the bench. Don't forget Chelsea is a big team and I think in the Chelsea versus Bayern match at Stamford bridge last season, the one we lost I think 3 nil, it's like I saw that Mount was not up to that high Champions league standard. So it's not too much for him to be coming from off the bench.
  11. We can face any team in Europe with this team. But without Declan Rice, some teams like PSG, Bayern, Liverpool, Madrid, City, Utd may still beat us. Please let's truly be a force in Europe, I don't think it is beyond our power now, just to buy Declan Rice. If lower half teams in the premier league can buy Barkley and Jorginho, we can use the money to buy Declan Rice. We can be a force in Europe again. If we protect our goalkeeper from the midfield, we may not need a new goalkeeper. He may not have much to do.
  12. When he's the only defensive midfielder on the pitch, can he carry all the responsibilities alone? In France, i think there is Matuidi partnering with him in midfield. Before, in Chelsea, I think we had Matic supporting him. So now that he's the only one, can he do it alone? So if we concede goals now, u think it is because he's not as good as he was. No. I've told you what we need to do. Declan Rice, Kante, Havertz. See, if you say Kovacic should play instead of Kante, is Kovacic a defensive midfielder? An attempt to play someone who cannot defend in that hole is a recipe for us conceed
  13. We need Declan Rice. If thats the case, then RLC or Barkley and Jorginho have to go.
  14. Declan Rice and Kante partnership behind Havertz. Anyone have anything against that line up? It means Kovacic will be on the bench. Mount will be on the bench. RLC and Jorginho will all not play. So if anyone has anything against that line up, please say it.
  15. You don't worry about the midfield. Do you know Rudiger? What do you know about him? I'm asking. In world football, if you mention a partnership of Thiago Silva and Rudiger in central defense anywhere in the world, is there any fear that comes to your heart? I mean what worries you about our defense. Ok goalkeeper, do you remember the circumstances that made us to purchase Kepa. If good teams don't want to sell their best goalkeepers to us and Kepa was the only option available when we needed a goalkeeper, what do you expect the club to do? But for me, he may have a weakness, which I thi
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