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  1. For me, i always get suprised by many of our comments. when u have a team with players, it is important to follow them properly. u must understand the kind of players they are, their ability, how they play when they are playing a position, If u watch the France NATIONAL team, u will observe that I think Matuidi always plays alongside Kante in the midfield. Then also i think there was a season when Matic played alongside Kante for Chelsea, and maybe it was a little bit better then. When u play with only one defensive midfielder in the midfield with two attacking midfielders with him, the load may be too much for that defensive midfielder alone to carry, I mean the defensive duties in the midfield, if u know what i mean. For example, look at Man Utd, when they play Mctominay, they still have to play Fred with him, especially in a tough match. So, maybe Chelsea needs to sort that midfield out one way or the other. If we were a team like Man City, u may be able to afford to play one defensive midfielder, when even if oponent score against you, you will score many more back with the likes of Bernando Silva, Mahrez, David Silva, Debruyne, Aguero, sterling. If we want to go that way then we must buy very very good attacking players in front of Kante to compensate for him, because with him alone, the work may be too much, and we may be conceeding goals against a good team. But to make up for that, we must have a very good attacking midfield that retains possession, such that the opponents will not have the ball much to attack us . Then positions like right back and left back are very important. we need better players in those positions.
  2. look at Kurt Zouma. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Nc3QkF_DY
  3. What are some of us here raging about. James and Emerson at full backs today alongside Rudiger and Christensen for me would have been a better defense. Accept it or not, that would have been a beautiful defense. Take a look at their third goal, it was really embarrassing to see a team of Chelsea's standard concede that kind of goal. And it was Alonso's fault, I hope the season can end quickly so that we can get a better left back. Then I think Aspilicueta has played enough for Chelsea, if Chelsea wants to be at a very top position, we need quality players, if we can get a better right back too, it's okay too. Then we need a better centre defender to play alongside Rudiger. For those people blasting Rudiger, I'll like u to know that if u don't have a good cover in front of u as a defender too, u can be exposed too. So maybe a strong defensive midfielder to play alongside Kante will make us stronger. Then, maybe a good attacking midfielder will be good too. A proper midfielder. One that is world-class. We need to buy one. We can all see Fernandez and Pogba at Man Utd. Then definitely, Willian deserves what he is asking from Chelsea right now, Chelsea should give him.
  4. I think he will be 28 this year. i dont know if Chelsea can sign that kind of player, if we give him a 4-year contract, he will be 32 by the time that contract expires, and if we give him a 5-year contract, he will be 33 by the time that contract expires. So are we going to sign a player on a 3-year deal? I dont know if Chelsea can sign that kind of player.
  5. i dont know if we are seeing what the news is reporting today. Its like we are being linked with him.
  6. wow, what a great write-up. Beautiful. Didn't know there are still some people like me out there. 6-7 players if we want to compete with the likes of Bayern. Well said.
  7. Mason Mount is not yet in a level where he can compete with players like Muller, Gnabry, etc in the Champions league, the occasion yesterday was surely too big for players like Mount, Barkley, Christensen etc. my concerns are, firstly, Willian is I think the most experienced outfield player in that team. What made Lampard bench your best player in a Champions league match against Bayern. I think the decision was simple yet Lampard made a mistake. Secondly, this team is a long long way away from being a force in Europe. If Bayern are a force at the moment, this Chelsea team needs at least five more quality players to be a force in Europe.
  8. This move is very important for Chelsea. It's as important as the Ziyech move. This is the one that makes me happy with Lampard, it shows he understands the team. If you play a style where you want to build from the back, it is a whole new system, and from the day Matic left Chelsea and Chelsea changed to a style where Jorginho who is not at all a defensive midfielder now plays in that Matic' position, then it means you must compensate for Jorginho's defensive frailties by having two direct, defensive but also offensive "central midfielders" playing in front of Jorginho. Those are the people that will connect Jorginho with the attackers up front. We can get those two central midfielders in Kante and Vecino now. That way the midfield will really be competitive again, and it will signal that Chelsea has the intention of playing a particular style. If we can get a very good striker now, a LB, and a CB, then give Willian two years (if we can't get Sancho), we'll be okay.
  9. and you think wolves will sell their prized asset for these few days before the transfer window closes? even the players we've been pursuing since the start of the transfer window, we've not gotten them. Apart from that, Traore will want to go to the best of the best teams, not Chelsea. since Chelsea fans have convinced the board that Zaha is not good enough for them, then long may we remain without a signing.
  10. The problem is that because he scored the winner against Arsenal, some fans suddenly thinks he is good enough to lead our line now. First, if it were not for the ban, we would definitely have bought a striker last summer, Abraham would only have been a back-up to that striker because he is still too young and inexperienced to lead our line. When we played Everton, Southampton, Bournemouth, West Ham etc., and we lost, we all saw his weaknesses, and we all agreed that we need a new striker in January so that we don't loose three matches and win just one, that is not Chelsea's standard, so, let's not because of a goal against Arsenal think that we cannot buy a striker that is better than Tammy for now. Tammy can still be a back up to a proper striker for now, after three or four years, I believe he would have matured, and be ready to lead the line for us.
  11. We can't afford to use a bad team for this one. Forest will come planning to cause an upset. Most of the players that we refer to as our first team players should have been the ones we would have been expecting to play in this kind of matches had it not been for the transfer ban that left us with mostly young players in the team. it is those young players that play this kind of matches, they would have been in the team from the beginning of the season, coming in as substitutes and playing full matches occasionally when we want to rest some of the first team players. I think that is how a top team should be. But of course, because of the transfer ban, we didn't have any option than to keep playing them. Anyway, some of them are better than that, all I'm saying is that we should play them for this one because in the first place, they would have been the ones that would have played this kind of match. If we say we want to be using the likes of Pedro or ......., we may be using a team that is too weak to play against Forest, and they may defeat us. In this transfer window, we need to make important signings. Teams like Everton, Bournemouth, West Ham, Southampton shouldn't be defeating us, if we are really desirous of finishing in the top four at the end of the season.
  12. I'm not going to comment about whether or not Jorginho should receive a second yellow for that foul, but, when the incident happened, I felt really angry with Jorginho. Why on earth did you need to foul that guy cynically like that? We were in full control and even the guy that was to get the ball, we would still have dealt with the situation with what really happened, so, what was that foul for? Firstly, Jorginho knew he was on a yellow, why commit such a pure yellow card offence? The entire stadium clearly saw the pull, I think everybody in that stadium would have agreed with the referee if he had given him a second yellow card and then a red card, why commit such an offence? Secondly, I think it underlines Jorginho's lack of pace. If he were a fast and strong player, he would have gone shoulder to shoulder with that player and initially give the player a chance to have the ball (since the player got to the ball first), but he would have run after the player and make it difficult for the player to do anything good with the ball instead of doing a lazy pull of the guy the way he did it. I mean because of Jorginho's lack of pace, he could not initially leave the player and later run after him, he had to resort to a pull on the spot because of his lack of pace. thirdly, our defenders were still behind Jorginho, why didnt he leave the guy for the defenders to deal with? Why did he pull him? However, I started watching the match from the moment Emerson was substituted, I didn't see anything that happened before that time, but what I saw when I started watching the match, I think Jorginho really did well when he came on. The only think I didn't like was that cynical pull, it was not needed.
  13. Some of our players are very average, that's the truth. We have very few players that are world class, unfortunately, one of them is Kovacic, and yesterday, he was suspended. That affected us. Then, no need to rest Mount and I think James yesterday, they would have been handy. Moreover, it became very clear yesterday that we need to sign a new striker in January, I hope we can.

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