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  1. I wonder what the fans who weren't around in the 80's would make of those days, unless you were around for games like against Millwall or Sunderland Milk cup semi final you will never know. How Times have changed.
  2. Who gives a sh*t about the sponsors, I don't wake up on a match day worrying about our sponsors, as for match going supporters not going at £60 a ticket if we turn sh*t, there probably not the supporters we want anyway. Regarding the 80's the Chelsea in that era who won f**k all, but are fondly remembered a lot more than the present day team will ever be .
  3. So we should of plodded along with Sarri, with the fanbase split, a miserable summer to look forward to, knowing he would be on the touchline come August, most of my mates who go match days with me for the first time I can remember were having second thoughts about going so regular next season because of Sarri being there. Fair play to Sarri he did what was expected of him, top 4 and winning Europa, and I thank him for that, but a fantastic 45 minutes in Baku, doesn't mask the bullsh*t football we had to endure for large parts of the season. The thought of Frank coming back has got me and my mates infigurated again for next season, can't wait to Reading away pre season.
  4. reckon they would still beat Utd, Spurs and Arsenal!
  5. trophies are not the be all and end all. Waking up on match day putting my finest gear on and going to the game, meeting mates and feeling good about my team, watching decent football and just feeling connection with the club is all I ask, something that definately not there last season. Trophies are great but not a given, I can Remember when trophies were unheard of at Chelsea.
  6. The Sarri keyboard army are clinging on, but sorry its to late, he's leaving, let it go. It might not work out with Frank, but lets enjoy it, us fans maybe stupid, and are being led by our heart, but who cares, I for one couldn't endure Sarri for another season.
  7. my head definately wouldn't get round Mourinho 3 or Rafa 2
  8. this moment, Pates lifting the full members cup and wisey lifting the fa cup in 97, my favourite three moments as a Chelsea fa.
  9. What a picture, what was the banner Bayern fans produced before game, "our city, our ground, our trophy". O'well two out of three wasn't bad.
  10. I hope the senior players help him, and don't become all Billy Big time, Luiz and Willian are two that spring to mind, they need to step up or ship out. Will be tough for top four but to be honest thats not the be all and end all, I just want a new fresh exciting approach, the thought of Sarri wasn't filling me with great enthusiasm for the coming season. But fair play to him he got us top four and that great night in Baku, so respect there. Whether Frank will be any good who knows, but to me it just seems it will be exciting going to games come the start of the season with Frank there, the atmosphere should be better.
  11. ouch! thanks for all you did for us Jose, but your yesterdays man, saying that I wouldn't put it past a third coming one day.
  12. My thoughts entirely, or dreams, come on Frank bring the good times back, the summer break with no football seems a lot more bearable now.
  13. I want a manager that brings fans together and when I get up each weekend to spend my hard earned money watching us, a manager that fills me with a bit of excitement with way his team are playing and a manager who is Chelsea through and through and who maybe feels a little of the hurt us fans feel, when it doesn't go right, a manager who knows how this bizzare club works, rather a young up an coming manager whose a club legend than an ageing foreign manager such as Rafa, Jose, Allegri etc, who are just coming for the money. So to answer your question, yes I do want a young inexperienced championship manager as our next manager, but he isn't any old inexperienced championship manager!!!

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