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  1. Think that might of been when Beasant threw two in for Norwich, followed by cries of there's only one Kevin Hitchcock
  2. Yes but much of our team was ageing and had been there and done that, so motivation may of been less, also the players couldn't get their head round a manager who only a few years earlier was picking up the cones and collecting the bibs, and now was telling them what to do. Frank on the other hand has won it all, has a young team who will be motivated and will follow him, I suggest like Luiz we bin William soon as, after seeing that sub performance on Sunday and his behaviour after the cup final win he maybe is a bad apple. As for tactically Frank is intelligent to pick things up very quickly. It's gonna be fun, let's enjoy it
  3. That's the game l'm sure when Robbie does that iconic celebration where he lays down puts one arm in the air and some of the others, wisey, lebeouf etc join him in pose. Tried that at football training the following week when playing six a side, didn't quite get the same reaction from my team mates.
  4. My first name is Kerry, and still occasionally when I say my name the odd person will joke and say what Kerry Dixon!! It's gradually got less and less as the years go by, the hey day of the mid 80's every body would say it.
  5. " Chelsea are back hello hello"
  6. Well I am going to enjoy this season what ever it brings, f**k the media and all the idiots spouting bollox on social media, lets enjoy Frank being here, and the potential of free flowing fast football and the youngsters coming through, with more to come. Good times a head I feel, also if an offer from abroad comes in for Willian in next week or so lets get rid, waste of space.
  7. yes same here, if they are a retro classic tracksuit top, I still wear them. Even at 50.
  8. I hope our home support steps up to the plate this season, after the depressing clouds that hung over the bridge for last season and Contes final season, Frank has without doubt bought the feel good factor back. So sing up Chelsea tomorrow and rest of season. See you at the bridge tomorrow. UTC
  9. The bottom one which scernchic r.i.p is wearing is similar but mine had more pink, funny wouldn't think twice of going to the bridge in the 80's with a pink Lacoste or Lyle and Scott on, but this shirt on football field was something else.
  10. Funny, I was playing football in those days and a few days before the first game of the season at training our chairman appeared with a huge kit back with our new kit, the blue and white kit was well smart, then at the bottom of the bag was my new keeper shirt, what the f**k? It was yellow with pink stars all over, put some leather hot pants on and I wouldn't of looked out of place at a pride weekend, two bloody seasons I had that shirt, to rub in the young reserve keeper had a nice plain green one, I was tempted to pull rank and nick it off him!! But didn't want to look like a bully, so for two seasons walked out onto the pitch looking like the football version of village people!!
  11. Even now us of a certain age, and my boys are the same have to plan what we are wearing for the game days in advance, it's tradition, shame for the ones that were bought up in an era of just slinging on a replica shirt for the game. I'm going all retro for Leicester on Sunday. Found on line, a white Fila long sleeve padola polo, tailored shorts and gazelles, funny went to Reading away pre season the other week and had a super mac white Sergio T on, bowled in pub by station and heard one young lad say why's he dressed like Boris Becker!! I did chuckle, was gonna educate him on 80's casual fashion but couldn't be arsed, anyway Becker wore Ellesse, McEnroe Sergio, Bjorg Fila.
  12. For further Lampard negativity contact,. Brutos@sarri_cult.co.uk

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