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  1. Kante a world class player, but said yesterday to someone if the right money was offered then selling must be considered
  2. Can't defend him, we must come to terms with him being one of the worst keepers in league, not many teams would swap their keeper for Kepa, run through all the teams and you can quite easily say I would rather their keeper than Kepa
  3. Looks like come Christmas we will be level on points with them, and Bournemouth have won 1 game in 10 so next Saturday you know what's coming! Time for a beer me thinks
  4. Rubbish, pathetic from Kepa again, he's no Keeper.
  5. Please no, totally over rated, was embarrassing at bridge the other week, not only 2nd rate but would ruin the new dynamics of team with his prima Donna antics and hissy fits on pitch, when he doesn't get his way, stay well clear of this one.
  6. A couple of my Fulham supporting mates were gutted when Gordon Davies signed for us, as he was a Fulham hero, for us he was pretty hopeless and was never going to get past King Kerry as Chelsea number 9 but this game was his star performance, remember Saturday afternoon sport on the radio and the goals kept coming through, Everton were a top team in those days, but Chelsea had THAT team!
  7. Lucky the scoreboard got the opposition listed, as could of been QPR with the look of the away end!!!
  8. Dunno why, but that programme cover just puts you in the mood for the weekend!!
  9. seems to me that if Mount plays well the team play well, very important player for us. Sets the tempo, mood, and hunger of the team, a real leader by example. His enthusiasm within a game seems to be contagious amongest others around him.
  10. Sadly some of them may of not been alive to play the game, if they decided to sign up.
  11. "Chelsea here, Chelsea there, Chelsea every f**king where"
  12. RLC is good, but special? yet to be convinced on that, nothing I've seen tells me he's a truly special player, like Rudiger and others, players seem to get better when they are not playing, reputations can get enhanced as fans miss players and forget about their faults and think their return will fix issues in the team. Don't get me wrong Rudi and RLC are definately missed and I can't wait for their return

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