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  1. Totally agree Coco, was going to mention something earlier about that, sounds to me like so called experts in ivory tower, justifying their existence giving imo nonsense statements that even the everyday man like us know is a ridiculous view. As you said, millions of school kids attending school wouldn't make a difference, course it would.
  2. Very good chance market will decrease, and I reckon new build companies will be offering all sorts of deals to buy their houses.
  3. Yes closing schools is just part of the Lockdown, it's all the parents dropping and picking up, driving across town to school, going to the nearby shop after school etc, once you open schools again the parents will start to break other rules with a lockdown, asking for trouble if we re open schools again.
  4. After 2008 financial crises, the housing market which I'm in, didn't really recover until 2014, it's usually a good barometer of the public's confidence and finances, this I think could be much much worse, as for Lockdown reckon it will be to end of May at least, and the worry is how do we get out of it, one theory was I heard was maybe realease it slowly then if virus increases tighten it up again.
  5. Yes mate for my sins I am an estate agent, am employed so being furloughed at present, not ideal, but a lot of people way worse than me, in health and finances so am thankful for that, in between my Mrs giving being jobs round the house, and being on here it's a strange time for us all, the first few weeks didn't miss going to the football, but starting to miss it now, let's hope we all stay safe and our families on here.
  6. Highlights were on BT sport's yesterday, forgot how much we outplayed them second half, remember watching on TV with my two lads 10 and 7, can remember their astonished faces when we celebrated the goal, and cameras panned over to gobsmacked Gooners, I was up at the TV screen as if at game giving them the finger and w**ker sign! Completely lost it!!
  7. The companies that do survive will certainly streamline there business, the company I work for have about 900 offices nationwide and have gradually closed many over the last 5 years, I expect this process will speed up again. Things changing hopefully people will appreciate life more and maybe slowdown a bit and appreciate the simpler things in life, sadly I reckon after a few months it will be back to the mad house of life
  8. The country and world in a major crises, when we should all come together and fight this virus, but as ever the left wing use it as a point scoring exercise, nothing changes I suppose, the only time the Labour party were relavant in this country in the last 50 years was when they rebranded to New Labour and were lead by Tory Tony Blair. Before that the older ones will remember those wonderful times in the 70's when they were last in power, rubbish not collected, 3 day week, power cuts, and the union's were all powerful.
  9. Gordon Davies, my Fulham mates loved him at Fulham and when we signed him were gutted, infact one of my mates had a letter printed in Match magazine complaining about Chelsea signing him, even till this day, apart from the game above at Everton with his hatrick I still tell them one of our worse signings, they have none it though.
  10. One thing I did a couple of weeks ago preempting what might happen with no exercise outside the house was buy a spinning bike £150, but well worth it if we go into proper lock down, just for staying physically and mentally healthy, could be a real godsend in coming weeks for me.
  11. Totally agree mate, I go running, but go out cross country and around large school playing fields at moment to purposely avoid anyone, the small bit of freedom people have if sensible, and could be ruined by idiots BBQ on the beach etc
  12. As a child in the 70's my family regarded Leeds as the arch enemy, only when I started going in the Early 80's did I realise Spurs were up there as being the most hated. The last 20/30 years the Spurs rivalry has grown and grown, where due to Leeds being sh*te and us not playing them has faded, the youngsters don't really get the Leeds thing, us lot of certain vintage definitely get it. If Leeds go up you can bet that us and Utd will be the first fixture they look for, and they will be the first fixture I look for.
  13. Yes was watching the series on you tube Derby days in the week, saw the Hamburg Derby and the German model is excellent and the nearest to the football I fell in love with as a kid in the 70/80's, they spoke to some fans and they really did criticize the English game with no atmosphere and fans sitting down as if being at the theatre. Maybe something will come out of this terrible situation and football will come back to the match going fans, and not pander to the armchair fans, there is whole new generation of fans now, that think going to the game is going down the pub to watch it, f**king sky TV!!
  14. Whether we stay with the bridge as it is or redevelop it, we like many clubs will still have the problem who frequents it, I don't mean the hardcore but the theatre going tourist lot, that don't add anything to the atmosphere apart from pound notes in the club shop, while off at the moment watched some old 80's games on you tube, we had some passionate support in those days.

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