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  1. I see Everton are moving forward with their new stadium by the water on Merseyside, not that I want to change location from the bridge, but hope we don’t get left behind on the stadium front, which might impact the club in the future
  2. Funny Palace, there home support now a days is held up as one of the best in league, not so sure myself, as I’ve been there numerous times over the years, recent and past and never thought it up to much.
  3. Thought so, remember got back from Zante a couple of days before and was in the Arthur Waite stand seats
  4. was it August 1990? midweek game, we lost 2-1 did Wisey get get sent off or is that another Palace way game?
  5. And replaces him with the player with the worse body language I’ve seen in years at the club
  6. And he subs him for Zyech who has the worse body language and attitude I’ve seen for ages, if you didn’t know better, you’d think someone upstairs was telling him to play the expensive signings?
  7. How long till Ant and Dec starts? Need a Saturday night beer and takeaway already
  8. Bloody hell Speedie 61, and all this time I’ve been thinking, amongst all of Romans billions and star signings he might bring Dixon, Speedie and Nevin out of retirement, 61? Wow, and to think I’m only 21 still!
  9. If we lose the lot, think we might looking for another manager
  10. Got a bad feeling about this, seen us win at Southampton so many times in recent years, we’ve picked up, they are on a downer, you know what’s going to happen
  11. Crowds started to get bigger again and Football in General became more fashionable due to Italia 90 I believe, then with new family friendly grounds and euro 96 and Sky and premier league, football became for the masses, football shirt wearing men who 10 years before would call it soccer, and normally went to Rugby and the theatre started turning up, thankfully that has died down now, don’t see many replica shirts at the Bridge these days, The Emirates seems to be the main place the Rugby/theatre crowd go.
  12. After the years of being totally sh*t through my childhood, 1984 seemed we had arrived, to be relegated in 1988 it just seemed what the f**k has happened, the 88/89 promotion was never the same as the earlier one, one thing I will say is, has a better team ever been relegated!
  13. Beasant saving a penalty! He was underrated Bluehaze! 😁
  14. sorry Ersk and Boyne, but back in the day as a kid that kit would bring me out in a cold sweat, but as I have aged and matured and have no hatred for the Scottish team these days, I have to say that is a classic kit!
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