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  1. Uninspiring? Frank in charge, youngsters coming through and showing talent and potential, 6 points clear in 4th, and over 4k away fans going to Hull on a Saturday evening in January with no trains, the team and club inspire me.
  2. For some of us with a 5 at the front of our age, he was a bit of an icon, remember I used to have a long sleeve red plain PE shirt at school and would wear that and those Chelsea shorts down the park with those keeper gloves, obviously when there was enough of us for a match, I would do the Peter Borota dribble out!! Even when I played men's football still couldn't resist the odd taking the piss out of the centre forward dribble!! One time I did it and I heard someone in crowd say its Peter Borota, that was only about 20 years ago, so his legend lives on
  3. Tashes on their top lips, and chips on their shoulders, once a horrible little Scouser, always a horrible little scouser
  4. I would prefer if Kepa took some time out to look for another club, we are playing with a hand tied behind our back with him goal, or should I say he plays like he's got a hand tied behind his back
  5. As long as Oli isn't driving it!!!
  6. Turned into Arsenal is laughable, as you say Coco let's look at trophy cabinets for starters, secondly we haven't moved into a soulless bowl of a stadium, we are still in our rightful home and the bridge is turning a bit old skool now with all these Lego stadiums being slung up everywhere, which I like.Thirdly our fanbase isn't a replica kit, scarf waving, theatre going, latte drinking fanbase either. Finally we haven't got Arsenal TV either ( the finest comedy show since only fools and horses). We are London's first, London's Finest.
  7. Reading some of these posts looks like a few knifes are being sharpened for Frank, maybe the Sarri cult members are raising their ugly heads again? Let me just remind people last season we played total bull sh*t football, this season a transfer ban, bringing the youth through, Tammy from no where may lead the attack for England this summer, Reece James is developing superbly, Kovatic is a new man, Frank also has a clown of a keeper, and Kante looks on the wain to me and let's not forget Hazard, Eden Hazard the best player in the premiership over the last few seasons who left and without doubt would of won some of those poor games on his own recently. To be honest what ever happens this season the buzz I got marching out sh*te Hart Lane and the Emirates and singing all the way back to the underground will live long. UTC
  8. Great minds think a like nibs, only just seen your post and I've just posted the same saying, not sure if the youngsters on here will know the saying though
  9. No way we can sort this problem out, the saying "you can't polish a turd" comes to mind when discussing Kepa
  10. We got 40 points now, "we are staying up"
  11. You won't pay a premium for many of the keepers in the prem, and all of them are better than Kepa, the only goalkeeping attribute he seems to have is his name can be produced keeper
  12. Don't care about his attitude or that he's the best keeper in training, in nearly 40 years going to the bridge he's the worst keeper and most unnatural keeper we've had

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