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  1. Just watched first half of under 21's CHO has just scored two fabulous goals.
  2. Remember that picture on my bedroom wall, we were sh*t then, just before THAT team and THAT season came along, but f**k me, that kit was cool
  3. I can still remember all those pictures from my sticker book, it's like I'm back in 1980 as a 10/11 year old, funny how things stick in your brain, everything Chelsea does anyway, not so sure everything my Mrs says does though!!!!
  4. Great read, as a kid in the 70's they were the number one enemy in my household. My family dispiced them
  5. Is it Jason Cundy against his old club as well?
  6. I hope not, who gives a sh*t about England, just want him fresh for Chelsea.
  7. It's bloody great I say, the feel good factor is something special at the moment, walking from the pub in Southampton city centre to st Mary's on Sunday before the game everywhere were groups of Chelsea fans singing and enjoying themselves.
  8. Remember that program cover, still tucked away with all my others in my parents loft (I hope) my two mates were Fulham fans and we were all at school and they went to game they got me program with Canoville, joey jones and King Kerry's autograph on it, sold it to me for £5, 35 years later and the running joke is whether they used there school pen to fake them! never got to bottom of it, out with them this Saturday night, I dare say it will be bought up again
  9. I think it's pre match v Fulham 4-0 in THAT season
  10. Keeper looks like Tony Godden, who played a few times for us later on his career, but when we grew up was West Brom keeper, funny if asked who the keepers were for the bigger clubs back in late 70's to late 80's I could still real most of them off. No internet or sky in those days to keep reminding you, you just knew who was who
  11. Yes he grew up down my way, his old man use to coach my two lads, mount has dipped a fraction in last couple of weeks, but I'm sure that's down to injury and out wide, in my eyes he's quickly become the heart beat of team with his speed closing down and enthusiasm coupled with his scoring and passing. Top player
  12. What a day, what a game, and what support, our support was mental back in the day, so thankful witnessed those days
  13. and made Arsenal's back four more a liability than it already was!

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