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  1. With Germany, Argentina are England’s greatest rivals, so I suppose I should hate him, but have to say his football ability you can only admire, remember settling down on that Sunday evening in June 1986, I was 17, and during the next two hours saw the two most iconic goals of all time. That second goal is still the only goal I can really say has ever taken my breath away, watching it as it happened it seemed as if in slow motion, and you were praying an England player would take him out. That goal on a sh*t pitch, when players could tackle any how they liked at the time, and past the best ke
  2. Yes, I would imagine, as these will have the highest loyalty points, only for the first game, then will let the rest of season ticket holders, will become interesting when the bigger games come round
  3. I would of thought the first game maybe on loyalty points from where people finished in March, then after that Ballot?
  4. Remember that save, took a deflection and he seemed to change direction in mid air, I was always a Peter Shilton fan, and the two alternated until we played Hungary at Wembley in a qualifying decider game, Paul Mariner tripped over and scored and England won 1-0, from then on Shilton was the England no1 all the way through until Italia 90, but Clemence was a great keeper as were the other England understudies Joe Corrigan and Phil Parkes. Going back to that England v Scotland game, I seem to remember Keegan and Brooking did a great one two and Keegan scored, these are all distant memories
  5. Early KO, Early Win, Top the League, Saturday, it must beer o’clock UTC
  6. Who needs Drogba’s in Munich! This is Chelsea’s most iconic penalty 😁
  7. For me at the time, it seemed that would be it as far as Wembley wins would be, so had to make most of it, but 97 was all together another thing, fa cup final, hot sunny weather, 3 pm KO, everything you had imagined a cup final should be like, after watching all those final through the late 70’s and 80’s, regarding full members cup being name of a porn film, you could have ‘Debbie does Grimsby’
  8. My parents went and were in another part of our end, it was so rammed some including them were taken out via a ladder, they went off and had a McDonald’s oblivious of score until we met them back at car after the game, yes quite right up there with 97
  9. Don’t get me started Boyne, it will bring a tear to my eye!! Wonderful day
  10. Don’t like the early fixtures if your at game, as less time for pre match beer, but if you win nothing better, and post match beers are lovely while watching the 3pm scores come through
  11. Of all the managers we have had in my time, that picture and John Neal is the one that makes me realise I’m now missing the Bridge after 8 months
  12. That kit really was awful compared to the le coq sportif one THAT team wore
  13. Remember seeing him at my first game at the bridge with my dad, standing in the forecourt, with his knitted jumper on, that was getting on for 40 years ago
  14. Can’t say I remember Jim Docherty, or David stride?
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