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  1. Not yet, my party is on hold! Surely he won't be here after failing to get us champions League and some of the results and crap performances we have had, if we lose to Utd we would have lost away to all our top 6 rivals and with some dreadful performances to boot, spurs, arsenal and city away were dire, made us look light years away from them. I won't mention wolves home and away, Everton home and away, Leicester home and the mother of all Bournemouth away!!
  2. Sarri won't be here next season, so may get a chance, we won't have Higuain or giroud next season so now's his chance I hope.
  3. Brilliant, I've showed my two lads years ago Kerry's goal at Arsenal and banged on about 20k at Highbury, they are now 25 and 22 and when cologne bought 1,000s to the Emirates last season in Europa cup we watched on TV and they turned to me and said "not as many as Highbury 84 a Dad!!" Making sure the youth know what proper away support is like
  4. Also writes a lot on that price of paper on touchline, f**k knows what's on it, as it certainly not a tactical switch that will fool the opposition, unless he works for opta on the side and is counting all the passes for them.
  5. Some of our players would have a fit, they like to be called petal or sweet heart, asking a player "to pull his f**king weight," and not to be "such a lazy c**t" would have them in tears these days.
  6. JT a born winner and then there's Sarri!! It wouldn't work, can just imagine what JT would think of Sarri's bumbling antics
  7. He's got a point, this bloke stumbles from one issue to another, when we finish 6th and lose to Arsenal in Europa final, if we get there, maybe Sarri fans will take stock.
  8. West stand seats, you always knew it was a big game and atmosphere if the seats above the benches were all up on 10 men went to mo, best I saw seats was 89/90 season when we beat Millwall four nil, it seemed the whole west stand was up for it with a huge rendition of "Millwall, Millwall run, Millwall, Millwall run, Millwall Millwall run, Millwall run from Chelsea" brings a tear to my eye thinking what our support once was!!
  9. Sarri has mentioned that if it would help the teams second half performances he wouldn't go in the dressing room at half time. It's getting more like a disfunctial boys under 9's team all the time. Maybe he could ask one of the players parents to do the half time team talk. I do wonder what this bloke has to offer
  10. I don't think Sarri can spot anything, hes tactically inept, and his team talks at half time must be priceless!! Mind you he did admit he couldn't motivate team
  11. Hopefully Mount, Abraham's, and Reece James, who all have goals in them maybe get a chance pre season to stake a claim. Maybe I'm being a bit romantic thinking of a young youthful side with lots of homegrown players. If we have a transfer ban then this maybe the way forward.
  12. That's kit even makes DJ's tash look cool!!!
  13. QPR mobbed up on the North Terrace again I see!!
  14. Absolutely mate, it's bonkers, but this is Liverpool FC we are talking about. sh*t never sticks to them. 34 years ago 30 odd Juve fans were killed when dippers fans charged them, we never hear about it, infact it was soon forgotten about by the club and media.
  15. Which I had your confidence, I think we are nailed on 6th unfortunately

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