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  1. He could play with a blindfold on and it will turn out better than Kepa, best get Kepa out club sooner rather than later, his presence will just bring negative vibes to squad
  2. Many a story at secondary school from Brighton mates who went that day. The season before Brighton had been in first Division playing Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs but they had never experienced an away support like ours that day, huge and hostile was one description I remember
  3. Haven’t bothered scrolling through all the bollox spouted on these pages, but simple thing is, we have loads of injuries and still the game was even until the sending off, crap goalkeeping and a poncy penalty miss, against second best team in Europe, not all’s bad! UTC
  4. Yes, and the following August they came up against THAT team at the Goldstone and were beaten, so my Monday was a lot better then at school
  5. Remember at High School in deepest Sussex, there was a large amount of Brighton fans and in the 82/83 season we were at our most sh*te, and Brighton went on a cup run, beating Liverpool away on the run, Brighton’s talisman was Jimmy Case, Brighton got to the semi Final at Highbury and played Sheff Weds, loads of my school mates went, and Jimmy Case scored an absolute screamer, Brighton won and got to Wembley, I blame him for my nightmare Monday at school and subsequent weeks leading upto to the final.
  6. Think your right there were no Chelsea fans there for the 6-1 also when we won 4-1 there 89/90 season no fans, due redevelopment at sh*te Hart Lane again, mind you they got that great white elephant stadium now,I was there last December when we won 2-0 and admittedly had a few beers but I wasn’t overly impressed with new ground, prefer bridge
  7. All these modern words the youngsters use these days, I prefer the old Skool terminology personally, Kepa is f**king sh*t!!!!
  8. Reminded me of Torres when he joined Liverpool
  9. Last two times we started the season on a Monday night was Burnley away 2014/15 and West Ham home 2016/17 season and we know how they ended up!!
  10. I can smell the polish on them now! It’s 1977 again
  11. Thing is everyone knows Ole is a clown and will get found out
  12. To be honest it’s incredibly strange that Southgate is England manager.
  13. It was hot that day, seeing Gullit In a Chelsea shirt And a new stand where the old North terrace use to be, the revolution had began!!
  14. It worked, light hearted Saturday evening entertainment whilst having a beer, enjoyed it
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