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  1. chi blue

    Alvaro Morata

    I'm off tomorrow, so can drive him to the airport!!! Don't worry about the petrol money Alvaro, have it on me
  2. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    You've started something here Ersk!!!!!!
  3. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Kashif, lover come turn me on, now that really is an old night club song, quality music. Another song which reminds me of all those 83 summer signings was the ultimate summer tune, club tropicana! By Wham, Remember my sister had George and Andrew on her bedroom wall while I had a picture of Chelsea's new signings in their training kit.
  4. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Kirsty macColl New England, if I remember right some of the video was filmed around the old Fulham power station.
  5. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The only problem is, some of the old un's wouldn't be able to get up again after a crowd surge these days, not including any of us fit and athletic 50 something's on this forum though obviously!!!
  6. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Concrete steps with weeds growing through, iron railings, a corrugated iron roof, and a 10 foot metal fence with the threat of being electrified, pure beauty!!!
  7. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Maybe it's QPR taking the shed!!!!
  8. chi blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    agree, if we sign him in the summer we have done well in my opinion, people forget that we in the last few years have been in the Danny Drinkwater, Zappacosta etc type market place due to money and poor transfer business (not including Kante, Rudiger and Barkley) and if we fail to make champions league again 3rd time in four years and the North London duo do with their shiny new big stadiums and champions league football, it will be even harder as they may have more appeal to the top players who want to play in London.
  9. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Yes quite right, I hear certain songs and bands of that time and it reminds me of that team, that could be another thread!
  10. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    It's not just me then Ersk, all this 83/84 talk over the last few years, it's making us go gradually mad!!!
  11. chi blue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Diamond Pringle jumper, the good old days!!
  12. chi blue

    Marcos Alonso

    Simple, don't give free kicks away
  13. I'll have what your drinking emerald!
  14. Problem is, a lot of this team haven't got any bollox.
  15. That is the worry, could be a very unpleasant watch!! If kante not back at holding midfield, and Morata is starting up front, the back four needs shaking up no more Luiz or Alonso, let's put Ampadu in the middle and Emerson on left, get RLC, Barkley in midfield with Fab or jorginiho, Hazard and Pedro up top, sadly it will be the same old same old, and we will get beaten 0-4. Hudson-Odi on bench as well