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  1. Of all the players we have ever signed, Guillit was the only one when I turned up for his first game v Everton and thought wow a true superstar
  2. Always wondered who was bigger QPR or Fulham, Fulham are now, and maybe QPR back then
  3. QPR’s large away following invades the bridge once again
  4. Remember queuing for 97 final for about 8 hours and on and off chatting to a chap who’d finished his milk round early, had been up all night, as we approached the ticket booth, we were told to show our membership number as tickets were being sold due to membership numbers, poor sod he hadn’t checked his number and wasn’t eligible for a ticket so had to come out que
  5. Yes remember MHL aiming up at the directors box and singing ‘where were you when we were sh*t’ can’t remember what game it was
  6. Yes spot Ersk with Big match revisited I rarely watch modern day football on TV these days
  7. Seeing all these England v Scotland games, they really were as a kid to look forward on the TV like the cup final, you really did get into the day sat in front of the TV, how the kids of today have missed out, now a days they sit and watch the bollox on sky sports news or listen to prat’s talk nonsense about football
  8. I use to love Swap shop back in the day, and Noels house party was entertaining as well
  9. Yep, soon as I saw picture and before reading your post I clocked him, I’m sure somewhere he was interviewed a few years ago in fanzine regarding that Huddersfield picture, and don’t get me started on Diamond Pringles Bluehaze! 😁
  10. Sky Sports sources at their best!!
  11. My window cleaners dog sitter, has a second cousin who works in the Nou camp car park, Messi nailed on for Chelsea apparently
  12. Every night game since that infamous evening has never quite lived up to March 85, I swear getting out the car that evening you literally could smell and feel the moody atmosphere
  13. Two of mine arrived yesterday the other didn’t, expect it to arrive today or Monday
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