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  1. To be honest Stevie Wonder would be better at No 1 at the moment
  2. Remember Palace chairman Ron Noades at the time saying we had 15k there.
  3. Remember in 1981 we moved house, and our new neighbour was clearing out stuff, and came round our house with Subbuteo set, it was a 1970 world cup addition, during the course of the next couple of years, about 6 of us on our estate, started up a Subbuteo league between us, loads of ours of fun spent. My Grandad made some great wooden stands for it, only last year my parents cleared there loft and found them up there.
  4. He just isn't a goalkeeper, no natural ability, if your a natural things like positioning and angles come naturally.
  5. If ain't good enough which he clearly isn't by a country mile, he deserves the critizm he gets, he's paid 150k a week, so expect him to be at the top of the tree of his profession, which he clearly isn't. Other industry's if you come in on huge wage you are expected to perform and if not, your out on your arse.
  6. How many more times are we going to persist with him, it's like being at primary school, no one wants to go in goal, so stick the sh*ttest out field player in goal
  7. Kepa, Rudiger and Christiansen, just simply aren't good enough, and no matter how much they are coached, they just haven't got it
  8. O well, 6th place it is then, and games on Sundays
  9. The first time in my life I could give it large to my mates about Chelsea, I was nearly 13, it had been a long stressful first 13 years being Chelsea at School, but 18 months later THAT team arrived. "Chelsea are back"
  10. All those years I stood in Shed and never realised it had an upper tier, or are they corporate boxes up there, bloody prawn sandwich brigade!! "We're the corporate, we're the corporate, we're the corporate of the shed"
  11. 70,362, must be wrong, it was 7,362, everyone knows we had no fans before 2003!!!
  12. Yes think the cup final is the one game you may get away with wearing a replica shirt, although if I did it would be a retro one, I haven't the last few cup finals, but remember wearing my Coors shirt to the 1997 cup final.
  13. Quite right, as a teenager in the 80's you would wear your best gear to a game, a replica shirt was and is just for football training or running, at today's prices it's not worth it for anything.
  14. Would be okay without those stupid patterns on it, reminds me of a 1970's carpet back in my childhood. I wonder if the shirt manufacturers have seen a downturn in shirts sales, as thankfully especially at Chelsea the craze of wearing a replica shirt to a game is not in vogue.
  15. Think its being called Super Saturday by some media, not so super for the 43k or so or their families

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