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  1. Not for me, I will take defeat Wednesday if it means we win tomorrow, 3 points or watching us lift some silverware, never get bored of winning trophies, spurs would give anything to win a trophy, luckily another season will go by and they win f**k all!!
  2. Sadly your right, just trying to maybe inject some passion into tomorrow.
  3. Lucky you mate, I'm pissing about changing headlamp on son's car, beer later this evening and plenty tomorrow at Wembley
  4. Reading papers this morning and listening to other fans, they are all lapping it up, they think it's the end of our winning era, no new ground, crap manager, sulky average players, transfer ban, and owner who has lost interest and board that is clueless, it really needs now for us fans to adopt a seige mentality, roukes drift, Custer's last stand, battle of the Alamo and all that, starting tomorrow we as fans have to stand up and be counted and be heard, last two home games United and Malmö wehave been embarrassed by their away followings and the noise they have made. I appreciate Wembley is sh*te for atmosphere but we got to make best of it and not sit there like lemons, let's stand and bellow out the Chelsea song book. Remember in 80's we didn't win things but our away following was second to none. Bring it on tomorrow. Carefree
  5. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Funny how times have changed, or not so much, remember finishing my paper round on a Saturday and then getting home and reading my shoot magazine, this morning been for a run, now sitting down reading my phone.
  6. chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Remember that one, was at game in seats in Pompey main stand, after a huge mo meadow, the classic version when you sit and then all stand up at 10, a crack appeared in the stand and at half time batesy came up and told us to go on the terrace for safety reasons, me and a few others stayed in stand and watched the Chelsea end all sit down and do another mo meadow on the terrace to make a point, half time was extended because off all this confusion. We were 2-0 down and Kevin Hitchcock pulled off a wonder save at 2-0 from Guy Whittingham, King Kerry came on with 15 mins to go, he had been up for betting irregularities or something and was giving stick from Pompey fans, anyway he caused havoc for 15 or so minutes and Kevin Wilson slid into to make it 3-2 in injury time, one of my most memorable away days especially as I live down this way. Met a Pompey fan a couple of years ago and he bought the game up, still hurts them, especially as they haven't beat us for 50 plus years. By the way the stand is still there, didn't fall down. Think it was November 1990 rumbelows cup, I was 21 and the world at my feet, what the f**k happened?
  7. chi blue

    Sarri - In or Out?

    He was at bridge Monday night
  8. Graham Kelly was head of the fa
  9. We had a smaller allocation than united that day, as it was done on average attendances, but our support was noisy and boisterous and completely dominated the noise, remember Graham Kelly after game saying although we had less allocation think it was 23k to about 28k we were very loud, as United went to lift cup all you could here was the blue flag bellowing out, be nice to think with all the sh*t with club at moment us fans can rise to the occasion again.
  10. chi blue

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Only due to early season form, since Everton 0-0 at home in November, we would below halfway on points I would think, he's been sussed and doesn't have tactical nous how to change it, club must act. Shame because the idea was a lovely thought this Sarri ball stuff, but that was a myth in itself.
  11. chi blue

    Sarri - In or Out?

    I'll have what your smoking mate!! Lovely thought though
  12. chi blue

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Watching TV and they are previewing Sundays game, the way they are talking about us and the tactics we will implement you would think city were playing Burton Albion in the final, how the mighty have fallen, why o why are we persisting with this clown, the clubs being reactive instead of proactive, a final on Sunday and our most hated rivals on Wednesday who could do double over us for over 50 years and he's still here. If someone says who? Well any caretaker would be better than Sarri
  13. Blimey nearly 30, you old sod!! I'm nearly 50 and have same thoughts as you, my son's are early 20's and if we are watching some sh*t Europa League game and we score they will jump up giving it the big un, I will sit there, they will moan like f**k which is regular at moment in these games, I will chuckle at how sh*t we are, I must stress big games and I am different animal. Maybe more pressure on youngsters with face tube and all the piss taking from mates etc
  14. chi blue

    Match Going Fans

    Yes remember that, it was when he threw a couple in v Norwich, I was sat in West Stand, after the boos there were chants of "one Kevin Hitchcock" he was sat on bench, to be fair to Bez we signed him during the promotion season 88/89 and had some good games for us
  15. Long way to go before your in the George Michael, edd sheron class of song writing