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  1. Every night game since that infamous evening has never quite lived up to March 85, I swear getting out the car that evening you literally could smell and feel the moody atmosphere
  2. Two of mine arrived yesterday the other didn’t, expect it to arrive today or Monday
  3. You could narrow this down to the half or 45 minutes that shaped Chelsea FC, and that in my opinion would be the second half v Liverpool in the FA cup 4th Round in 1997
  4. On first glance, I thought it was Starsky and Hutch in the Orange?
  5. Brighton away 83, got in touch with a couple of school mates in last couple of months, who I hadn’t spoken to for over 30 years, they were both Brighton and went to the game, we started talking about the game, one said he had never been to so scared at a match, the other said sarcastically, I seem to remember it got a little out of hand that afternoon, they were in different parts of ground and said there were Chelsea everywhere all over ground and have never seen support like it
  6. I can remember us signing Eammon Bannon and Duncan Mckenzie, now a days we could sign Messi and Ronaldo, but nothing will compare to summer 1983, Spackman, Eddie Ned, McLaughlin, Hollins, Nevin and King Kerry, if Carlseberg created transfer windows!!
  7. To this day, Guillet is the one player turning up at the bridge and thinking wow, this is a superstar
  8. Who needs Cobham, and all that Sports science, fancy energy drinks, 4G pitches, matching training kits!
  9. Ha Ha, I knew would come round to it Bluehaze, if the weather is a bit nippy on August 14th for Palace home, I’ve already got my Sergio Tachini Dallas tracksuit top ready!! Problem is nearer time I might switch to my Fula Settanta or Sergio Ghilbi, decisions decisions
  10. Use to get Reading results and action on our local news bulletins, and this player always seemed to be scoring, and having the same first name as me I use to pay special attention to him, when he signed for us when I was 14 and I was made up, he didn’t disappoint either, King Kerry
  11. Yes, not big compared to keepers of today, in his prime was as good as they get though, European cup final 1980, Forest v Hamburg, biggest club game and he was unbeatable
  12. Parading our trophy in front of 1,000s of Chelsea fans at the Emirates, Arsenals worse nightmare
  13. Never trust a man who doesn't like Football was advice given to me
  14. The Sarri Cult is still here bubbling under the surface, they won’t need much of an excuse to rear their ugly heads!
  15. Not seen this one before, great picture
  16. Not tested in premiership yet, but how about Ivan Toni from Brentford, just watched extended highlights of play off final and looks very good and scored a bucket load of goals in his first season in championship, and if anyone says it’s a big step up, well the centre backs he will be up against are those world renowned centre backs such as, Maguire, Stones, Dier, Luiz, and Mings, etc, f**k me the prems not blessed with class centre backs at present
  17. Hooray, totally overrated, when he ever came back to bridge as opposition player was non existent, prefer. Younger hungry player, or a proper A list striker
  18. That’s us top of the league on September 7th, with 100% Record
  19. Yes always a strange one naming after those two players, surely Nevin, Dixon or Eddie Ned, would of been better, THAT team?.....wonderful days
  20. Well that’s the question who would we get in, but you know what Chelsea are like
  21. Lose Saturday and TT may well be out, Chelsea and Roman require winners it’s been in the DNA since 2003, and to be honest so far the business end of the season has been quite pathetic and that won’t be lost on Roman, this club has no room for mangers who choke. Hope we and TT lift old big ears on Saturday, but at present looks doubtful on recent form
  22. More like a miracle, it’s Chelsea, they never make it easy for us
  23. All these Kane rumours to us are very premature, lose or draw tonight and we wont be dining at the top table for any striker, it will be the Andy Carrolls of this world unfortunately.
  24. Couldn’t agree more Nibs, I was like a kid at Xmas last as I’m off to Wembley, added to the fact I haven’t been to Football since last March, I’m up early, it’s fry up at 9am with mates then off to Wembley, might not be as emotional and fantastic as 97 but it’s the cup final, win today and top 4 great, but there is no choice to make if I had to choose, miss out on top 4? Hey I will be over it following morning UTC
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