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  1. Watching an old only fools and horses on gold the other night, and del boy was trying to be all intelligent to some bird, rodney said to her, "you didn't realise Del is the cultural secretary for the chelsea shed", remember back in the late 80's going to a game, on way back popping in my local for a beer before going to see my bird, one of the locals who had no history of liking football asked what I'd been upto, I said up at chelsea that afternoon, he didn't ask score, or if a good game, he just said is the shed as bad as it use to be!, an iconic terrace, that when I use to go in as a school boy, would give me great street cred, when going back to school on a monday with all my school mates just going to watch Brighton play.
  2. we must be at home to fulham or QPR by the look of the away end?
  3. These old pics of the bridge are getting me to emotional, stop it boys!!! Superb pics
  4. I'm pretty sure the benches were concrete with wooden tops up until 1985 and the Milk cup semi v Sunderland when the wood was used as javelins against the old bill, think after that they were just concrete, believe the club is paying large amounts of compensation to fans, as since 1985 many fans are being treated for piles!!!!!
  5. No need for that coxy, romans got a trap door in his office for that!!
  6. Jose going to utd will be best thing for us, the circus and shenangans surrounding pep and jose,will be in Manchester, and we might be able to go on quietly with our work, then again this is Chelsea so prob not.
  7. The tea bar, always reminds me of the milk cup semi v Sunderland, entered the ground via the brittania entrance, absoloutly rammed at the entrance, then got swept along into the ground by the crowd, ended up near the tea bar, then speedie scored after 5mins, never anywhere near the tea bar after that, think the surge took me somewhere near the front!
  8. Remember when I use to turn into the forecourt behind the shed, and the east stand would loom over you like some kind of huge space ship, it was vast compared to the rest of the stadium. One time sat at the top of the east stand with my old man, it was 83, we nearly got relegated to div 3 and QPR were going up, my old man got into heated discussion with some QPR fans sitting behind us, when game finished we lost 2-0, and as we came down steps into the concourse, gate 13 came surging out doing knees up mother brown, the QPR fans(about 5 of them) shot off like usain bolt! For the record it was easter Saturday and QPR were going up, they barely filled one pen of the north terrace!
  9. Joeys tackle on Fulham's paul parker at the bridge easter 1984 was epic!
  10. For me always felt the club really turned under john neal as well, from the day we got promoted in 1984, we once again became an established top flight club. We had the one season again in div 2 in 88/89 but everyone knew it was for only one season, as we shouldn't never of gone down. Maybe the john Neal suite or john Neal bar would be the least we could do, also something for bobby Campbell as well.I think things like this will remind us of yesteryear, pre roman.
  11. wake up wake up its a school day!!!! your miss the bus its 8:15, your mums packed your lunch, now don't forget your coat and scarf, run along laddy
  12. Still pissed off,but we could be gooners,took my dog for walk about 6 this evening and a bloke down are rd whose a Gooner was sitting in front of 50 inch TV, dressed in his arse shirt,frothing at the mouth and eyes bulging as he watched sky sports news and all the Jose stuff. Well in 10 mins or so I'm taking our dog for her late night walk, I have this awful vision that our friend will be still in to front of his 50 inch TV watching the Jose stuff, but now with his trousers round his ankles!!! Question is? Do I hope he's drawn his curtains, or walk the dog the other way up our road, think I'll go another way, shame in a way our dog loves chipolates
  13. Flat track bully is our Mr hazard, still think he missed those pens against tel Aviv and stoke on purpose, his reaction looked as if he couldn't give a fxck
  14. 40 years supporting club, been going since 1983, and after going on Monday night, I can safely say the hatred I have for those spineless cowards in blue shirts is immense at moment, I just got in was told of the news from 21 and 19 yr old sons, we all as one blame the players, now to bin hazard, Oscar and Diego, spoilt overated twats, those three not in the same league as Nevin, Zola, and didier as players or men.
  15. Forgot what thread I was on, for one minute got all excited, thinking I was on the new stadium thread, and someone had posted the design for the new stadium!!!
  16. We are supposedly one of the top teams in europe, and one the wealthest, and we play a young centre back at full back, but I suppose he's only covering for our regular right back, who you guessed it, is natuarally a centre back, but no problem we can cope, we got the german leagues best left back signed for 20 million!!, but guess what he's being kept out the team by a spanish international right back, you couldn't make it up!!!!,
  17. looks like we might be renewing our old rivalry with dirty Leeds
  18. This time last season I was excited as everyone with the signing of cesc, but a season on, and especially since February, I'm starting to wonder what he offers, a few good Hollywood balls, is not enough to surely keep him in the team. There is an argument to say he should play further up the field, but if jose isn't keen on that, then his lack of pace, giving the ball away and continued getting out of position and leaving matic isolated is a recipe for disaster.
  19. Think i can see a blurred image of joey jones limbering up in the distance, already to put a chest high tackle in on paul parker!!!
  20. Very interesting read!! brightened up my rare saturday in the office!
  21. worst 82/83 best 83/84 "boys in blue in division 2", jonny neals blue and white army!!!!!
  22. This season even more than any other, it really is a bun fight for home tickets, firstly all games must be done on loyalty points. The easiest time I have had to get home premier tickets so far this season was the Arsenal game as it was on loyalty points. The other games Leicester, swansea, villa, and Qpr have been a struggle and all sold out by about 10am on the first day of sale. The call for a larger ground or better still an expanded bridge will increase over the next few years. Our support started to increase after the 1997 cup win. My two boys were only 3 and 1 at the time but over the next few years they started to go to boys football clubs and you could see the chelsea replica kits everywhere!! Down in West Sussex they were by far the most popular with United shirts. Now those little lads are nearly 21 and 18 and go with their mates to the bridge. So the match day crowd will increase as those lads who grew up with their chelsea kits back in the late 90's and early 2000's start going to games as they become young men. I am not suggesting they all will, as many a young lad will drift away from football, but if only a small percentage decide to start going then that will increase the crowd. Hence what we are seeing this season. The reason Arsenal and Liverpool for instance need or needed bigger grounds was because of the success they had previous to Chelsea success back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Look at Chelsea and our huge travelling support back in the 80s, many of those lads who went, would of been young boys in the late 60s early 70s when we had our success then.( always remember my first goalkeeping gloves with B for Bonetti sewn on the top) Then by the 80s would of been late teens, or in their 20s. So I do think the need for a larger capacity is growing rapidly.
  23. common Roman, lets hijack the move just to see the specialists face!!!
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