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  1. 57 minutes ago, charierre said:

    Continues to disappoint, this transfer just hasn't worked out and maybe its time to cut our losses. Pity he was the player I had the most hope for when he signed. I think he'd look very nice in a Black/White striped shirt. 

    Bit tough that as he was always a punt. But with injuries and inconsistent game time I wouldn't be too harsh on him. I think he's fine and a very good bench option. That being said, if we get a decent offer I wouldn't be sad to see him go. 

  2. Started the last 2 with real purpose. You can just see he's drilling the whole squad into a higher tempo style of play. He knows we've been flat this season even while getting results but now is the perfect time to go up a gear. 

    Two moments I loved, early against Malmo he shouted at Chilwell for not being progressive with the ball and running away from goal. Today it was Odoi, who made some wrong decisions off the ball in attack. What a manager. 

  3. 7 hours ago, Gol15 said:

    I think our formation is not suited for our attacking players and as time goes on there is evidence for it. Yes last season we managed to win but this is why I said that our current tactic is getting figured out now and we don't seem to have a plan B.

    We want to be champions but we can't win against our rivals. The 2 teams that have won the league in the most recent times are Man City and Liverpool and our main rival in the CL group is Juventus, we managed to take 1 point in 3 direct games against those rivals and that 1 point we gained after a header from a corner kick from Havertz so the only goal we scored against our biggest rivals wasn't even during open play. That's not good enough, we are the European champions.

    Liverpool have played both us and City, in a formation that some, for whatever reason, want to see us play because somehow that will magically change the form of our attackers. They have better creators and attackers. And yet, were outplayed in both big games, one of which was against 10 men. 

    We became European champions by playing a formation and style catering to our strengths, not our weaknesses. 

    Every tactic gets figured out. It's not some mysterious conundrum.  Teams figured out Pep's Barca but could do little to stop them. And our chosen plan B so far seems to be the 352 - that needs time and fit personnel to develop. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Argo said:

    The Bournemouth/City games aside we were actually pretty solid defensively under Sarri and that was with Kepa, Alonso and Luiz playing every week. Even under Frank we looked solid with Silva and Edou. I really don't think reverting to 433/4231 will be the defensive disaster many think, especially under a manager as clued up as Tuchel. 

    The main issue with persisting with back 3 is the wingbacks, bar an inconsistent Alonso we simply don't have a specialist in that area.

    The point is not that we wouldn't be reasonably solid, but that we would certainly be less solid for a miniscule gain - if any, going forward. Sarri also had the benefit of having peak Kante in the midfield and a younger Azpi in defense. Willian was also the best defensive winger in the league. James is not Azpi and no one touches Kante.

    Agreed on the wingbacks although James is fine there. Hakimi would have been ideal.

    At the end of the day regarding the current title challengers, I'd rather be 1st in defense and 4th in attack than 3rd in both. Only one of those options can possibly result in a league win.

  5. 28 minutes ago, LongtimerLurker said:

    1 not enough players make runs behind the defense in transition.

    2. Not enough players have the confidence or the quality to play passes between the lines in transition or through a packed box.

    3. The formation plays fewer attackers so by virtue fewer natural goalscorers and advanced playmakers.

    Conclusion 2 came about from 2 or 3 passages of play down the left involving Hakim and Marcos. Ball played to Alonso in transition there's only 2 defensive players on the left hand side and a gap opens through the middle rather than play Hakim in through the gap twice Marcos played the past down the wing. We see this way too often.



    I could do regular match compilations showing that point 1 happens often enough and not only during transition phases. But because of point 2, it's all for nothing. For instance, I rewatched the Tottenham match specifically looking at the runs from Lukaku et al. and the number of ignored runs is quite staggering still - as you allude to in your Alonso and Hakim bit. It always reminds me of when just Torres arrived, regularly making great runs, and having Malouda and Kalou behind him.

  6. 1 hour ago, Gol15 said:

    I think that our formation is also a reason why our players are going through a rough patch. I wasn't the only one that thought by the end of last season that Tuchel should try to play a back 4 formation, even back then some people here thought that we need a plan B much before our current tactic gets figured out. Allegri deliberately let us have the possession and waited for a chance and he succeeded, this wasn't a result due to our players not being motivated or whatever, it was a tactical loss.

    Werner is more effective with more space and when he can use his pace and Lukaku under Conte was scoring lots of goals in counter-attacks so it's not anything far fetched. PSG has Messi, Mbappe, Neymar trio that doesn't really track back but even so they could defend well against Man City, there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to defend well too, the players that benefit the most from our current system are Alonso and Rudiger. Mendy has shown that he can make great saves even when our defense fails to do their job, T.Silva is still capable of playing in a back 4.

    I think that as good as we have been defensively it won't matter much from now on when better teams have learned to stay patient against us. In the last 2 games we didn't create nearly enough to warrant this system. Last season Tuchel did an amazing job with very limited time but right now there is no real excuse to make, we are too weak going forward.

    That's not correct in the slightest. It's painfully obvious that the energy levels have been lacking in some matches recently and key players are dallying on the ball and taking too many touches - confidence levels are also a little low. When/if that happens the tactical side becomes irrelevant. 

    Again, it's always great to make an argument for something we've yet to see and then make sweeping statements like 'there is no reason why it shouldn't work'. PSG defended okay, but it wasn't near our performances when we are on song. And as I've said, they have players suited to a 4. PSG have Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Hakimi and Mendes - all of them athletic and suited to a four. Then they had 3 defensive midfielders in front of them. City still dominated the match in possession and quality+quantity of chances (1.97xG to PSG's 0.48).

    But let's play the hypothetical 4 at the back game:

    Chilwell, James, Rudiger, Christensen/Silva. 

    Compare that to:

    Trent, Matip, Van Dyk and Robertson

    Cancelo, Laporte, Dias, Walker

    Shaw, McGuire, Varane, AWB

    So we've moved from having the best defense to being 3rd/4th in a four. Also can't play Jorginho regularly without being smashed on the counter.

    And the point of this is to bring in another attacker, so for comparison again (2-man mid for simplicity):

    Havertz, Mount, Ziyech/Werner

    Sancho/Rashford, Fernandes, Greenwood

    Grealish, KDB, Bernardo Silva

    Mane, Salah, Elliot/Jones

    Again we are 3rd/4th at best and it looks even worse if we control for a 3-man midfield instead. I also prefer the 4-3-3 but I don't want (or expect) Tuchel to change it with the current personnel and when the current individual issues exist.

  7. 26 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

    Also is funny how every single player wenhave becomes so much better rated when they are not playing/ not able to play.

    Bar Kante, who is at best fairly rated.

    Haha that's always the case. Hypothetical formation changes also do wonders for player form and ability. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Gol15 said:

    IMO T.Silva and Jorginho are very much capable of playing in any back 4 formation. Azpilicueta would struggle with pace as the RB but at this point him and James should rotate there so that shouldn't be a problem. PSG played a 4-3-3 against Man City and comfortably won the match just because they are offensively oriented and challenge Pep's team to open up if they dare to. We have Lukaku, Werner, Havertz that are all capable of destroying any opposition in a counter-attack or when the game is opened up but we never play like that.

    PSG never comfortably beat Man City. I'm not sure how you can say that if you watched the match. And they won with very similar metrics (almost exactly) to how we beat City in the CL final - so in what way were they more offensive than us with 5 at the back in the final? The difference in system is almost irrelevant compared to the fact that we simply have too many key players going through a rough patch.

    You say Werner, Lukaku and Havertz are capable of destroying teams on the counter as if Werner and Havertz are magically going to perform better. Werner has already had multiple opportunities to be effective on the counter and has fluffed every single one through bad technique or decision-making. 

    PSG can play with 4 because it suits their best players. Our best and most consistent players are Mendy, Silva, Jorginho, Christensen, Rudiger, Kante, Azpi and Kova. 5 at the back suits the majority of them.


  9. 27 minutes ago, LongtimerLurker said:

    I love Tuchel but, no one is above critique. I'll keep this short and sweet. We play 3421 I like the system but, it's not good enough at creating clear cut  chances for our team not our forwards our team big distinction. Maybe we don't have enough natural goalscorers throughout our squad who knows. 

    Either way Klopp and Pep for the most part (I know Liverpool can be very open at times) have found a way to create a balance in their teams. They create large volumes of clear cut chances, whilst maintaing a strong defences.

    I know TT can do so as well I'm just starting to think what's the harm of trying a back 4 we still have Silva for a season, Trevor is an option. If Rudi wants a big contract he better show he can work in a 2 same with Andreas at the end of the day we won't play 3atb forever.....or will we

    The first thing I'll say is that everything looks worse when key players are lacking confidence and are ponderous on the ball. Many of them started the season that way so I hope he sticks to the system for these reasons:

    If you play 4 at the back, Alonso, Azpi, Jorginho and Silva are automatically way more exposed and can become liabilities for their lack of pace. Pep and Klopp took years and got the players they wanted to make it work. Tuchel has gotten.... Lukaku. It's also why I think we went for Kounde, so that it would be a more viable option. 

    Pep and Klopp also have better quality attackers in their starting 11s. In essence you would be moving a defensive player from our strongest area on the pitch and adding an attacker which is decidedly our weakest area. What's the point of adding another player who is just going to ignore runs and lack precision in the final third at the risk of conceding a lot more? If we had the players to mitigate the risk then by all means. 

    We won the CL and are a point off the top of the log after having the toughest run of opening fixtures. Now is not the time to lose faith and I certainly would rather have the structural support to carry Jorginho, Azpi and Silva. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Bob stark said:

    Dave played as rcb 🤔🤔 until james got injured 

    You always wonder if people actually watch the game before speaking and then occasionally you get some hard evidence... 

    Anyhoo, Lukaku was far from a big issue yesterday. You could have had prime Ronaldo Nazario upfront and it would have made little difference. I think Tuchel learned quite a bit from the defeat which is good. With the 352 it worked against a gassed Tottenham. But it requires Alonso, Azpi, Kante, Kovacic and Werner to be the major players in transition and escaping the press. Only one of those is any good on the ball - which is a problem against an impeccable press.

    Also, Silva at a point shouted at Andreas because he was playing simple passes backward to Mendy instead of to him, so he can release Azpi. This - no risk football- has slowly crept into our game recently and the guilty parties need sorting out. 

  11. 52 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

    Make no mistake Roman will have been embarrassed by how we lost today, not that we lost specifically.

    My exact thought 20 minutes in. I think the club would have almost no concerns if we challenged well and fell short. But a few performances like that will see a manager gone regardless. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Scott Harris said:

    For the first time, I thought Tuchel had us playing with fear. You can't win league titles playing with fear. 

    I don't understand why he set us up so defensively. I know it's City, but so what? do we fancy ourselves as title contenders or not? I'm not saying we should have tried to out football City, but we should have more belief that the attacking talent we have available can hurt them, especially at home, it was only a few months ago those players beat City 3 times in a row.

    It's not catastrophic, but today was a bit of a blow mentally. He can't afford to have us playing like that again, if he does then there will be more slip ups on the way and Liverpool and City will quickly move out of our sight.

    'He' did not have us playing with fear. And I doubt he purposefully set us up that defensively. No one had any issues with this formation and midfield in the 2nd half vs Tottenham. No one had any issues with the team before the match started. Given the poor performances of Havertz and Ziyech, the injuries to Mount and Pulisic, he took a small risk and the players were poor. The only decision I have any issue with is playing Alonso.

    I hate losing, especially when we could have set down a real marker. But we were due, given that too many of the players have been poor for periods of recent games. Best to get the wake up call now. 

  13. 4 hours ago, coco said:

    Liverpool fan i know said this morning he was shocked to see the red card come out, was expecting a yellow.

    Then we agreed on something else (yeah i know)... in that situation the fair outcome would be to award the goal without giving a penalty and issue a yellow card if it was obviously intentional, absolutely no need for a red card, even if it was 100% intended.

    Edit - agree with this 

    Genuine question though - From the main camera angles and after seeing numerous slow-mos, James only touched the ball once - the ricochet off the thigh. His arm then makes a weird movement without contact, which is no infringement. Surely this means there should not even be the possibility of a red? (Assuming a competent and unbiased ref) 


  14. 8 hours ago, RMH said:

    Out of curiosity, how many  clearances did he have? Because I don’t remember him defending any set piece and the stats I find in google say that he had no clearances. I think he stayed on because Tuchel saw him a a good option in the counter and to battle VVD, but I think Werner would have helped more in the defensive duties and would have run their defenders more tired. And I’m not saying that Lukaku had a bad game, I think he did well given the circumstances.

    I saw him making a couple of useful 'contributions' during defensive corners, but not necessarily the one who cleared though. Werner doesn't run anyone tired in a 10v12, against such experienced CBs. With a bit of luck we could have scored twice in the 2nd and that would have been down to Lukaku. 

    Let's also not forget that TT needs to see what Lukaku offers during these situations. In a few months he should have a good idea as to our best combinations etc. 

  15. 13 hours ago, Argo said:

    What I would love to know is how the f**k did we go from that to what we witnessed in the winter? We literally had no midfield and the main game plan seemed to be get it out to James or Chilwell to throw it in the mixer, it was sole destroying football even before we got into the results.

    My theory on that is - so fans and pundits always talk of the new manager bounce, yes? Well I believe similar can happen with old managers. Under Sarri (and I actually enjoyed his tenure mostly) we dominated some games against Pool and City for the first time in what felt like forever. The midfield of Kova, Jorgi and Kante - although without any real attacking threat - was quite impressive under him. We lacked goals and decisiveness though - seems familiar... He changed Kante's role and developed the Kova-Jorgi partnership that bore fruits in Lamps' first season. Not to mention that the team ended Sarri's season in form and playing some good stuff. 

    Over the course of the next 18 months we essentially witnessed the de-evolution of those roles and sub-systems. And that was only exacerbated by the fact that Lamps disregarded some key senior players. You can see under Tuchel how you can take say Azpi out and replace him with James at RCB or James out and replace him with Odoi at WB - and very little changes because of how good Tuchel is with his tactical training. In those winter months you speak of, we ended with Kante as the lone 6 and not knowing what the hell he was doing, and the two 8s looking like they barely understood football. 

  16. 14 hours ago, axman2526 said:

    Personally I think both Gallagher and Ampadu should be involved with the first team for at least the first half of the season. 

    Allow TT a good look at them and to decide whether he feels they are good enough to remain squad players, have potential but need more loan time, or are just not likely to arrive e at the level we need and should sell them.

    Ampadu gives us a cover for Jorgi, and an option in the back 3 as well having played for shelf United in both positions and also fro Wales as well in both.

    Gallagher gives us a box to box midfielder to learn from, and gives breaks to, both Kante and Kovacic.

    Amps, Gallagher, Guehi, Broja will all be looked at during preseason. So exciting to see the amount of talent just waiting to break through. I would prefer if they hold on to Gallagher and send Billy on loan for some consistent game time. 

  17. On 12/06/2021 at 18:03, RMH said:

     He was sacked because the board did not think that we would make top 4, and they thought Lampard was not up to it. If Tuchel gets through the Christmas period and we are not challenging for first, it is not going to be different. Why should it be?

    It should be and most likely would be because as much I didn't want Lampard sacked, he had more than a few things going against him. 1. He showed patches of real tactical naivety (acceptable in isolation given his inexperience). 2. He cast out more than a few senior players, the players you need on your side when youngsters and new signings invariably have their dips. Just imagine that CL final without Rudiger and Azpi. 3. Word got around that the tactical side of training was severely lacking compared to past managers.

    In hindsight, I have no issue with management looking at this picture holistically and thinking the best way forward was to replace him. If it was simply a matter of results, I think they would have stuck with Frank a little longer. 

  18. 6 hours ago, JM7 said:

    After spending £150m on our attack, it is a massive disappointment the way they’ve performed this season. 

    Werner - disappointing 

    Pulsic - Flashes but disappointing 

    Havertz - Flashes but disappointing 

    Ziyech - flashes but disappointing 

    All of the attackers have shown flashes and moments this year but not consistently. The attack should have done way better. 

    Why should they have done way better?

    Werner, Havertz (21), Ziyech - first year in the PL, with no pre-season. All three struggled with the physicality and only now am I seeing actual improvement in that area from Werner and Havertz.

    Mount (22), Pulisic (22), Odoi (20), Tammy - All young and second season in the league.

    I've made this point before but going through the top 5:

    City - Aguero, Sterling, Mahrez, Silva, Jesus - All with good experience in the PL, backed up by Foden and Torres

    Man Utd - Rashford, Martial, Silva, Cavani, Mata - A mixture of good overall experience and PL experience.

    Liverpool - Mane, Salah, Firmino, Jota, Origi - A mixture of great overall experience and PL experience

    Leicester - Ineacho, Vardy, Perez - A mixture of good overall experience and PL experience.

    And it goes the same for Tottenham and Arsenal (Kane, Son, Bale, Auba, Lacezette, Willian ).

    Our attack, although very talented, is quite far off the necessary quality and experience to challenge for the title (compared to the other teams). If we had five 22-year old Hazards it would be the exact same thing. Our attack is filled with players who should be in supporting roles for a title-challenging team, not because of a lack of talent but their lack of experience. And Mount would never have made 72 appearances over the last two seasons for City or Liverpool. As you say, the attackers have looked good in flashes, but not consistently - this is what we should have expected.

  19. 4 hours ago, Sindre said:

    The goals dried up long before Tuchel arrived.

    We only scored 9 in our last 9 League or Champions League games under Lampard. So it wasn't exactly a free flow of goals when Tuchel was hired on the 26th of January.

    Not only the goals, we could barely transition from defense to attack towards the end of Lampard's tenure - we were bordering on Long Ball FC. 

  20. I only really care about two issues:

    1: An independent, ex-player forms part of a VAR panel (3-man) for red card and penalty decisions. The decision needs to be unanimous. If a single decision can totally ruin a football match, then the onus should not be on one ref who has never played the game to make it. 

    2. Offside application. Leave it the hands of the linesman and only overrule in two situations: linesman plays it on and VAR shows daylight between the attacker and last man; or linesman rules it offside but VAR does it's thing with the lines and concludes it is onside. This would be more in line with the remit of 'clear and obvious' and also give the advantage to the attacker, which is what we all want. 

  21. 12 hours ago, Ballack & Blu said:

    Lewa against kane, no comparison, plus Lewa wouldn't wan't to think he is Matthaeus/Klinsmann hybrid, and with only 65 million spent, we could get Sancho or A.N other

    Lewandowski and Sancho would cost the same as Kane if the numbers are to be believed. And Sancho's resale value would counteract Lewandowski's. That would be a great window and would allow us to send CHO on loan for some game time.

  22. 18 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

    What Tammy is to Tuchel is what Alonso was to Lampard this season. Both simply ignore that they have a player that can still bring something for the team.

    The difference being, whether the decision is wrong or right, that the Alonso situation made sense when you considered Lampard's motives and behaviour. It does not for Tuchel. Which is why I won't throw the blame at his feet until I know the full story. 

    Tuchel has largely been praised for his decision-making, out-of-the-box thinking and squad rotation. And yet the same people who have praised him for that, think he's simply shunning a proven goalscorer... 

  23. 2 minutes ago, Deino said:

    What? Timo gets loads of chances. Loads. It's not anyone else's fault but Timo that he misses more often than he scores.

    Off topic: Kante would have thrived in Pep's Barca. They had a 5 second rule to get the ball back whenever they lost the ball. Kante would give prime Iniesta and Xavi immense help.

    That's fine, no one is saying he isn't getting chances.  He is still not a great fit for this team and most of those chances are the bread and butter for more traditional strikers. 

    Off topic - In that case they would have need to use that 5 second rule a lot more and the team would have been much less effective. If Zlatan wasn't suitable, you can be damn sure Kante wouldn't have been. 

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