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  1. All of us? I didn't. He's actually done better this season than I expected him to do when he signed.
  2. I can't believe people actually think Torres tries hard every game. I couldn't imagine anything further from the truth.
  3. No one hates the man more than me. No one thinks he's as bad as I do. No one wants to see him gone as soon as I. However. After his goal Torres was fantastic - easily the best he's played since signing despite the missed penalty. Likely another false dawn but he can be pleased with his performance in the 2nd half.
  4. I honestly can't see how he can expect to go to anywhere else. He isn't good enough to stay in the premier league or any club in La Liga.
  5. Spot on. Sums up my feelings towards this pathetic joke of a player.
  6. By far....not sure how anyone could disagree tbh. He makes Sutton look like Drogba.
  7. I actually hope he gets injured just so we don't have to watch him f**k up everything that comes his way
  8. Torres with Alonso at the club. 84 games 50 goals. 0.6 goals per game. Torres without Alonso at the club. 58 games 31 goals. 0.53 goals per game. The drop is evident. All of the European games without Alonso were in the Europa league as well so the standard of opposition also dropped.
  9. His pace and movement were good and I've acknowledged that. However they were the only good thing about his game and now that they're gone he's not good enough for the premier league. He never had the technical ability which you would expect from the world class player. It's amusing how you make up arguments then argue against them as if I've said them. Any player can look good with a YouTube video showing his goals/highlights and stats don't always paint a true picture. For example we had 51% possession against City. Looks like he were pretty even? Alas we both no we got battered.
  10. For god sake it's you're. every single time. You know nothing about me and are only going off what another has said but i guess you're right it's hard to take anyones opinion seriously when they think a youtube video showing only a players goals gives an accurate representation of his ability. This Mikel bloke is some player. The opposition just can't get near him.
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