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  1. Quality finish, Pedro would be proud. Pedro would also put in a shift for the team along with a solid “per 90” performance. Zero defensive contribution from CHO.
  2. Sell CHO to United for £50m, sign Sancho. 😀 Wishful thinking.
  3. Jorginho didn't play. Kovacic and Kante weren't great (and that's being kind).
  4. No tempo or control in midfield without Jorginho tonight. Unless we can replace with Bentancur or Thiago I'd be more than happy to see him here next season. Wouldn't surprise me if Bayern want him to replace Thiago next season.
  5. At this point I'd rather see Conor Gallagher in the squad next season.
  6. Crap hair and I don't like the way he flaps his hands in the air when something goes against him.
  7. Understandable given his injury but Kante not at the races yet
  8. Bayern haven't played a competitive game for over a month? Leverkusen looked a little rusty v Rangers Chels 4-0 😀
  9. Amen to that, hopefully just not at the expense of Conor Gallagher imho.
  10. Can't see me deviating much from this so last one from me. Reguilon is probably the better LB, but if Chilwell fits the system so be it. Lewis Cook for Kante, Kante needs gametime / is unsuited to the deep lying playmaker role so reluctantly Cook in for me. Grealish instead of Benrahma, if RLC/Pulisic is injured next season we need quality, proven cover. Bentancur is the perfect fit for a fluid system. Title contenders 20/21 imo.
  11. I love the idea of Rice playing in the anchor role, but I've also seen too many DMs stifle the creativity/fluidity of a team. Sky commented a couple of months back (I forget who) how they felt City weren't the same team with Rodri at the base of midfield.
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