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  1. Playing like a Championship team this half - not going to win many games if we don't have the ball. Pulisic has done sweet FA.
  2. If Rudiger can fill Luiz's boots at LCB then we'll need a top class RCB - Jonathan Tah for me. CF - if Joelinton has a good season at Newcastle I'd hope we break the bank to sign him. Difficult to say who else, Chilwell is a decent player but he's an attacking LB in the same mould as Emerson. If Alonso leaves as was rumoured I think we'll need a more defensive minded LB, maybe Azpi could cover LB if Reece James fulfils his potential. Midfield we're stacked, maybe short of cover for Jorginho. Still think we're short of top class quality at LW - for me Memphis Depay is one of a few players that could potentially fill Hazard's boots. Kepa Azpi - Tah - Rudiger - Emerson Kante - Jorginho - Kovacic CHO - Joelinton - Depay
  3. Looks a top prospect, not so much in terms of his ability to create chances but the fact he can play in multiple positions and still perform to a high standard. His best position seems to be left inside forward but he can also play on the right flank or at centre attacking mid / second striker. Reminds me of Mata.
  4. Hope to see a B team, couldn't give a toss about the Super Cup. We need points v Leicester.
  5. Reckon he's being played out of position, seems more comfortable on the right hand side of defence. Could be a decent right back if Azpi's defending today is anything to go by.
  6. 11th - not convinced we have a squad much better than Leicester or Crystal Palace. If we fail to pick up results against the bottom 10 we're in trouble.
  7. 4-5-1/4-3-3 Kepa (Caballero) Azpi (James) - AC (Zouma) - Rudiger (AC) - Emerson (Alonso) Jorginho (Bakayoko) Kante (Kovacic) - Kovacic (Barkley/RLC) Willian (CHO) - Giroud (Pedro/Tammy) - Pulisic (Willian) 4-4-1-1/4-2-3-1 Kepa (Caballero) Azpi (James) - AC (Zouma) - Rudiger (AC) - Emerson (Alonso) Kante (Kovacic) - Bakayoko (Jorginho) Willian (CHO/Pulisic) - Barkley (Mount/RLC) - Pulisic (Willian/RLC) Giroud (Tammy/Batshuayi)
  8. Reckon Spurs will push City all the way, Liverpool seem to have a lost a bit of their mojo if preseason is anything to go by. Arsenal have goals in them. Man Utd nothing special but still have a decent well balanced squad. Everton too look well balanced. Sadly can't see us finishing top 6 without a decent CF and we're still leaking goals. Top 6 will be a bonus but not too fussed where we finish this season, just going to enjoy the ride and get behind Lamps. May change my mind depending on what else happens in the transfer window, but as it stands; 1. Manchester City 2. Tottenham 3. Liverpool 4. Arsenal 5. Manchester United 6. Everton 7. West Ham 8. Wolves 9. Chelsea 10. Leicester 11. Aston Villa 12. Crystal Palace 13. Newcastle 14. Watford 15. Bournemouth 16. Southampton 17. Burnley 18. Brighton 19. Sheffield United 20. Norwich
  9. He's no ball playing CB that's for sure - though he could be useful off the bench if we need to defend a lead or if we're playing backs against the wall.
  10. I did say in the preseason thread that I thought it was a bit of a joke that he's been given #9 but perhaps it was in haste. He doesn't look ready to me either but deserves a chance to earn the right to wear the shirt. I'd have Pedro up front in the big games but that's just me.
  11. It's good that Lamps is trying 4-2-3-1 but there wasn't much wrong with 4-3-3 last season - we need to keep the ball and build sustainable attacks. 4-2-3-1 is too transitional, we attack in short bursts but when we lose the ball as Zeta said there's nobody to protect the back 4. Tammy #9 is a bit of a joke tbh, sorry but needs to be said. The #9 shirt is earned not given.
  12. Good to see Lamps trying new formations but reckon we should play safe and stick to what we know early doors. Reckon we may struggle if we go with 4-2-3-1, haven't read too much into preseason but we're shipping goals for fun. No idea what the lineup will be but I'd go with; 4-3-3 False 9 Kepa Azpi - Christensen - Luiz - Emerson Kante - Jorginho - Kovacic Willian - Pedro - Pulisic Subs: Willy, Barkley, Giroud, Rudiger/Zouma, Drinkwater, Alonso, Mount
  13. 5th if I'm optimistic. Liverpool to win the league, City 2nd, Spurs 3rd if they sign Lo Celso/Ndombele... West Ham 4th I think Liverpool, City and Spurs will open a gap and we'll be fighting for 4th with West Ham and Arsenal. Utd to finish 8th.
  14. Won't hear me complaining if it's Super Frank. However, I think it's at least a year too early. Personally I think Lampard needs to adapt to the challenges of a second season at Derby. I'd be happier with van Gaal.

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