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  1. Dr John Campbell's videos on YouTube are worth a watch if anyone has the time/inclination.
  2. Inter arma enim silent leges
  3. I guess I see it like this, if Liverpool are crowned champions what happens to the teams battling relegation? Do they get relegated while it's still mathematically possible to stay up? Although improbable Man City can still mathematically win the league? edit: (pretty much what you said, just phrased a different way)
  4. Klopp's impassioned pitch side celebrations and chest pumping at match officials and opposition managers just proves him to be a bad winner - and judging by his comments, a sore loser too.
  5. Mings is minging, been nowhere near the same player since he was called up by England
  6. Same height as Dennis Wise, apparently.
  7. Leicester also linked with a move for Telles
  8. You don't think he played well against us the other week then? Never said he's world class, just good enough to be a decent squad option (we've apparently scouted him).
  9. I'd have no qualms selling a young player who hasn't proven to be an upgrade, has CHO done anything yet against top class Premier League opposition? I agree with the premise of what you're saying but for me we have enough youth in the team, what happens if Pulisic is injured again next season, CHO struggles with his form, and Ziyech is suspended for example? I'd hazard a guess we'll be in a tricky situation. Re the bolded bit, I would have agreed with you until Billy Gilmour came on the scene - if he keeps this up his form he might just be the player to get another year or two out of the older players?
  10. I'll say it - if they keep up their performances, and unless we can replace with genuine quality then keep all of them. Pedro especially seems to have found a new lease of life playing at left wing and can play as a second striker (would CHO/Pulisic have made that run and finished like Pedro did yesterday?), Azpi can cover CB if necessary, and Giroud deserves to keep his place ahead of Tammy on current form. Batshuayi, Emerson, Kepa (perhaps, even Kante and Hudson-Odoi) could be sold before any of the older players, imho.

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