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  1. Re your point/Rudiger; two sh*t shows in a row away from home for Christensen (Villa/West Ham)... will he make it a hattrick tonight up against Benteke?. 😛 Well reasoned and thought out so f**k off 🤣
  2. Pulisic is up against (presumably) Joel Ward, sorry, just a bad feeling about tonight hence Pedro. Can Giroud handle two games in a week at 33 (hence Tammy)? And I think Gilmour will get battered tonight if he starts, what are Palace going to do? Hold back because he's 19? That isn't how this works.
  3. We don't need major changes in midfield imho, but we DO need to replace Jorginho if he leaves. Declan Rice would be a good fit because of his ability to cover LCB. Havertz won't be signed for CAM imho, but to drift in from the flanks and to play as a second striker. Rumours of a £10m bid from Crystal Palace for Gallagher, if we sign Havertz he's gone imho. For me I'd be happy with Kante, Rice, Kovacic, Barkley, Mount, RLC next season. Fluidity (Kante/Kovacic/Mount), physicality (Rice/Barkley/RLC), and, hopefully, goals (Barkley/Mount/RLC).
  4. Kepa James - Rudiger - Zouma - Azpi Barkley - Jorginho - Mount Willian - Tammy - Pedro
  5. Assuming the Newcastle takeover goes ahead and they bid £70m+ for Alonso and Hudson-Odoi, deal or no deal?
  6. Watched him a few times now, wasn't impressed. McNeil any day of the week.
  7. Kepa Azpi - Zouma - Rudiger - Alonso Kante - Jorginho Willian - Pedro - Pulisic Giroud
  8. However unrealistic a centre back partnership between Mancini and Soyuncu (or better yet, Laporte) would be a statement of intent but I seriously doubt we'll spend £100m+ on two centre backs. I'm sure we'll score goals next season but without an established left sided centre back we risk falling further behind imho. After last night I wouldn't be too disappointed if we sign Lovren.
  9. Our best form this season coincided with when Zouma was playing as a right sided centre back. That's where he needs to play. Our issues in defence start with the ineptitude and inconsistency on the left side. Rudiger, Zouma, Christensen never look entirely comfortable in that position when we're playing away from home. For me sell Rudiger, keep Zouma and Christensen and bring in an established left sided centre back next season. Laporte, Dunk, Ramos, Malang Sarr, Mancini, Koulibaly, Hubner, maybe even Declan Rice at a stretch would all easily be an upgrade over what we have.
  10. If we can sign Malang Sarr on a free I wouldn't be disappointed to see Rudiger sold this summer.
  11. As soon as he goes up against someone who can pin him he's back to usual piss poor self. How Zouma didn't play after Christensen's sh*tshow against Villa is anyone's guess.

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