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  1. Willian to score an offiside handball winner in injury time, heard it here first
  2. According to Transfermarkt (no idea who they are) Khedira has been told he can leave Madrid for £15.5m and we're interested.
  3. Just found this angle of Drogba's goal from the stands. Absolutely mental. I would pay obscene amounts of money to relive that night.
  4. To be totally honest I'm not entirely sure.
  5. To be honest, Bayern are a good example of something we could emulate. The Allianz Arena has a capacity of 71,000, and most tickets are around 10 euros from what I've heard. In theory we could surely do something similar, as it means the stadium gets filled, there's still a large amount of money coming in, the new generations of fans can actually afford to go to games and fans like the ones Carlashton Blue was mentioning can also still afford it. Of course it all sounds simple to us, but it could be and probably is more complicated than that.
  6. Although he didn't score I must say he had a big improvement. Great pace at times too.
  7. If he does I'm going to be a very very unhappy man.
  8. ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer Rafael Benitez has told Torres to expect more time on the bench as he looks to freshen up his forward line in January (Independent)#CFC If there was ever an appropriate time to sing Hallelujah this would be it.
  9. Thank you for looking at my profile during December, we must play Pétanque one day!

  10. Skip to 6:30 in the video and there's a Bayern Fan being racist. He says 'Drogba in ein Zoo' which is pretty self explanatory. Surprised nobody officially reported it?
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