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  1. So if he isn't the answer then who is ? who is the alternative
  2. According to Talksport he has been reported to the FA by a Stoke steward for 'assault' I just saw the video on twitter and I suspect the FA will fine Stoke for wasting their time and the Stoke steward will presumably be sacked the Vine is on the most recent tweet from this 'Analysts Eye' twitter page for anyone who wants to watch it https://twitter.com/TheAnalysisVids?lang=en
  3. in all seriousness Costa seems really happy with us, I cant see him wanting to go back to Spain to compete with Valencia and Sevilla to finish in CL places in Spain Torres would keep him out of the Atletico team anyway
  4. Diego Costa doesn't come across as the kind of guy who gets homesick (and his home is Lagarto in Northeast Brazil , not Madrid) Newspapers need to fill the back pages with ridiculous stories , next they will be telling us that Rafa Benitzez will be managing Real Madrid
  5. to be fair I have no reason to disagree with 24 year old Hazard winning player of the season and 21 year old Harry Kane winning young player Just seems weird that Eden didn't win any player of the month awards and by my reckoning Jose hasn't won a manager of the month award in his return in the past two seasons yet Rafa Benitez won the award as our manager in April 2013. Over the past 2 years Pardew, Gary Monks, Brendan Rodgers, Allardyce and Wenger have all won Premier League manager of the month I cant see what they have done better than Jose seeing as we have walked the league
  6. Well played Eden! thoroughly deserved Am I right in saying he didn't win a single player of the month award this season ? sure I read that earlier
  7. Eden is still only 24 Fabregas is 27 Costa is 26 Courtois 22 Nemanja 26 Oscar 23 The spine of the team is still young .. we could dominate for years although we will eventually have to replace JT
  8. Funny thing is we probably (fingers crossed) haven't seen the best of Hazard yet Surely Eden is only a season or two off the ballon'dor
  9. he's still only 32 hopefully Joe has 3 or 4 good years without any injuries. He's a great guy and a great footballer
  10. JT apparently could be going to the World Cup.... as an ITV pundit replacing Roy Keane... this is brilliant, for once we could have a CFC representative in the media I know its Daily Mail but still http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/worldcup2014/article-2647709/John-Terry-World-Cup-ITV-look-replacement-Roy-Keane.html
  11. Fabregas would be a great signing especially now that we know Frank is on his way
  12. The best day of my life hands down probably the best weekend of my life too. I had been to Berlin before and it was a very grey and depressing area but i thought Bavaria was brilliant
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