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  1. Am i the only person who thinks chelsea do not get the accolades they truly deserve ? we are the only Team that has ever won a trophy ever year for a decade and more yet all we seem to hear is scumpool this and manc crap that , maybe its the Chelsea way but we are truly the best club winning everything put infront of us consistantly at every level Senior Youth And Ladies just pure class
  2. There is an argument for them growing up but football does not wait the team has no spine even a non footballing person can work out that a 36 year old defender with no pace , a 5 ft high midfielder with lots of energy and no pace is not going to win us anything unfortunately they are the best options we have
  3. looks like lamps has got him self a bunch of tippy toe softies, their is no hard centre glory days Drogs , Essien, Terry and hard players like ballack , Duff carvalho we bullied teams now we are just getting run over and what happened to playing the ball into the channel for a forward to run on too ? scum pool play a basic game but it works three up front knock the ball over and let them run on to it, We have small players who play with backs to goal thank God for our real ladies team they show more steel and are a much better team to watch
  4. We are now seeing the true Costa the one that demands his own way and manipulates the situation to suit his own desires , After all Costa and his agent were informed face to face in January that he was not in the future plans of the manager and he should look for a new club but in true Costa fashion , he has decided which club he wants to join even though they have informed him that they are unable to buy until they can sell and they are not allowed to at present and Chelsea valuation of him is to much due to the fact that they will not pay 50 million for a player and then have to pay 100 thousand plus a week in wages for a player who will be site seeing for 6 months , So Costa decides to release part of a text message conversation which confirms that he is not required, but omits the part where he asks the manager to reconsider as he will conform to the managers requirements after all Costa has previous of not returning to training on time and out of condition very simple Costa can sit on a beach drive his own price down shorten the time that any buyers will be required to pay wages for its a win win for Costa we didnt see Matic acting like a prema donna he traned on his own etc etc its Chelsea costa iis hurting so dont believe his bull sh*t
  5. it looks like Costa has a health problem which he believes and if he thinks he only has a couple of seasons left then why would he not take the oppertunaty to get a big money move Chelsea will keep him for till the end of the season then sell him to china ths should be a compromise Costa will live with as its good for both parties
  6. thought i coverd this , question 4 Have you a list of young hungry players to recruit who will need recruited or are you wanting chelsea to purchus over priced over played haS Beens
  7. There is a Serious problem at Chelsea with the appoiintment of MANAGERS i dont know who sits down and does the interviews but there need someone to write a script for them so they can ask the corect quetions , Question 1 what is your planned formaton for chelsea ? question 2 Can you play your prefered formation with the players we have ? question 3 if Q2 is no how many players are required ? question 4 Have you a list of young hungry players to recruit who will need recruited or are you wanting chelsea to purchus over priced over played haS Beens because as a manager if i ask for a rolls royce and they say no i then will except a Passat , but if they give me a mini I say the job cant be done sorry
  8. Smacks of desperation he wasnt good enough defender before so after playing in an inferior lleague he is now good enough dont think so
  9. yes sorry if i tended to waffle a bit a standing round of applause for Jose and then leave it at that
  10. Mourinho are best ever manager and we wont forget what he did for us and for that reason allown he should be given the respect that a returning great can expect from the greatest fans in the world as no other clubs supporters have ever shown the support and loyalty to a manager that has been doing so terrible for such a long period. IN saying that I believe that a standing ovation wth a round of applause is an apropriate gesture as he is no longer a Blue and for that reason the days of the e Mourinho Mourinho chant should be left in the dressing room , he does not need our support and does not deserve it on this occassion our own players will want to hear that they have our support as some will have there own perticular scores to settle and we should be showing the world that Morinho is our History and Conte and the team is what we support
  11. sh*t happens we lve in a sack em and stack um chelsea world we sack are managers we stack are trophies
  12. i think jose just had to much crap to put up with a like us all it got to much a very ill father bad referee calls fines from the FA board that wont sign players eve and player unrest one person can only take so much jose you derserved more
  13. I have 100% confidence in JM and i am sure he has plan
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