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  1. What Sarri is saying is Jorginho is not the problem as he is moving the ball fast its the other players mentality thats the problem they are not thinking fast
  2. TH chelsea team has not been good enough for some time now So the question should be is the structure of Chelsea good enough ? NO Director of football NO football players on the board. NO young players getting game time and we allow are youth team coach who had won everything put infront of him and would of been ideal to become Chelsea's No2 as he knew all the strengths and weaknesses of our all concurring youth teams only we had to appoint Zola because we needed an interpreter for Sari is it any wounder we are a spent force its a bloody shambles be
  3. we played naive compared to Barca , when we attacked they blocked us did cynical fowls on willian etc but we allowed Messi to run remember its either the ball or you that gets passed but never both
  4. Would like to try some basic play and put two big strikers on Morate and Giroud and see how city cope
  5. Any team thats main tactic is to defend will inevitably make a mstake and the chances of the best defender making that mistake is going to be a very high percentage as Christiansen has more touches and puts himself in the fireing line more its going to be his mistake it happens keep him in
  6. Hate to say it but 4-2 with us scoring first 1-1 at half time then Conte will do his defensive mode take Hazzard off and we will fall apart trying to defend
  7. Any striker is going to struggle with the tactics Conte deploys is it any wonder Hazzard does not complete 90 mins in the big games Morata would do fine if we gave him some support , Costa couldnt take our way of playing any more Batshuayi didnt fit Conte style of play and now Morata , Conte is to defensive he hopes to hold on to a lead if possible He used the same tactics with italy and got found out when it counted , Sorry time to move on Conte
  8. the simple reason is we have a manager who must get us top 4 after all arsenal only paid for there new stadium by getting top 4 every year
  9. we have not had two decent strikers AT THE SAME TIME in three years if the club wants to operate on a shoe string budget so the club is self fundi ng as was a long term plan layed out a few years ago then we have to expect to follow the arsenal model for the next five years
  10. Conte has not bought a single attack minded mid fielder excepton barkley but then conte comes out with that now famous line on new players " he needs to learn the chelsea way of playing " which i take it to mean he must learn not to go forward , we now shop at second rate clubs and pay first rate prices , the passing is the worst i have seen from a chelsea team , I f i was Hazzard i would not ask for a transfer I would pay to leave got to feel for the guy
  11. So lets all blame the poor reffing after all t wwas the refs fault that the players cant pass the ball forward we spend so much tme passing the ball along the back line with an occasional cross field pass the forwards fall asleep , we have become boring and predictable under Conte he is so defensive minded its time he packed his bags ffs we are chelsea its time to attack teams stop the defend and hope Hassard or wlliian can produce some piece of magic the sit back and hope the opposition dont score , the ts Conte who is the problem , if any of our players does anythng except follow orders he is dropped from the team and the orders are take no risks simple passes only

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