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  1. We won't. James Milner's alleged contribution to Liverpool's title win has been massively overstated by a fawning media who love talking up a 'grafting' player and 'unsung heroes'. Milner's contribution was no more or less than should be expected of any squad player to a title-winning season. No one was writing feature articles on Geremi! In saying that, Milner also reinvented himself from a grafting, pressing player to a more deep-lying role balancing out the high-press of the others, a role that you might recall suited even as far back as Aston Villa. Willian isn't going to do that, he doesn't have that skill set. Willian has always been one of my favourites and I was so excited when he joined us after tearing us apart in the Champions League, but we aren't going to miss him as much as people fear.
  2. Ha! Chelsea have a whole team of video analysts who do exactly this, with a range of footage. The hard part is not identifying the problem, but communicating the issues in way that players can actually react to it. That's why the hard work falls on Lampard.
  3. I doubt this. Lampard is a good coach and understands the game on a very different level. He has never been as naturally talented as his peers and has had to listen, train and consciously work to understand and improve his game. The one thing that comes naturally to him is communication, and I think that is what he struggles to impart to the players. His most successful years included a plethora of international captains, and I suspect that he is used to that high-level of communicaton and organisation. I think the tactics and the man-management is the easy part for Lampard, but teaching players to talk and organise and coordinate as a team is his biggest challenge.
  4. If you're talking about 2017-18, they signed 3 fullbacks (Walker, Danilo, Mendy) in the summer and Laporte in the Jan window. Walker was a stalwart, Danilo played regularly but the others didn't register 10 league appearances. They also signed Ederson that window. It's absolutely clear we need to take a leaf out of that book and sign a LB, CB and a GK. I just don't think three new CBs will help an already struggling team chemistry.
  5. I wanted to look at the second goal in a bit more depth. Emerson has been rightly criticised, but it's worse than it looks. Check out his stance as Kovacic is dispossessed. Then check out his stance as Perisic - not a hugely pacey player - hits full tilt. If you can stand it, watch the whole sequence in reverse angle from 0:54. It takes him four seconds to break into a jog. It takes him another six seconds to break into a sprint and return on screen. It's amateur hour. He can see his teammate is in trouble and knows he is the last line of defense as Zouma is outnumbered. At the very least, he should make himself available for a quick clearance by the keeper. Instead he stays still.
  6. Yeah, this was only a highlight video, but at the start Kante himself is also in no man's land, and our entire midfield is cut out by a single pass from their defence.
  7. I can't think of a team in the history of the game that has bought a whole new defence and succeeded. The closest thing to a success was when Chelsea bought Ferreira and Carvalho in the same window, but even that was argued given the Terry/Gallas partnership. Arsenal seem to try it every 2-3 years and fail miserably. It just doesn't happen, and adding that sort of chaos to a team already struggling with communication is a recipe for disaster. However, many teams - Liverpool included - have invested in a single quality defender who has marshalled a defence. Zouma and Rudiger need direction, and I think you're right, they're never going to find it themselves. However they do have redeeming qualities that would see them work well alongside a much more experienced defender.
  8. Haven't posted in a while but with lots of Chelsea discussion on the need for a CB and a distinct lack of amazing options, I couldn't help taking a casual look at our defensive woes. One of the painfully obvious things was the double-marking and slow reaction times of defenders. That's a coaching and communication issue as much as it is a player issue, with Lampard already publically calling out the lack of vocal communication in the team. Here are some of my thoughts, after reviewing some of the footage from the Bayern game: The defence needs a marshal Check out this pic before Lewandowski's first goal: Christensen is in transition to no-man's land even as Muller receives the ball. With his back to Lewandowski, he has no awareness of where he is, a fact about to be exploited when Lewandowski spots the mistake and checks his run to receive the pass. Zouma moves across quickly to stop Muller from running through on goal, but is forced to check back to jockey Gnabry when he realises Kante isn't there with him. Christensen now has no idea where Lewandowski is. Out of frame, Reece James spots the danger but can't leave Coutinho in space. Zouma stands his ground to challenge Gnabry, but the triumvirate of Zouma, Christensen and Kante can't work who is doing what, allowing Gnabry a very simple pass to play in Lewandowski. In fact the next frame is heartbreaking: Lewandowski almost drifts offside, then checks his run because he thinks Christensen will step forward to challenge Gnabry. Christensen doesn't, instead remaining still and Lewandowski easily remains onside. We can point blame at each of the three players, but it is clear from their body language that each one of them is cueing to the others, and no one is making a decision or a call. I'd love to watch some footage or see if there are more examples of this sort of failure from the season. In this instance, a more decisive, commanding presence on the pitch would be a massive benefit, able to coordinate Zouma or Kante.
  9. I think Ziyech is definitely a bit lightweight (and also, not especially quick over a distance), and Reguilon could obviously use a meal and a gym session but the others? Havertz is listed as 6" and 82kg at the age of 20, which is virtually identical to Ballack in his prime; there is a reason why people in Germany are excited about someone with his technical ability married to that physical potential. Werner has added a lot of muscle in the last few years, adding power behind his pace. Hudson-Odoi, like Havertz, is still young and has exceptional physical potential. The thing that works in Reguilon's favour is recovery speed, which is something we haven't seen in a fullback since Ashley Cole. Cole wasn't the strongest or largest but never really had to shoulder players off the ball because he was quick and intelligent enough to tackle them or jockey them out of position to delay the cross. At 23, there's also plenty of time for him to pack on some size too.
  10. It's worth remembering that Zouma has always had these flaws, from when we started scouting him, but he looked like he was going to be so physically dominant it was just a matter of pairing him with the right senior partner and he would be the second coming of Gallas or Thuram. No one expected him to have multiple injuries that took him from the top-tier of physical attributes to above-average, nor a club crisis that would see him thrust into the spotlight as the supposed senior partner. Part of his journey is re-learning his game from a place where he can no longer count on out-pacing or out-jumping absolutely anybody. All in all he's done exceptionally well, and I think we should definitely keep him as a squad player, but we need two defenders that are a level above what we have already.
  11. Buy back, 41m I came here to say what a disgrace Arsenal are - sacking 55 ordinary people whose weekly salary is likely less than what they will offer to Willian.
  12. Pedro is playing in a role very familiar to him from his Barcelona days. He was such a valuable super-sub to them because of his tactical intelligence and work off the ball. While he is suited to the system, it is daft to plan a system around a 32 year old. Willian can play the same role, but he needs instruction to do so.
  13. No it really didn't, Ivanovic was targeted from 2013 onwards. Even so, Ivanovic remained an actually excellent defender, but it became increasingly clear that he couldn't do both attack and defence. Alonso is ruthlessly effective in attack and having Jorginho and Hazard in this form makes that doubly so but I think the key difference between him and Ivanovic is that currently there are more glaring issues with our defence (Luiz), whereas Ivanovic was the main issue. My hope is that having Kante in a "free" role (as opposed to sitting above the defence) will allow him to cover our fullbacks more effectively once he adjusts to the tactical changes.

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