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  1. Does anyone think Roman is having a nibble? Don't blame him ?
  2. When i first looked i thought front row center was Liam Neeson ?
  3. Another CFC history made.....We continue yet we still have no history!!! Chelsea are the first English side to win 11 major European games in a single season.
  4. romfordblue


    We won in 2102. Pep never won treble with Munich. Pep took over after treble (2013??) and failed in champions league with probably best team in Europe. Jose has his critics but Porto were average and look at what he won. Inter were not special either!!!
  5. Looking for pictures of celery flags and first european champions etc making history to base a new tattoo. Thanks
  6. Yes we played 2 games in 2 days. Hats off to real footballers
  7. Brilliant. Love the basic kits. Players wearing 1-11. Keepers wearing same colour shorts and socks as outfield players plus green tops (shame we can't or not allowed to go back to that). Near perfect playing surface lol players these days would have kittens seeing that pitch. Ground appears full of Chelsea even though game at QPR (no change there tbh) and WTF is the ref wearing? Obviously meant for a bigger bloke!
  8. We could take 500 up there and still destroy their famous atmosphere
  9. Christensen needs to play instead of Luiz. However i still believe Luiz is better as a defensive midfielder!! Cahill is too slow for the system so we need to change him.
  10. Ok fair play. I was not aware. Congrats to him and the wife. Lets up he and rest have a great season. I need help surrounded by Man City fans......
  11. No number 9? Thought Morata had that number last year or should i finally get to bed?
  12. Of the 2 keepers we have used so far on pre season which one does not make PL squad with Green and Courtois still to play? At the mo Green could be number 2 GK.
  13. Appears we have signed Rob Green. Do we know how much?

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