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  1. I liked the old yellow top, blue shorts but these days if we play someone in say all blue the shorts need changing or 3rd kit. Maybe an all yellow strip would have been better with blue stripe
  2. Now we have seen the new home kit any thoughts? I think it is revolting 🤢
  3. Does anyone think Roman is having a nibble? Don't blame him ?
  4. When i first looked i thought front row center was Liam Neeson ?
  5. Yes we played 2 games in 2 days. Hats off to real footballers
  6. Brilliant. Love the basic kits. Players wearing 1-11. Keepers wearing same colour shorts and socks as outfield players plus green tops (shame we can't or not allowed to go back to that). Near perfect playing surface lol players these days would have kittens seeing that pitch. Ground appears full of Chelsea even though game at QPR (no change there tbh) and WTF is the ref wearing? Obviously meant for a bigger bloke!
  7. Appears we have signed Rob Green. Do we know how much?
  8. Shame we don't do it now rather than use an away strip.
  9. Surely if Antonio was to be sacked they would have done it by now. CFC are not know to hang around once the season has ended. I hear that maybe they waiting on a replacement but CFC would have already sorted it in the background. Also surely Antonio would be talking to the board about players he wants in. If he is still manager by the end of the week, then i think he is safe.
  10. I had a chat during the week with a Liverpool fan and he reckons they have City running scared already for next season and reckons they will win the league and the Champions league is a formality. Seriously. I had to ask when the delusion started or was he born with it? Come on Madrid and 19 teams next year.
  11. Guess after the final. If he cannot motivate the team someone else should take charge for the final.
  12. Do you remember John Barnes of Liverpool? The songs those days....... "who's that up a tree, Jonny B" and "trigger, trigger shoot that ni**er"...and they moan about current songs!!
  13. Fifa/UEFA probably already sacked the ref from the 1st leg and putting in place a proper yes man. Barca will progress based on Fifa/UEFA ffs
  14. Just seeing Cudicini GK shirt. Did we have an away top very similar around the same era? Sure i still have it.
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