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  1. The season has just started and the reigning Champions taught us a lesson. Nothing to be ashamed about, and most of our new signings haven't played yet. At least we now know there's a lot we need to improve on to narrow the gap between us and the big 2.
  2. Enough is enough! Kepa has to go. Today is surely the final nail in the coffin for his Chelsea career. Thought the scoreline would be worse in the end, so quietly relieved in a strange way but overall very disappointed with how the match unfolded. At least we still have some exciting signings to play soon. That should bolster the team considerably.
  3. The most useless goalkeeper I've seen. Must drive Frank insane.
  4. At this stage, I'll be happy with a draw. Hope we can hold on for 45 minutes.
  5. f**k. Up until then, I was happy with how Christensen was performing. Going to be very hard now.
  6. Been impressed with Christensen today. Made some good intercepts out of defence.
  7. Same. It's a sick feeling. He's the worst keeper I've seen at the club for a long time.
  8. No doubt. Almost reminds me of the way we played under Mourinho and Conte.
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