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  1. Bill Robertson = 1946-1960 Bobby Tambling = 1959-1970 Ron Harris = 1961-1980 John Hollins = 1963-1975; 1983-1984 John Bumstead = 1978-1991 Graeme Le Saux = 1989-1993; 1997-2003 Kevin Hitchcock = 1988-2001 John Terry = 1998-2017
  2. Total fix. It was obvious that UEFA didn't want an all-English final two years running and with one of Manchester United or Arsenal guaranteed to make the final, we were the unfortunate victims.
  3. Happy with the draw. Need to go on with it now and win the competition.
  4. In the Abramovich era, I would rank it only behind the 2004/2005 season. One of the most satisfying seasons due to the unexpected nature of our success and the fact that we'd come off a horror 2015/2016 season.
  5. One of my favourite matches. The second leg had everything. Ronaldinho is still the most technically gifted player I've ever seen. Damien Duff's goal to put us 3-0 up will always be etched into my mind. I remember going berserk when he scored that goal. This was peak Mourinho era of his first stint. A great time for Chelsea supporters.
  6. Still don't think he's the right person in the long term, but credit where it's due our form has picked up since the Manchester United FA Cup loss. Barring exceptional circumstances, it's probably best to keep him until the end of the season and re-assess at that time.
  7. Can anyone name me a player who's improved under Sarri, because I can't think of one.
  8. This. Feels like we're stuck in a deep rut and there's no easy fix in getting out of it. However, I've become desensitised and accepting of our current predicament.
  9. I think this might be my reaction when I'm watching the match on Sunday.
  10. Spot on. I still shake my head at the club's decision making. I think the last month all but confirms that Conte is a superior manager to Sarri. Anyone who's still doubting it needs to have their head checked.
  11. Chelsea 0-3 Man City is my prediction. Got no confidence heading into this match.
  12. Wrong appointment and out of his depth. No silverware to demonstrate his past success, and the plaudits around him were based around the way his Napoli team played which in itself wasn't persuading me he was the right fit for our club. The club f**ked up. We're almost back to ground zero when it comes to our managerial choices.
  13. We settled for second best when we sacked better managers for this rubbish.

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