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  1. I know. It's shameful 😔 Always forget one or two in the heat of a moment.
  2. WELL DONE BOYS! FANTASTIC RESULT. Last time we scored five goals away from home in the PL was against Swansea City in early 2015.
  3. https://twitter.com/i/status/1172892286016868352
  4. Always remember it for Crespo running riot.
  5. Absolutely stoked for Frank. Changed the formation and always kept the faith in the youth despite criticism from some corners.
  6. Bentley, Greaves, Tambling, Dixon, Drogba, Costa and now Abraham!
  7. Tammy currently the leading scorer in the PL with 7 goals.
  8. Will be interested to see how Zouma goes in this new formation.
  9. Tammy is joint top scorer alongside Aguero.

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