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  1. The right move for parties. I was happy when we first signed him as I preferred him over Lukaku, but it hasn't worked out. After his comments from a few weeks ago. I think the decision to sell him was easy in the end.
  2. Franks says CHO will be a "central" part of his plans. I like the sound of that! 😎 https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/hudson-odoi-is-going-to-be-central-to-chelsea-s-plans-reveals-lampard
  3. Fantastic to have confirmation that he's re-signed. Started to develop into a great player last season. Hope all is well on the injury front as he continues to recover from his Achilles injury.
  4. Appears you're right. Apparently rejected the offer due to family reasons. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/05/jose-mourinho-rejects-guangzhou-evergrande-chinese-super-league-manchester-united
  5. Happy retirement to him. One of the most technically gifted players that has walked through the Chelsea door. A shame he was too injury prone for us to see the best of him frequently enough.
  6. Very excited for pre-season. Haven't felt like this for years.
  7. Had a tear in my eye when it was announced that Frank was taking over as head coach. Others here have said it, but it feels like the Chelsea they've grown up loving and supporting is back loud and proud. Frank personifies Chelsea through and through. He understands the club, its traditions and the way we operate. That's why I have the utmost faith he'll be a success here. It's going to be bumpy road along the way, but the journey is going to be fun to watch and one that every supporter will be emotionally invested in. Frank's appointment has an element of risk to it, but for any romantic out there it's a risk worth taking and one that I hope pays off and paves the way for a new and strong era for the club. Absolutely buzzing at the moment and I haven't stopped grinning since the announcement. Can't wait for the season to commence.
  8. Sounds like a done deal which is great news, but I hope it's confirmed by the club soon on its website.
  9. Jezz


    In the Abramovich era, Drogba and Costa are the obvious standouts. Notable mentions for Crespo and Anelka who were solid.
  10. It's the day for it, so here goes:
  11. ^ Very sad to read, but his attitude is first class. Such a brave man. Thankfully, MND is starting to gain more awareness in the public conscience. In Australia, well known former Australian Rules footballer and coach, Neale Daniher, has raised millions of dollar in the hope that scientists can find treatment that can slow the progression of the disease and possibly find a cure in the future. Since being diagnosed in 2013 (similar to Fernando's diagnosis period), he's dedicated the rest of his life to this initiative and has been widely supported by the whole community. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-01/afl-great-neale-daniher-vic-of-the-year-for-mnd-advocacy/11266184
  12. Started watching Chernobyl last night. It's the most impressive TV show I've seen Breaking Bad.

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