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  1. 1). 1970 2). 1997 3). 2000 4). 2007 5). 2009 6). 2010 7). 2012 8). 2018
  2. Love the FA Cup final. We've been blessed in the last 25 years to see as many finals as we have. Bring on #9. Would be the perfect birthday present!
  3. Getting 1 point out of 12 against West Brom and Arsenal this season might prove very costly. Just need to hold our nerve and do the business in the final two games.
  4. No. He's playing at Flamengo in Brazil.
  5. Been a huge turnaround for him under Tuchel. Very consistent and reliable player these days.
  6. Everything about Mason is what makes people love Chelsea. Plays with heart and desire, has fantastic leadership qualities and he's truly one of us in the same mould as JT.
  7. A proper leader. Been an exceptional player in the past decade.
  8. Might be getting carried away, but I feel like he's our signing of the season. A massive upgrade to Kepa, and we didn't spend an outlandish amount to obtain him from Rennes.
  9. He's had an eventful few years 2016 = Wins the title with Leicester 2017 = Wins the title with Chelsea 2018 = Wins the World Cup with France 2021 = Playing in a Champions League final Six years ago, he was playing for Caen.
  10. He's still young enough for me to believe he has a future here. Always thought we had a good player on our hands with him. Just needs to keep accumulating game time wherever he is. I think he'll be loaned again next season.
  11. Satisfying watching Emery get the last laugh against Arsenal.
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