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  1. Pep finally got it right vs Tuchel.
  2. I'm really not a fan of this cup. Leave it for the clubs outside top 4-6 to play.
  3. The worry we'll have is replacing Kante eventually. He is so crucial to our midfield, he's a nightmare to replace.
  4. Those transfer windows under Conte were mostly f**king abysmal. Luiz, Barkley, Emerson, Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Morata, Drinkwater, Batshuayi. Lol
  5. If you were Real Madrid, would you be going in for both Mbappe and Haaland in the summer?
  6. Prices of players has gone crazy in recent years. I doubt Tuchel can be mad considering the squad he's currently got. If he can't challenge with that squad, then I don't know what to say. At the end of the day it's full to the brim with top class talent. Our defenders really have improved this season, so I guess It's not a big loss at all.
  7. Let's hope it's not almost £100m wasted. I doubt it will be, he needs some time. Playing vs a very good Liverpool side in you second game back in the PL was always going to be tough.
  8. Won't take long for people to get on Lukaku's back I reckon lol.
  9. We really should be at least 2 up. Poor decision making has cost us.
  10. Modern day football you cannot make any contact with the ball.
  11. Salah boots the ball away earlier and never a yellow. Fabinho taking players out, no yellow. Joke of a ref.
  12. Lukaku did well to get past his man, but then wasted the pass to Havertz for a goal scoring opportunity.
  13. I'm not the biggest fan of our defence. Rudiger, Christensen and Azpilicueta are too stale. We've needed a top class defender for a while.
  14. Ronaldo loves Utd so much. It wasn't about where he could go and still maintain that ridiculous salary at all. Never came into it. Honest. Lol.
  15. PSG is proof that having individuals doesn't necessarily mean you can win trophies. Look at Chelsea. Last season we had no big names, but we built a team cohesion and went on to win the CL against the odds. Ahead of PSG. Liverpool the same, they built a team.
  16. I can't see how signing Ronaldo is a good idea. Man Utd will have two old guys past their best up top. Man Utd fans wanted a defensive midfielder, but instead they get another attacking player lol.
  17. Be interesting to know where PSG will get the money from. The transfer fee + agent fees + salary.
  18. We will retain the Champions league. Bookmark this!
  19. How good are Zenit? Juventus should be winnable for us over both legs, but Allegri is a very good tactician, so could be interesting.
  20. It's crazy how many people forget that football is a team sport. There is so much money floating about for individual players. It is insane. Imagine a single player being worth more than 2/3 decent players who could add to, and strengthen a team. I find it pretty distasteful tbh. The money in football is becoming sickening.
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