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  1. 16 minutes ago, Chels-top-boy said:

    Uhh we have Mount, Havertz, Ziyech and Captain America who can all play that role  


    We don't have a creative goalscorer like Eriksen. Apart from Ziyech, none of those are comparable to Eriksen. Eriksen has Fabregas type vision and is dangerous outside the box and from set pieces, especially free kicks.  

  2. Why are we not linked to him? He's obviously out of favour with Conte for whatever reason. We need someone like him in midfield. A goal scoring, creative mid. He's been linked to Arsenal, PSG, Wolves etc, but not us. I'd be all for it, but what are your thoughts? 

  3. 10 minutes ago, CFCCAN said:

    Just wondering how many romantic appointments of club 'legends' have ever really worked?  Maybe Zindane and currently seemingly the hobbit up there in Manchester for the time being  at least even he was on the edge for a while, but beyond that even the greatest players seem to be disastrous when it comes to managing...Maradonna immediately comes to mind along with Zola, Shearer and a long list of others, while some have been mediocre at best.  Romantic appointments, while making you feel good in the moment... generally never end well. 

    The thing is, even those coaches you mentioned had previous coaching experience before their first big job. Even Zidane coached the academy side at Real Madrid for two seasons before taking the top job at Real. Let us not forget that Zidane also had Ronaldo and Bale, among others at the club too, which helped massively. Solskjaer also managed Molde before the Utd job. Lampard didn't even do that. He went straight into the Derby job with no prior coaching experience. 

    It's actually crazy Derby got to the play off final considering Lampard's lack of experience. This is why I'm torn on Lampard. There's a part of me that still thinks there is a very good manager deep down. He just needs the time and experience. Problem is, does that experience come at Chelsea at the cost of potentially missing out on top four and trophies. I don't know. Only the club can answer that.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Brutos said:

    Watching the match again yesterday that was a clear example of Man against boy and am not talking about the players on the field, that was basically pulling your trousers down and giving you a spanking, then watching you walk around with your trousers around your ankles.

    It wasn't like that last season though. We beat them. They were playing better then too. It's weird. That was with f**king Alonso, Christensen, Rudiger and Azpi in the back four too. 

  5. Also, is there a mentality problem with London clubs? I'm genuinely curious because we have had this mentality problem for a few seasons. Meanwhile that man utd side have shown more grit and determination than we or any London side has. The same could be said for Aston Villa and Leicester too. Pissing me off. 

  6. I'd actually like to see a couple academy players come in and play. I am sure they would show more fight than we saw yesterday because they want to play for the first team. Livramento at RB instead of Azpi, Anjorin up top and Bate in midfield. It is a shame that we have Guehi and Maatsen on loan. They would both fill in the LB and CB slots when needed. Guehi is arguably the best CB in the championship from what I've heard and read. Maatsen has also been very good too. Fed up with the lack of fight and/or quality our more experienced players have shown lately. 

  7. Look, man city are a good, well oiled machine. With or without some of their better players they have quality up top to punish teams. Our defence has given them too much space to work in and they've punished us. From us not conceding for ages to then having 2/3/4 goals put past us in the last couple weeks, it's frustrating af. 

  8. Man City haven't even been playing well recently, yet again we give these sides a myriad of chances. Our passing has been dreadful. We aren't even testing them at all. f**king depressing. The problem is, we can't change the players. We can change the manager, but how much is that going to help. At the moment it seems like our recruitment is ropey and the mentality of the players is terrible. Not sure what is going on. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, Brutos said:

    People saying no better time to play city seem to forget Arsenal LoL 😂 

    I think it’s more dangerous playing a city team who think they are against the odds we would have a better chance against a full strength city

    Absolutely. Arsenal had key players missing too, but didn't help us did it. We can't turn up against City with the same lethargy as we did vs Arsenal. They are capable of punishing us if we aren't up for it. 

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