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  1. Congratulations to Azpi; he's going to be a father. it was confirmed by Mourinho and Azpi in the PSG press conference.
  2. Well, like with our style of play, teams are figuring us out, especially Hazard. There is a definite correlation between his dip in form and our inability to beat teams right now. He was our most effective and influential attacking player at the start of season up until about a month ago, then all of a sudden he's gone missing in games and we've struggled against teams due to them doubling up on Hazard. At the moment, we don't seem to know how to cope when Eden doesn't play well and, Jose seems overly reluctant to rest the lad, which In my opinion, is costing us at the moment. If Ronaldo and M
  3. I really like the look of Baker though. I hope he can take over the helm from Lampard in the future.
  4. I think he'll get 10-15 mins in one game in the next few weeks. I doubt he'll have to sit out the rest of the season now he's fully recovered.
  5. Why would Real sell Isco anyway, they only bought him last year.
  6. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12961/9199493/transfer-news-juventus-planning-to-keep-paul-pogba
  7. I think he'll be a very loyal player for us as well.
  8. I agree that he's been so very consistent this season. I don't understand why our other players can't be the same. I'd go as far to say that he is the hardest & most consistent worker in this team. All the others seem knackered, whereas azpi just keeps up the same pace every game.
  9. surely that can't be true. we wouldn't even be able to get half the price we bought him for. Maybe 15-20 million?
  10. So that's Varane, Imbula, and Thauvin we are after in the summer.
  11. rumours that we are looking to buy Imbula from Marseille to replace Mikel. I know nothing about him at all. Anyone on here know about him? http://metro.co.uk/2014/02/21/chelsea-eye-gianelli-imbula-as-jose-mourinho-looks-to-replace-john-obi-mikel-4312548/
  12. He's being paid millions of pounds a year to kick a damn ball, so that's no excuse. I know i could put friendship aside if i was being paid that amount of money per year.
  13. just fed up of seeing him working hard to get the ball, but doing absolutely nothing with it. It's times like this when you miss Drogba. I can't actually wait to see drogba face us - at least we'll get to see a proper striker at the bridge again.
  14. Second goal... https://vine.co/v/MWWnPlaWn5x
  15. Typical. We really need to do something ASAP! We can't stay at the bridge much longer, unless we increase. I think it'd be better to change stadium location anyway, as the interior at the bridge is too small. It's probably easier for city as manchester is surrounded by land/open terrain.
  16. I really don't see how neymar is that good. Most times I've seen him play for barca, he's never shown anything special. Even playing for Brazil he's never really shone that brightly. He seems very overrated tbh.
  17. Yeah I know. They've got nothing on hazard.
  18. Anyone know how fast a new stadium would take to get built? 2 years, max?
  19. Are chelsea are still trying to negotiate for battersea? It's been really quiet on matter recently.
  20. Not why they've got ronaldo and bale. It wouldn't be at least for another 5 years if he did go. Ronaldo is likely to play for a good few years yet.
  21. We're also interested in Yan dang sang wang of FC Zingzou
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