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  1. Going to Real Madrid. That was fast. Another top player going to one of the big boys in Spain.
  2. Surprise, surprise. We experienced the Utd bias when Azpi got thrown to the ground like he was in the WWE, yet we were given nothing.
  3. Absolutely. Arsenal had key players missing too, but didn't help us did it. We can't turn up against City with the same lethargy as we did vs Arsenal. They are capable of punishing us if we aren't up for it.
  4. Let's be honest, City having players out (depending on which players they are of course) just means if we beat them there is a legitimate excuse for them and media. We can't win either way.
  5. The problem is, last season Lampard's hands were tied. We didn't have a transfer window, so we couldn't sign anybody. Fortunately the young players came through for us and we managed to get top four. This season Lampard has been able to get in players he wants, but with that comes the lack of team cohesion due to a weird 2020. Barely any pre-season for the players to gel. Unlike Tottenham, Utd etc, they pretty much had the same teams from last season, give or take a player or two. Lampard has essentially signed half a first team of players and has had to get them performing as soon as possible
  6. To be honest, I didn't watch Havertz before he came. There was a lot of hype surrounding him, and he is supposed to be one of the next big talents. From what I know though, it doesn't sound as if he's a Fabregas type of player. He is a goal scorer, but less of a player with Fabregas vision.
  7. Regarding the experience factor. It is very difficult to buy top quality players with experience. I also don't necessarily believe experience is as important as made out. We have had experienced players, but they didn't have enough quality. There's a difference between experience and quality. I'd rather a young player with immense quality over an experienced player who isn't good enough for a club like ours.
  8. We need a Fabregas type player in there. Someone who will create something out of nothing. If Inter Milan do not want Eriksen, he could be an option for us (?).
  9. Frank Lampard is 3 seasons into his managerial career, and two of those seasons are at the top level of football. That is mental when you think about it. He never coached the youth academy like many top coaches have done in the past. He was never an assistant coach. He went straight into coaching at Championship level and took Derby to the play off finals, losing out to Aston Villa. Then he takes the Chelsea job and takes us to top four despite many people thinking he wouldn't do so, especially after the loss of our best player. This season he brought in half a new first team, some of them sta
  10. The league has continued to get tougher, as seen with Leicester, Southampton and Everton maintaining or improving their form from last season.
  11. thank f**k we might not have to play this weekend. Don't think I could bare another lacklustre performance. Win the league? HA! We couldn't even win a fluffy toy at a fun fare.
  12. Why are we playing an almost second string when Aston Villa have full strength.
  13. Who else is out there with a proven track record of winning trophies with a big club?
  14. The only manager I would want if Lampard was to be fired (and I don't think he should be or want him to be) would be Allegri. Proven track record of trophies and doing well in the CL. No point messing about with anyone else imo.
  15. In the last 5 years we've played Arsenal 19 times and won 6 times.
  16. Arsenal are such an up and down team. They did good yesterday, but we just didn't turn up at all. We haven't turned up much against Arsenal in the last five seasons. We've lost or drawn against them more than we have wins against them. It is very annoying when we see how bad they've been in those last few years. It is what it is though.
  17. I don't particularly like to chop and change the first team, but I really think it needs doing. For me, I'd bring in Anjorin and Gilmour. Give Giroud a run, or maybe even promote Soonsup-Bell from the academy and give him a run out. Often the younger players will run a bit more, put a bit more effort in. I think that's what we need at the moment. Right now we look a little burned out. I'm going to defend Werner a little bit here, but I think being in a new league, the pressure to hit the ground running and adapting to a new style of football, I think it's taking a toll on him right now. Let hi
  18. I don't think Lampard doesn't know what to do with him. I think at the moment he is trying to make everyone happy, which is becoming detrimental.
  19. We are supposed to improve on last season lol
  20. To be fair, most of our coaches were also in that position when we had Hazard saving our asses left, right and centre.
  21. After today I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of the promising youth players to make a breakthrough. So far there are experienced players doing naff all.
  22. Abysmal performance all around, from coach to the players. No idea what the issue is at the moment, but even when we lost or drew this season we actually played pretty well and showed promise. Today it was just a dead performance. Only late in the 2nd half did they bother to actually start playing.
  23. We always make games against Arsenal harder than they should be. On paper we have a superior side. They have multiple important players missing, yet we still don't look dangerous. No shot on target yet.
  24. Arsenal vs Chelsea is always a strange game. It can either be a domination for Chelsea, a tight game, or end up with arsenal getting the better of us. Never know which way it will go. Arsenal may be playing poorly right now, but I'm always wary of playing them. Results have always been up and down in recent years.
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