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  1. I mean it was a red card. It's in the rules. Whether he missed other petty fouls, who knows.
  2. PSG have 1 win from 3 games. Makes you wonder how much impact Silva had in defence. Just something I noticed.
  3. Surprised nobody else, not even Barcelona were in for Thiago. Messi said to Barcelona they have no direction and signings were important, yet they look to be targeting the likes of Wijaldum instead.
  4. Don't know if anybody has seen this, but I just started watching it last night. Need to continue watching it later. Just thought I'd post it here while I remember.
  5. Havertz admits premier league is 'much tougher than Bundesliga' after debut. https://www.goal.com/en/news/havertz-premier-league-much-tougher-bundesliga-chelsea-debut/lnicyg5o451p1oetqutegesnd
  6. No Pulisic, no Kovacic, Werner and Havertz getting used to the league and new team mates. We still have Silva, Chilwell and a new keeper to come in too. It will be a different game vs Liverpool. Lampard will want to beat Klopp for his disrespectful talk.
  7. I think it's expected that we look a little disjointed. Havertz and Werner are new to the team. Getting used to their team mates. We've barely had a preseason. Be patient people.
  8. Unfortunately there are no "settling in" games. Liverpool next game which is annoying, but it is what it is.
  9. Not much we can do at the moment. Hopefully the new coach we got has helped improve the defensive setup. I think the other problem for us for many seasons has top creativity and goal scoring from midfield, as well as taking our chances. I hope with Havertz and Werner we have that perfect mix to finish teams off this season.
  10. The more I think about it, this signing is great. Not just because he's still a quality cb, but also because I believe he can help improve all of our CBs, including Rudiger. Rudiger is the most experienced CB we have, which says it all. Having Silva potentially playing alongside him, Rudiger will listen to the more experienced defender imo.
  11. Shame we are missing a few new signings, but I'm excited to see Havertz and Werner play. Havertz especially. It will be interesting to see how he copes with the archetypal English team.
  12. It is generally the foreign fans who give him stick. They seem to have an anti-English player agenda, even after last season. Then again, they are probably the same fickle, entitled fans who believe we should be signing every world class player in sight. I hate that about social media.
  13. Didn't Christensen get motm the other night for Denmark? He's obviously on a bit of a purple patch so maybe Lampard wants to give him a shot. Arguably better than Rudiger anyway.
  14. I don't know. To be fair, they've mostly kept a stable team for a few years. Meanwhile we've been changing our midfield and attack almost every season. You also have to think that us missing out of the CL for two seasons in those 5 years affected us financially, along with expensive and mediocre signings who don't play for us and we cannot sell hasn't helped our finances.
  15. This is interesting from Swiss Ramble. It analyses the funding from Roman over the last 5 years. It seems we've benefited more from the funding than other clubs during that time. https://mobile.twitter.com/swissramble/status/1305397901212950528?s=21
  16. He did pick up a knock I think, before the end of the season. The real issue may be his body's inability to stay healthy unfortunately.
  17. Haven't followed this game much. However, away at Brighton who are a decent lower table premier League side is a good test. It's stupid to expect much from a game like this. We also have half our normal team out, along with two brand new signings with the coach likely trying out new tactics and personnel.
  18. To be fair, he was out of competitive football for a year. It's a hell of a long time to be out. Expecting him to come back and slot into place, playing like he is capable of will take more time. The mental side of coming back from that kind of injury is likely to have an affect too.
  19. If anybody has seen his wife's reaction to moving here, it's great. She seems to be loving the prospect. Happy wife, happy life 😄
  20. Man City seem to be going after Koulibaly too. Even though our window has been good, if Koulibaly goes to City, I am going to feel totally gutted.
  21. Yeah, can't picture Messi anywhere else. He's been at Barca since he was 14. It makes no sense as there are few, if any clubs out there who would be prepared to break their wage structure and budget on him.
  22. I was definitely dubious at first, but thinking about it and watching him play last night. I got to admit, I think this is a very shrewd signing. First of all, HE'S FREE! Can't beat a free signing (apart from wages) especially in this climate. A top class CB would have cost us upwards of £70m. Also, he's going to be so beneficial for our younger CBs. Both speak French, so that partnership already makes sense to me. Azpi can also speak French, so 3 out of the back four will be able to communicate efficiently. This is the best CB signing we ever could have got in the market. Thiago Silva may jus
  23. He's a very good defender, but can't help thinking his age is an issue. Switching to a new league at his age is a risk, not to mention a league which is fast paced and physical. Fast paced especially. It's definitely a risk, but if fees are kept low when signing him then maybe it can work out. I heard his wages are really high at PSG, so he'd need to take a big pay cut.
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