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  1. Found this: https://lastwordonfootball.com/2019/02/17/why-ben-chilwell-has-been-so-impressive-this-season/
  2. Chilwell is also pretty good in the air, he wins many of his aerial duals. This is an underrated quality people aren't considering. Also, Pep was apparently interested in bringing in Chilwell a year or so ago. I'm not going to lie, I watch very little of Leicester so therefore I don't watch much of Chilwell. If Pep is interested in Chilwell, then I am sure there's some good quality there.
  3. With the money being spent, got to expect Lampard to make a good go of the title challenge. He wanted Chilwell, and wanted the other signings. No excuses now.
  4. I doubt it's putting an end to Havertz. Havertz has agreed personal terms with us. We were always going to go after a CB and LB. Not gonna lie, I hope we aren't paying over £55m for him though. I feel like we should be spending the higher fees on a CB, not a LB. But then again, both are important so who knows. Good fullbacks are crucial in modern football.
  5. Not sure about that. Azpi giving away a penalty was stupid. Pulisic going off injured, and going down to 10 men didn't help at all, but these games are mostly won by fine margins. Arsenal beat Man City to get to the final, we beat Man Utd, Liverpool and Leicester on route to the final too, so I think people are going OTT a little with a massive overhaul. No doubt we need to strengthen, but we need at most 4 players. Due to consistent injuries, maybe it's a good idea to sign an extra player too. The issue has been the board not strengthening each season after we won the league.
  6. I think we can all pick things that can be improved in hindsight, but at the end of the day football is a pretty simple game. Some you win, some you lose, some you draw. If it was easy to be the most consistent, perfect side, every team would be. Unfortunately, it isn't so easy to improve the side due to the ridiculous cost of players these days, as well as the difficulty in finding said players.
  7. Azpilicueta gave away a stupid penalty, so he and Rudiger were at fault.
  8. I'm going with a 4-2 Chelsea win. I reckon Lacazette and Auba score. For us I reckon Giroud, Pulisic and Willian. The other goal being a double for Giroud or an Alonso FK goal.
  9. It doesn't make sense that Kepa was one of the most sought after keepers back in 2017 when he was close to a move to Real Madrid, but now people are saying he's poor. No doubt he hasn't be great for us, but we don't know the real reasons behind this. Could be due to personal issues, lost confidence, homesick etc. I am wondering whether the board are willing to lose money on him because, even though we bought him for £71m, we sold Courtois for £35m so maybe they aren't overly fussed about the loss of money.
  10. There has been some talk of us possibly getting Oblak for Kepa + money. There is a possibility that Kepa can regain some confidence and form under the tutelage of Simeone. The way he sets up his defence and motivates his players, Kepa could do pretty well at Atletico.
  11. seems a bit of a hazard situation with pulisic. mark him out the game and we lack the creativity or offence.
  12. 3-1 Chelsea win. Giroud header, Willian goal, Alonso goal. Jimenez for Wolves.
  13. I don't know if we should go with a 3 at the back. It will leave us with less offensive strength to get the goals. Christensen and Zouma have to play together. Bring in Caballero too. Not sure about the fullbacks at the moment. Midfield I hope Kante is available.
  14. Honestly, I'll be rooting for Utd this weekend. I don't give a f**k about them being our rivals. We need them to win just in case we bottle it. If they win and we bottle it, I will probably have to take back all the sh*t I said about Utd, and I might even stretch as far as to hope they win the Europa.
  15. One point needed from last two games. Come on Chelsea, we mocked Liverpool for the "don't let it slip" speech, let's f**king try and get a result tonight even if a draw. Fight like it's your last ever game on earth. Show some f**king fight please.
  16. Unless Giroud is in top form, I feel like VVD would be able to handle him. We will see I guess.
  17. 3 at the back is probably the safest option, but doubt we'll see much of the ball tbh.
  18. If we can get the win today, well, I don't know what, but it would be incredible. If we drew today, would that mean Leicester need to lose their next game for us to qualify for CL? Given how Utd can be with form, I don't want to rely on Leicester to lose to Man U tbh.
  19. He would still strengthen our defence massively for a few years. We've spent more on multiple players who have done nothing to strengthen the team and barely contributed. Bakayoko and Drinkwater are two examples.
  20. We would have heard by now. These things don't stay quiet, especially in Italy with Sky Italia and their journos.
  21. How are we not in for Koulibaly? Apparently City are interested and he would cost £75, but City aren't willing to pay that. He would be like a Van Dijk esque signing and transform our central defence. Along with a signing like Tagliafico and Onana, our defence would be infinitely improved.
  22. I've put a bet down on us so let's hope we win. 😅
  23. We seem to defend well when it matters most, so let us hope we start today then carry that over into the Liverpool game, please. Another FA cup "upset" would be great.
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