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  1. unbelievably, Man Utd and Spurs could help us by beating Leicester if we were to lose our next two games.
  2. Can't believe this is the same Sheffield Utd that beat us by 3 goals.
  3. Obviously I absolutely hate this top four race going to the wire, but on the flipside it is a little exciting because this must be the tighest top four race in a long time.
  4. Well we will have a transfer window and the opportunity to upgrade our side. Nobody is expecting us to win the CL any time soon. CL qualification is mainly for the money.
  5. Wolves only need to win their next two games, then they play us. If we continue to play like that, I fancy Wolves chances tbh. We need to pick it up. I would bring in a couple of youth players for the Liverpool game to add some determination and fight. They will want to prove a point more than a couple of these first teamers. Lewis Bate I would bring in as one option.
  6. Didn't we sign Ashley Cole after 2006? Ivanovic too? I'd argue both would get in our best all time first 11 imo. Also, Kevin De Bruyne and Salah have got to have mentions here, depending on if we are going on their forms after leaving Chelsea. He is generally correct though. As I've previously mentioned, our recruitment has been pretty poor tbh. We last had a real arguably world class team in 2009/2010 period, but even that side could have been strenthened even further if we are honest. We were close to signing Aguero in 2011, but I believe we didn't cough up enough money despite the fee
  7. Chelsea blowing the chance to get top four with lack of fight or hunger tops this list.
  8. I don't know enough about that case, but could they reduce the exclusion of City from the CL for one season instead?
  9. Let's hope Utd lose or draw too. We have to do our job though.
  10. I agree. I was reading what a few Utd fans were saying and a couple mentioned that Ferguson would be gone after 1 or 1.5 seasons in the current times. It's because it's how modern game is. The modern fans are impatient and ungrateful too. It is irksome.
  11. We have neglected areas of improvement for so long. The defence for e.g has needed improving for such a long period of time, it's coming back to bite us in the ass. We started seeing fragilities during Cahill's latter years here when he was making silly mistakes. The board neglected upgrading our defence with high quality. We had the chance to sign Koulibaly or Van Dijk, and also Sandro, but passed the opportunities up, rather than dip into the pockets for one of them. We won the league under Mourinho and didn't strengthen like any league winner would do. The same when we won the league
  12. Without Hazard we would have finished about 6th (at least) last season.
  13. I said it before. We are a top 8 side punching above our weight, and that's because of Lampard's faith in youth and his and Jody's coaching. Neither Sarri or Conte, or even Mourinho would be doing better with this side. Losing Hazard was huge. People underestimate how big of an impact Eden actually had. Him leaving left us in a sh*t position already, but then the lack of transfer market also affected us. Before Lampard came I was sceptical as he hadn't coached at the top level or won anything. However, thinking about it logically he's had a big hill to climb with the loss of our be
  14. People are too quick to judge him. Who else do we have? Literally all the pressure to score at the moment and for most of the season has fell on his shoulders. That cannot be easy for a young player like him. Apart from Pulisic who has been having a purple patch, we haven't had anybody else taking the pressure off Tammy. Giroud is not better. Neither is Batshuayi. It all goes back to the club for the poor/lack of recruitment.
  15. Nobody thought he would do as well as he has. 14 non penalty goals in his first season with little creativity around him. Also, he got that injury before the break and it could be that which is affecting him as he might not have fully recovered. I remember it being said he was playing through injury back in Feb.
  16. People on here were saying getting top four would be a great achievement given the team Lampard had, with Hazard leaving and the players at his disposal. We've done better than expected and the youngsters have done better than expected too. What we can't change, is the mediocre defence and inconsistent experienced players.
  17. Have you paid no attention to the past few seasons? The team were deteriorating before now, but the club sat on their hands and didn't strengthen. Lampard already had a hill to climb with Hazard leaving, but being left with a mediocre defence and aging players didn't help.
  18. I dare say Utd are better than us. It seems to be that Solskjaer has done a great job at Utd. They were way behind us, but now they have a chance to beat us into 3rd place. Granted they have better players in most areas of the pitch, but considering where we were and they were a few months ago, now looking at both teams it feels like they have the edge and more confidence.
  19. I'd take Barkley off for Kova and Mount off for Ruben. Then replace Abraham at around the 60 min mark. We need a left footer at LB though. Azpi isn't it.
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