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  1. They can't live with this place at all. We've been brilliant from the start.
  2. Yeah I thought the same he did over hit it. Great finish.
  3. Whenever Mount plays our pressing and intensity goes up no end. It's definitely no coincidence.
  4. Kante is absolutely bossing this, he's everywhere. So business as usual I guess.
  5. Mendy is massively underrated with the ball at his feet.
  6. Christensen does brilliant there to keep it down. Standard class from Silva too.
  7. Mendy obviously superb but the defense was brilliant. Absolutely got out of jail there. Have to give Brentford a lot of credit there, they are some side.
  8. To think he was close to working a normal job a few years back, what s story.
  9. What a signing Mendy has been. Absolutely love the guy.
  10. Chalobah is class, love his intensity. Not a big lad but strong as hell.
  11. Yeah very impressive, not looked out of place at all.
  12. What is it with our left wing backs, what a strike!
  13. Brentford look a very good side. Impressed by their manager so far.
  14. Genuinely looks like a top player. What a great bit of vision from Tuchel.
  15. Werner probably should have had a couple but he was really good today. Lukaku was poor though, pretty much non existent.
  16. That was literally one of the worst decisions I've ever seen.
  17. What a strike that is from Chilwell. Unreal technique, even Alonso would be proud of that one.
  18. Easy option to take Rubes off there. Tuchel is absolutely obsessed with 3 centre halfs and wing backs and it looks like that's not going to change.
  19. Not sure this will suit us against 10 we can't break down deep lying teams normally.
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