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  1. Christensen seems to be finally really growing as a player for us, been really good so far.
  2. Willy has been brilliant, can't see Kepa playing again anytime soon.
  3. Great news this. Potentially our best youth prospect.
  4. Really pleased for him today he was quality. I think he's taken some unnecessary flak on here recently considering his age. Getting his confidence back to where it was last season, hope he carries it on.
  5. Is he a right back, I literally know nothing about the kid? Really impressive to come into this game and play like that.
  6. Seriously what the f**k is wrong with people. We live in a multicultural society which the vast majority of us are proud to be part of and have a multicultural team. Who goes to a footy match and thinks this is ok to do. Well not just at a footy match in life in general. Disgraceful from a small minority of Spurs and our fan if true, disgusting! At least we reported it.
  7. I'd love us to sign Chilwell he's quality.
  8. What has happened to Spurs they are dreadful and I absolutely love it.
  9. I was exactly the same, it's totally ruining the passion when scoring a goal.
  10. It's getting boring now even talking about VAR, every weekend it's something else they've got wrong. If they can't use it properly, sack it off.
  11. VAR is great for things like that but that Kolasinac handball was an absolute stone wall penalty, shocking decision.
  12. Great news this, not really bothered about the money. But there will be a fair bit of pressure on him now. On another note, anyone know when he's likely to be back?
  13. Hope this is true, great news if it is. Exactly what we need with the transfer ban.
  14. Do you know what's great... Arsenal aren't in the champions League next year.
  15. Big shout out to our defence tonight, they were brilliant.
  16. Absolutely gutted that Eden has pretty much gone, he's literally said it. No ill feeling, as good a player as I've ever seen wear blue. Good luck for the future buddy, rip the Spanish league a new one.
  17. Enjoy it everyone, transfer ban but we'll still be up there, it's what we do.
  18. What other club has so much criticism, so much change, but carry on winning. WE ARE f**kING CHELSEA!
  19. So BT have to say Eden had a 'mostly distinguished career' at Chelsea, f**k right off!
  20. Triumph through adversity so far, typical Chelsea, f**king love it.
  21. Triumph through adversity so far, typical Chelsea, f**king love it.
  22. Triumph through adversity so far, typical Chelsea, f**king love it.
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