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  1. Pulisic should be doing better there. It's gonna be one of those nights isn't it.
  2. Jorginho cannot pass the ball further than 5 yards backwards, it's so frustrating.
  3. How can anyone blame Kepa for that. He's made space looking for the pass.
  4. Jorginho has been absolutely dreadful so far. sh*tting it every time he gets the ball and there's not a 2 yard pass on.
  5. This lot are bound to out in a performance against us tonight.
  6. I know it's crazy. Must be at least 2 that should be a goal every game.
  7. It's absolutely ridiculous how many chances we miss.
  8. I love the way Tuchel is with the players after a game. They really seem to have taken to him.
  9. Ha ha get in there. We've deserved this, been all over them second half.
  10. Sky are absolutely dying for City to nick this.
  11. That was a brilliant tackle from Zouma and all they've said on commentary was it's risky.
  12. Ziyech has been rubbish so far. His passing has been dreadful.
  13. Would absolutely love Dave to lift the trophy totally deserves it. Proper servant and class for years and years now.
  14. We f**king did it guys! Can't believe it, that was some performance!
  15. This is going to be a horrible half to watch, thank god I got some 🍺
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