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  1. Drogba Legend

    Serge Aurier

    If he really goes to spuds for 23 million and we were at all interested thats insane. If Conte didn't want him then whatever, its fine.
  2. Oh and just another game where Thibaut shows why he's absolutely at the top of the class in world keepers. Lloris would have let several of those chances in.
  3. Really really well done today and the physicality of this team is really going to be huge this season. Bakayoko is going to be so good for us for years. Same with Christensen. So excited to see him get a chance. Willian was poor but had a 10 minute or so stretch where he turned it on and was untouchable. Morata's legs quit about halfway through but he kept pushing. Glad we got to remind the spuds who their Daddy is.
  4. Drogba Legend

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Wish we had him around for next weekend...
  5. Drogba Legend

    Danny Drinkwater

    Please god don't spend money on drinkwater. I'd rather spend 30 on Ross Barkley and thats saying something.
  6. Drogba Legend

    Are you worried about the squad size?

    Yes OP, I am. Thanks for the question.
  7. Drogba Legend

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Wish he had been given the full 90. Was tackling everything yesterday and I would have loved to have seen him get some time next to Matic. Thought he represented himself really well yesterday.
  8. Drogba Legend

    Didier Drogba Returns!

    Goosebumps honestly