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  1. superdan

    Just signed up from Norway.

    Welcome - I'm a Brit who has been living in Oslo for the last 7 years. Still find it depressing how everyone supports Man Utd or Liverpool - especially Liverpool! Remember our cup final against Liverpool 6 or so years ago, the half time studio commentators in Norway were just talking about what Liverpool were doing wrong and what they needed to do to win the game, was so annoying but how it works here! Hopefully we'll get some more coverage of Chelsea in Europa league now the group stages are over!
  2. Wanted to share this story https://www.premierleague.com/news/603469 Mostly because an ex-colleague and her child were featured in a great video with him! Well done Frank - truly a legend.
  3. superdan

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Think he's more likely to replace Matic... which would be fun! Otherwise we don't really want him bombing forward or backwards or he'll be giving away fouls running back the whole time
  4. superdan

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I haven't read all 19 pages here so this has probably been said before. But I'm excited as I love Luiz and he's a talented, exciting and passionate footballer with character and leadership which we need - but we also need a good defender and I don't think he is that. Well it's gonna be fun I hope.
  5. superdan

    Forgotten Players That Scored Great Goals

    I have fond memories of that day. My Tottenham supporting mate took me with him to the Spurs member enclosure - we were the only two left at the end and he wasn't happy I made him stay to the end!
  6. superdan

    Forgotten Players That Scored Great Goals

    Funny that the Paul Hughes came into my mind as well... he scored 2 that day I believe, his only goals for the club. So my nomination is Bjarne Goldbaek
  7. superdan

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Am not really here to discuss today, just to let off some steam. When I find some time I shall have a read through and see what other people are saying. Like many of you I'm angry but unsurprised and at the end of it all still a bit optimistic. Many of us have supported Chelsea through thick and thin and I'm lucky, having been born in 1980, to have avoided much of the crap and to have grown up in my teenage years to an exciting team that never achieved very much but was always pushing the boundaries. We knew we could beat anyone and we knew anyone could beat us. That continued as we got our first taste of silverware (in my lifetime) and exciting European nights against heavyweights like Club Bruge and Real Zaragoza. We pushed further with memorable Champions league debut and seasons where we came so close yet so far. Then came in Mr Mourinho and suddenly things changed. We were unbeatable, a powerhouse, if we didn't win at home it was a surprise and we'd go home a bit disappointed. The unpredictability was gone and with it a bit of the romance too, but with it came silverware, record after record and the knowledge that we were the best (or at least better than Arsenal - how they made my teens a misery). This season has been bizarre. It's been crap losing all the time, but for those of us who remember what being relegated is like it actually wasn't that bad. 2nd place or 12th place, they are both no silverware places and as long as we were still in the Champions League and FA cup there was a big of fun being unpredictable in the league as long as we could keep going in the cups... that's how it used to be before Mourinho came along! There was no way Mourinho was going while silverware was still up for winning, he is a born winner as are his teams. Having seen manager after manager come and go the idea of a dynasty along with a brand new stadium was what we wanted. Sadly Chelsea FC had other ideas, who knows why, maybe it was the results or maybe something we don't know about behind the scenes. Either way that's it with Jose, we know he won't be back as manager again, it doesn't make sense to me but I'm not the guy in charge and the guy in charge is also a winner, with a philosophy that I don't really get but that had served him well. And we know he loves Chelsea too. So onwards and upwards - hopefully by some miracle we can win some silverware this season and get back up ready for the league next season... I have my doubts but remember, it's football, it's meant to be fun so get that anger off your chest and remember all the great times we've had over the last 10 or so years!
  8. superdan

    Victor Moses

    He is in our preseason squad and I hope he does well. His 1 season for us he scored 10 goals in 40 matches (almost all in cups and Europe) and took his chance when given it. He is a seasoned international for an albeit rubbish Nigeria and is only 24. He's already played in 6 seasons in the Premier league and deserves a chance just as much as someone with a foreign passport. I don't see many alternatives available that will be better and are available.
  9. superdan

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    The Bamford loan to deal to Middlesborough still hasn't gone through - could it be they are waiting to see what happens with Torres first? (pure speculation from me and based on prevous history more likely they will splash out on someone new)
  10. superdan

    Following our ex`s...

    Anelka is an idiot and I hope WBA don't do a Liverpool and carry on supporting his gesture, they must condemn and speak out against their player. Anelka may not realise he is making an anti-semitic gesture, he may think he's just supporting his mate, but his mate is a far right sympathiser, a nasty piece of work and whatever his sympathies a salute that glorifies the Nazis is not funny or clever and inappropriate during a football match
  11. superdan

    Our New Stadium

    haha - okay - I assumed it was related to Chelsea's stadium development, didn't realise anyone considered QPR actual rivals :-)
  12. superdan

    Our New Stadium

    Surprised nobody has posted this story yet http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/qpr-unveils-plan-for-new-40000-seat-stadium-at-old-oak-in-west-london-9002273.html
  13. superdan

    Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    Going to be hard for any young midfielder to get a run like Lampard got early career with us. He was an unremarkable player who tried all game in his first season with us - these days with the depth we have that might have meant him being benched
  14. superdan

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Had to comment about the comment "Suarez oozed danger at the weekend" as it's complete rubbish - he had 10 minutes at the end when he looked dangerous but he was in Ivanovic's pocket the rest of the game - the first half he hardly touched the ball and had zero service. Torres also had little service but worked to make his own chances - I can't argue that Suarez has a better record this season and is looking more consistent, but if you are talking about the weekend you are well off the mark.