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  1. I dunno, the last lanky Norwegian striker to play for Chelsea wasn't too bad.
  2. Nuno Santo set to be appointed by Everton. Whoever they appointed was probably going to feel a step down from Carlo but it's not a bad pick on paper. Quite amusing they've beat Spurs to a new appointment despite the mob from North London having had 2 months to sort out their pick.
  3. Bit of both. Turkey have shown no ambition but Italy have looked very confident in possession. Jorginho keeping things ticking over in midfield nicely and the forward players have been quite aggressive with getting past their man and not hesitating with getting a shot away.
  4. Bonucci and Chiellini have over 200 caps for Italy between them. Testament to both how brilliant they both are as players and just how few quality defenders are coming out of Italy nowadays. That Emerson made their squad speaks volumes.
  5. I was going to ask if you'd confused him with Emre Can but then realised he too plays for Germany.
  6. Bore off mate. You got called out because people are bored of your inane attempts at humour in every single thread you post in and now you're on a one man crusade crying about it and once again derailing and ringing a thread. At least you're consistent I suppose.
  7. The Athletic reporting that Rudiger is undecided about signing a new contract and is open to leaving on a free next year. Currently we're heading into the new season with Silva, Rudiger, Christensen, Emerson and Azpi all in the final year of their contract. Not ideal and rather unlike us.
  8. Jemaine Jenas remains a skid mark on commentary. I have no idea why he continues to get work. He makes Martin Keown look charismatic.
  9. No one seemed to have started a thread for the Euros. Italy currently dominating Turkey without having scored... Very Chelsea like in that respect. Jorginho has done some wonderful pointing so far too.
  10. Sheffield United along with Phil Jagielka. Still not sure how they got relegated this season with quality in depth like that.
  11. Dortmund allegedly keen to keep hold of him but he apparently has a clause in his contract which will allow him to leave for around £70m next summer. So either Dortmund accept a bid that's significantly higher than the release clause. Try to get Haaland to negotiate a new contract which would eliminate the buy out clause. Hold onto him for 12 months and lose him for a lower price but not exactly pennies. I guess Dortmund have to decide is another season of Haaland worth losing £70m next year when he'd likely leave or are they confident of convincing him to sign a new de
  12. Andy Carroll, Jack Rodwell, Gary Cahill, Danny Rose all on a freebie. There's the potential for a best of British, Brexit XI in there.
  13. Depends if he's willing to sign a new contract or not I guess. If he's hinted he'll sign a new contract then by all means sign him up. If he's running down the last 12 months then using him in a make weight for Hakimi and grooming Reece James to play RCB would be good business.
  14. Rumours that Ampadu and Conner Gallagher might be involved in the squad next season. But to be honest I wouldn't expect a break through every season. You'll probably have a homegrown lad as 3rd choice goalkeeper next season which is a promotion of sorts. But for now I think we can content ourselves with having Mount, James, CHO featuring regularly and Gilmour progressing nicely.
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