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  1. If you don't take your chances then you don't deserve to win. Carved out more than enough decent openings today but lacked decent finishing, especially in the first half. Midfield needs to start stepping up and offering more of a goal threat. Feels like unless the centre forward scores, no one else will unless it's from a set piece.
  2. Mount has been our best midfielder this season, maybe even our best player. I don't object to him starting.
  3. Hudson-Odoi, Gilmour and Christensen all set to start. Lampard rightly ringing the changes by the sounds of it.
  4. So when Frank does well it's because other teams were bad but when he loses it's because he's not up to the job? You say that the focus has moved away from youth development but James, Mount, Abraham all started yesterday and Hudson-Odoi was bought on at half time. Lampard hasn't exactly abandoned that philosophy has he? Of the new signings the biggest money was invested in Havertz, Werner and Chilwell. Aged 21, 24 and 23 at the time of being signed. Hardly a move towards tried and tested experience is it? The two Germans are playing outside of their native country for the first ti
  5. Was you saying this when Lampard had us on a 13 game unbeaten run that included having us qualify top of our Champions League group? Things were looking fantastic about a month ago, now we're on a run of bad results and performances. I have faith Lampard can get the team playing well again like we were earlier this season but I think he needs to make some decisions about formation, tactics and team selection that perhaps he's wanted to avoid. Getting Werner and Havertz into the team and playing well and with confidence should be top of the priority list.
  6. Wake up call for Frank today. We've not been good for a few weeks now (got lucky against West Ham). He's persisting with picking the same players and the same formation hoping they'll play themselves out of it. It's not working so now he has to take responsibility. We've got a big squad of players to choose from and options to play something other than 4-3-3. He's got one of the most prolific strikers of the last couple of years misfiring out on the wing and our record signing restricted to cameo appearances from the bench. Form and results sits on his shoulders. I
  7. Can someone tell skippy to let someone else take the penalties.
  8. Feeling a bit more confident after seeing the line ups. I think we look good with the midfield selection and Arsenal are going to be scared to push up against a pacey front three of Abraham, Werner and Pulisic. Chuffed to see James and Chilwell both start. One missing wouldn't have been too bad but both out would have been a massive miss. It's on us to take the game to them as we're clearly the stronger and better side this season.
  9. How long do Arsenal realistically persist with Arteta? I mean, there's no hint that they're a better side now than when he took over. I'll be seriously disappointed if we don't beat them.
  10. If nothing else, last night taught us why the club are interested in Declan Rice.
  11. Been our best and most consistent striker so far this season.
  12. Kovacic came on, we seemed to push 10 yards further up the pitch and suddenly looked to be doing more than defending. Ugly win. Flattering result but I won't complain.
  13. Mark Noble is in there to man mark Jorginho. So Jorginho is dropping into the defence to avoid him... Which just means there's no out ball on unless Mount or Kante drop deep. But then they just pass backwards because there's no forward pass on. Midfield just looks awful and unbalanced.
  14. Leeds are the most overhyped side in the league. Goes for their manager too.
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