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  1. That game was a perfect microcosm of Chelsea under Sarri. Hints of good football but so many negatives to take away from it. I don’t understand why we’re so poor defending set pieces. Uninspiring substitutions that do nothing to change what’s happening on the pitch. I don’t understand why we insist on playing a high line, even when winning. I don’t understand allowing opponents so much time and space on the ball in our half. Kepa can go from looking awesome to awful in a blink of an eye. Kovacic just isn’t particularly good at anything. Barkley sums up why Everton finish mid table all the time. Luiz just loves hoofing the ball 60 yards regardless of if it passes to a player or not. Giroud fades after 60 minutes. Pedro works hard but his best days are clearly behind him now. Emerson is just as much a defensive liability as Alonso. Glad we went through but f**k me, if we’re struggling against Prague what’s a decent team going to do when they get hold of us? Frankfurt will be fancying their chances against us.
  2. Strong line up, happy enough with that team selection. Cahill on the bench makes me happy.
  3. Strong line up, happy enough with that team selection. Cahill on the bench makes me happy.
  4. Why do people go to the circus but to laugh at the clowns? Just because I don't take your passive aggressive replies seriously doesn't mean that I can't derive entertainment from them.
  5. Because Hazard plays better when he's played in his best position? Hazard playing better ≠ CHO being subbed.
  6. Apparently it's not, FIFA are investigating up to 4 other Premier League clubs for similar offences to us.
  7. Said in the pre-match press conference that he isn't content to be second choice striker at Chelsea and unless he is given a bigger role in the team he doesn't want to sign a 12 month extension and would leave at the end of the season. Acknowledges that things are up in the air with the potential transfer ban but still wants his future sorted before the end of the season. Can't see him staying personally. If we have the transfer ban and Sarri is still here he's going to want to keep Higuain around. Transfer ban is lifted, we're going to go out and find someone better. I could see Michy B being bought back next season as second choice.
  8. I find it hard to take people seriously who write posts like this.
  9. By Castles I assume it's referring to Duncan Castles? If so the man is a no nothing twat of the highest order and is one of the last footie journalists I would expect to have any sort of inside knowledge of the inner workings at Chelsea. Which is a myth that can be put to bed following our signings of Higuain and Jorginho.
  10. All eyes have been on Mason Mount during his stint at Super Frank's Derby County but Tomori has been voted fans' player of the year. Good to see another of the young players having a successful season.
  11. No one is ending up on the Iron Throne, a dragon is going to melt it in a battle for King's Landing.
  12. I keep seeing us being linked with him over the last few weeks so thought it was worth starting a thread. Being linked with Philippe Coutinho who Barca apparently are looking to sell in the summer after he's failed to live up to their expectations following his move from Liverpool. Transfer fee would be in the region of an eye watering £100m which would basically be whatever we would be getting from Real Madrid should Hazard go there. Not sure where he would fit into Sarri's system? Perhaps in the attacking midfield spot, though what that would mean for Barkley and RLC is anyone's guess. It's a lot of money for a player that doesn't really solve any of the problems we're having... If we're looking to drop big money on a player I'd rather we were sniffing around a quality centre forward. Someone like Timmo Werner who is apparently set to leave RB Leipzig at the end of this season.

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