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  1. Messi Lingard does it again. West Ham might just do it when it comes to finishing in the top 4,their remaining fixtures are very favourable.
  2. Felt like he took the handbrake off yesterday and we looked more direct and wanting to get the ball forward quicker. Felt like there were a lot more passes being exchanged between the centre backs. Palace were quite passive in the first half and I think that helped but we were very good with one/two touch football. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
  3. Still not sold on him playing as a false 9. I just think that between him and Mount with their ability to receive the ball in tight spaces if you've got a quality centre forward, with decent finishing, they could mop up the chances those two can create.
  4. Struggling to score goals from open play? Don't play a centre forward.
  5. Three centre forwards on the bench but no room for Billy Gilmour?
  6. Manchester City should be all over that. Better option than Haaland in my opinion.
  7. Didn't mind Mount going off because Kante gives you a lot of protection, especially late in a game. Thought James being subbed off was a strange one just because it meant Dave, who isn't as mobile as he used to be, had to take over at right wing-back. Like you said, James was really good last night. The Porto players struggled with physical he was.
  8. Didn't think he had one of better games last night but the fact that he still came up with telling contribution is testiment to how well he's developing. The confidence he showed to take the ball, turn and be in a shooting position with just one touch was brilliant. The goal gets better every time you watch it.
  9. Even ignoring the goal I thought he played alright last night. There was a moment late in the game, some time after the 80th minute, when we lost possession deep into Porto's half. Chilwell was one of the most advanced players in our team but he busted a gut to get back into a defensive position. That in itself isn't praise worthy but I think it contrasts with the way that Alonso plays who is a lot more casual about the defensive side of the game.
  10. I think he'd benefit from sitting out a few games. The narrative around him has got to a ridiculous level now where everything and anything he does on the pitch is scrutinised.
  11. Not for the first time recently he's looked completely lost whilst playing as the "false 9". Giroud and Abraham are both fit and either of them should be starting ahead of him through the middle as their hold up play and/or goal scoring threat is a lot more than he offers there. Just feels like he's being shoe horned into the team at the moment.
  12. You're quite an angry young man aren't you Mojo? Can't fault the passion.
  13. Mason Mount, once again, showing the expensive new signing, big time Charlies, how it's done.
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