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  1. Has it been a good start to the season? No. Should we be overly surprised? Not really. Let’s not play down how big a transition this season is. A lot was said about needing patients with Sarri because he was overhauling our playing style so drastically, well Lampard is overseeing a change in playing style, a squad overhaul and cultural shift in mentally to player selection. It’s a huge task he’s undertaking. This is a playing squad that lost leadership and experience in Hazard, Luiz, Cahill and replaced it with youthful promise. When Jorginho, a player who has only been here 12 months, is spoken about as a leading voice on and off the pitch that tells us a lot about the make up of this squad. We’ve got a brand new centre back pairing who need to develop an understanding. A new shape to our midfield. Youthful talents of Pulisic (let’s not forget he’s only 20 years old), Mount, Abraham being entrusted with large minutes of playing time. I’d love to see us going out and smashing Leicester 5-0 today but we’ve got to be realistic about the state of the squad and the expectations we have for it right now. It’s early days, now is not the time to judge Lampard or these players, especially those playing their first full seasons for Chelsea. Keep the faith. In Frankie we trust. KTBFFH.
  2. Different number, same Willian.
  3. Kepa Dave - Christensen - Zouma - Emerson Jorginho - Kante Pedro - Barkley - Pulisic Abraham 3-0 Chelsea, hopefully Tammy gets on the score sheet today because no doubt a goal from him will get a great reception from the home crowd and will be the confidence boost he no doubt could do with following midweek. Reception for Lampard is going to be great, the Shed End has a couple of special banners lined up to welcome Frank home. KTBFFH.
  4. Can you imagine being this angry and negative about the team you supposedly support on the eve on the second league game of the season? Especially when the team is being managed by arguably our all time greatest player and we’re seeing the biggest influx of youth in the team during the Premier League era. If you can’t bring yourself to feel positive and optimistic about the team this early in the season then I’d suggest not watching Chelsea at all because who needs that level of negativity in their life?
  5. I think for delusion you might want to look a little closer to home.
  6. Hated that too. Apparently in European competition assistant refs are asked to allow the phase of play to continue before flagging offside and then if contentious VAR checks the decision. I don't like it because twice we had the ball in the net, I'm celebrating a goal but then it's ruled out instead of given... Way too frustrating as a fan watching that.
  7. Looks like he has a lot more free license to create things in attack. Seems to be hitting a lot more longer passes and is attempting through balls and balls over the top more frequently. Did really well with the penalties last night too, was good to see him show that level of self confidence.
  8. I don't see many similarities with Sarri's system personally. The transition of the ball from defence to attack is much faster, more willingness to play on the counter attack.
  9. Why? What did they do wrong? Thought the game flowed quite well last night and there wasn't an overuse of VAR which we've seen recently. Had no complaints personally, if anything they did us a favour with awarding the penalty for the extra-time equaliser.
  10. Reading a few comments on this thread it seems there are a few posters a little too eager to say "Ah ha! told you Lampard wasn't ready" or some such. I wouldn't mind but he's overseen a grand total of two games. He's inherited a squad that's just lost it's best player of the last decade and trying to oversee the integration of some youth players who have no top flight experience. I mean, just a little bit of patience, yeah?
  11. His new contract will be announced to coincide with the release of our new 3rd kit.... "Here's our new 3rd kit as worn by CHO who's just signed a new 5 year deal".
  12. Kepa Zappa Zouma Christensen Alonso Kovacic Jorginho Pedro Barkley Pulisic Giroud I'd go with something like that, I think following a result like the United one you've got to rotate a few positions to see if anyone can steak a claim for a place early on. Ideally I wouldn't be starting Zouma but doubt Rudiger is fit enough to be starting a game and I think starting Tomori would be like throwing him to the lions with Liverpool's attack.
  13. Do we think Tammy will score more league goals for Chelsea this season than Morata will score league goals for Atletico?

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