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  1. Been confirm that the San Siro is going to be demolished ahead of the 2022 season. One of the most iconic stadiums in world football. Interestingly the 80k stadiums replacement which will be built right next door will be a 60k stadium... Perhaps both Inter and AC Milan acknowledging the low attendances in Serie A?
  2. You know what, I admire how heartfelt this is x No issue from me, I was just being lighthearted.
  3. Transfer ban or not, I just can’t see a justification for making Kovacic’s loan permanent. Would feel short sighted to sign him. His being there isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference so we might as well wait out the ban until we can sign better.
  4. Still the strangest and probably the worst decision of the Roman era at Chelsea was appointing the FSW. How they agreed that it was a good idea is still to this day completely lost on me.
  5. This is the first time in about 5 years I haven't created the "following our nearest & dearest" thread.... I feel slightly cheated.
  6. Anelka is a good shout. Played wide left a lot towards the end which wasn’t his natural game but he was really good with his close control and link up play and helped bring out the best in Drogba.
  7. Cudicini Ferrer, Alex, LeBeuof, Le Saux Poyet, Tiago, Dalla Bona Kalou, Hasselbaink, Stanic Difficult to pick because everyone has their own interpretation of what constitutes a legend so tried picking a team of players where they wouldn’t necessarily spring immediately to mind.
  8. Interesting that he was playing wide left. I’ve not really seen him play so thought he mostly played on the right?
  9. Willian could sign that rumoured two year contract extension...
  10. To be fair, what’s the rush? Not like the new manager needs to work on transfer strategy or anything with the club. As long as they’re in place ready for pre-season then it’s all hunky dory.
  11. I just feel bad for Frank having to inherit the stinky hobos office... Hope he brings form febreze with him.

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