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  1. Mendy James - Silva - Zouma - Chilwell Kante - Kovacic Ziyech - Havertz - Pulisic Werner 3-0 Chelsea from a hat trick of own goal by Harry Maguire who, following the game, declare he's immediately flying back to Greece stating that spending the next few years in a Greek prison is less of a punishment than continuing his playing career for Manchester United.
  2. Ozil, shots fired. I'll him him this... He's very good at shelf PR. £350k a week and not even included in the 25 man squad.
  3. So far so good from Mendy. Commands his box quite well, he's quick to come off his line to claim crosses which looks to take a lot of pressure the defenders to deal with them.
  4. Definitely looks more confident to play out from the back than the other centre backs. Too much sideways and 10 yard passes normally. Silva looks willing to get his head up go longer when possible.
  5. Best of the summer signings so far. Slotted straight in and immediately looks an improvement on the team.
  6. Positionally, I think he's better. I don't want this to become a Zouma pile on but he's making the sort of mistakes in the last couple of games that David Luiz would be slaughtered for. It's not just the dodgy back passes it's over/under hitting passes when playing out from the back which is allowing the opposition to turn over possession high up the pitch in dangerous positions. Seems like Frank sees him as the most suited to that left sided centre back role, maybe he's the most confident playing out with either foot?
  7. Good result, decent performance. Early days but Mendy and Silva make a huge difference to our defensive performance. Mount left wing, it's got to stop when you have specialist players more suited to that role sitting on the bench. Chilwell, quality. Werner, looks like he's still struggling to find his feet in this team. Zouma, makes me nervous. Made more errors than anyone else today. Best of a bad bunch? Maybe. But don't think he should be a nailed on starter by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. Mendy James - Silva - Zouma - Chilwell Kante - Kovacic CHO - Havertz - Pulisic Werner 5-0 Chelsea. Mendy hat-trick and a brace from Lampard.
  9. He was so bad for the second goal against Southampton. Not only the poorly hit back pass to Kepa but after that he basically stood still afterwards making no effort to try and mae amends for his error.
  10. You do know we signed six players this summer that are likely to start the majority of our games? Is that not changing the personnel? We were without our first choice central defender and goalkeeper... Guess which two positions made errors leading to goals yesterday? Zouma and Christensen are very limited players but we're stuck with them for now. There's a real lack of quality centre backs available and that's why we signed a 35 year old Silva... We knew we were unlikely to shift any of the current centre backs and that's why we've still got 5 on the books. This is a three y
  11. But Willy isn't really any better than Kepa, he's not reliable and makes a lot of silly errors himself. It's Sophie's choice really. End of the day Kepa is the £70m investment and it's within our interests to make that work.
  12. Yes. The new signings have barely played. Those signings are the ones who fix the problems from today. We already know Zouma and Christensen aren't good enough individually and definitely as a centre back pairing. That Zouma back pass was criminal and gave Southampton the confidence to push us for 90 minutes. Silva has only been here 5 minutes and already he's an automatic pick despite having 5 centre backs to choose from. We all know Kepa is pony. He's rounded so easily for the first and once again gets beat by a fairly tame shot from outside the area. Mendy is b
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