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  1. Not necessarily what I want us to play but something I think we could see Mendy James - Christensen - Dave CHO - Jorginho - Kovacic - Chilwell Werner - Lukaku - Mount
  2. Pulisic's injury record is just embarrassing at this point. He's never going to establish himself as a first team player if he's going to miss the majority of matches through injury. If it carries on like this we should consider selling up and putting faith in CHO instead.
  3. I'd be all over that job as a manager. Massive transfer budget to work with. Likely to get a massive wage increase and then you just know you're going to get a bumper pay off at the end of it. What's not to love about that job right now? You basically have to stop Newcastle being relegation candidates and finishing mid table next season whilst being allowed to spend a small fortune.
  4. For £500m, yes, but not a penny less.
  5. Drogba scores a hat trick tonight for Marseille tonight. The King's still got it.
  6. He's got 14 goals and 16 assists in 60 appearances for Chelsea. He's directly contributing to a goal every 2 games. As an attacking player he's overall contrinution has been solid. He's never going to be one of the World's best but right now we're a much bigger attacking threat when he plays in the team.
  7. The Premier League's best right wing back is back training. Thankfully looks like he should be back in contention for selection.
  8. Got to disagree with that assessment. He's shown a lot of ability when recieving the ball with his back to goal, holding up play and bring others into attacking moves. He's never going to be a player to pick the ball up 40 yards from goal, go around 4 players and slot it into the back of the net. But then again neither were Drogba, Costa or JFH. They were players who came alive in and around the 18 yard area and Lukaku is no different.
  9. Taken from the article: "The strongest metric we have to analyse the level of pressing for a team comes from PPDA (Passes per defensive action) a metric to quantify high press intensity, introduced by analyst Colin Trainor in 2014. PPDA only takes into account pressing in the final 60% of the pitch." Some of the newer football stats are so conceptual. It's stats based on a premise rather than a tangible action (goals, assists, tackles, dribbles etc). Not everything in football can be evaluated by sticking a number against it.
  10. Eidur Gudjohnsen's son Andri scored for Iceland last night. He's currently playing his football for Real Madrid's B team.
  11. Steve Bruce is 6th on the list of most games managed in the Premier League behind Arsene Wenger, Alex Furguson, Harry Redknapp, David Moyes and Sam Allardyce. He has overseen 475 Premier League games and has a win record of 28%. How? How has someone with such a terrible record been given so many top jobs?
  12. It feels like they've just flung everything at it. Nothing was left on the cutting room floor. Camp upgrades are naff, I hate them in every game. The weird cockfighting minigame? Endless collectables. Racing mini-events. Bandito missions to micromanage. And as you say so little of it seems organised. It's all just there. If you hadn't played a Far Cry game before I can imagine you could feel overwhelmed by the amount of objectives and busy work thrown at you from almost the moment you start playing.
  13. Got to say Far Cry hasn't got its claws into me yet and if anything the game has a lot of short comings. There's just no depth to any of the gameplay. There's an anti-aircraft gun, only way to destroy it is with explosives. Haven't got any dynomite or grenades? Tough, can't destroy it. Trying to stealth a checkpoint? We're gonna make an endless stream of enemy trucks pass through it and if even one spots you we're gonna make half the islands soldiers descend upon you and you can't take over the checkpoint until every last one is dead... Including a tank, which you have no way of destroying yet because you've barely unlocked any gear. The game seems to want to promote gun play but if there's more than one enemy shooting at you your health just vanishes and you don't unlock the ability to carry medipacks for ages so resort to just cowering behind buildings all the time. Nearly every cut scene has horrible framerate issues, keeps juddering etc. despite being on PS5. I've had to restart the game because character hair and beards weren't rendering properly and looked like they had lego hair. Lack of a skill tree or anything means I don't feel like I'm progressing or leveling up. There's too much emphasise on collecting resources and upgrading gear but so few of these game mechanics are actually explained to you and unless I'm missing something I can't find a guide in the menu system that explains anything such as, for example, how the fishing mechanics work.
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