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  1. Is there likely to be any links for the game tonight? Otherwise looks like I’m doing the ironing.
  2. Isn't that half the problem with Willian? How often do we see him get past his man, make a good run etc. only for him to spoon his shot over the bar, make a poor pass in or around the box, make the decision? He's just not very clinical. Once CHO is fully fit and Pulisic has found his feet I don't see Willian getting much of a look in.
  3. If he scores the winner against the bin dippers this weekend all will be forgiven.
  4. Rumours building already that Real are thinking of sacking Zidane. He was allowed to spend a lot of money this summer but whenever I see their team sheets they look like they're mostly playing the same team as last season. Not sure Zidane would get sacked this early into the season, they're only two points off the top of the league and with Hazard fit again you can only see results and performances improving.
  5. Looking forward to reading the mental gymnastics involved in people still being annoyed at a player who has committed his long term future to the club. Looking forward to seeing his return to the first team. Willian and Pedro have served up some stinkers for performances already this season so an injection of pace, youthful enthusiasm, confidence and directness will be most welcome.
  6. Wasn't really sure where else to put this. Anyone seen the website The Athletic? They've sort of appeared out of nowhere regarding English football coverage and the start of this season they've managed to recruit some quite big football journalists to write for them. Dominic Fifield, Amy Lawrence and Oliver Kay have all joined them recently. It's a subscription website but it looks like they're churning out a lot of content, just thought it was interesting to see written media be so aggressive.
  7. Callum Wilson has carried over his good form from last season. Saw this info about him today. The most goal involvements by English players in the Premier League since the start of last season: Raheem Sterling - 32 (22G, 10A) CALLUM WILSON - 26 (17G, 9A) Jamie Vardy - 26 (21G, 5A) Harry Kane - 25 (20G, 5A) Marcus Rashford - 20 (13G, 7A)
  8. Big thing about Tammy’s success so far this season is Lampard’s system has been all about creating space and scoring chances for the centre forward. We’re not seeing the central midfielders dallying with the ball in the opposition half, the ball is getting forward early and direct and allowing Tammy to take up some great positions. Fantastic start to the season from Tammy. I honestly didn’t think he’d start the season as first choice, I thought Giroud would get the nod because of his experience.
  9. Looked good, comfortable and suited to that central position in a back three. Not the creative presence Luiz was when playing there but a more calming presence. It will be interesting to see if Lampard continues with the back three or reverts back to a four.
  10. Of all the youngsters I was expecting Tomori to have the least impact this season... it’s still early days yet but on the early evidence he quite an accomplished defender already. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his performances.
  11. £8k, £18k, £80k, £180k? What difference does it make? We want to keep our best youth players, we don’t want to see them leaving for rival clubs. We’ve lost Hazard and Willian and Pedro are in decline. Throw a transfer ban on top and interest from one of Europe’s biggest clubs and CHO has got about as strong a negotiating position as anyone in recent years. That’s how Luiz wrangled a two year contract and that’s how CHO has got himself a contract making him a top earner. Challenge to him now is to prove he warrants that level of status and prestige.
  12. Lost cause. Likes the drink too much and consistently ends up making a part of himself.
  13. Once again picked ahead of De Gea for Spain. He's not had the strongest start to the season but clearly his stock has risen after his first year at Chelsea.
  14. Wasn't essential but it was a bit of a perfect storm. Sarri wanted out so we needed to appoint a new manager. We had a transfer ban and was selling our best player... So the mandate for the new manager coming in was to work with what we already had because there wasn't going to be any new faces. The way to supplement the squad numbers was to use academy players. So who better could we have appointed to oversee this cultural change than someone who spent 13 years playing at the club, had demonstrated a willingness and ability to use youth players in his first year of management? Throw in the added bonus (and a massive bonus it is) that his assistant coach is arguably the most successful youth coach in England of the past decade, who's worked closely with the youth players to be integrated this season. So if not Lampard this season, then who?
  15. Asmir Begovic has moved from Bournemouth to Qarabag on loan for the season. What a quick decline for him that's been.
  16. I think we view it as a means of supplementing our income. We paid relatively small transfer fees for a lot of the players on loan. If the entirety of their wages is being paid by the loaning clubs then whatever loan fees we get for them very quickly turn into profit. I would imagine someone like Piazon has repaid his £5m transfer fee twice over (if not more) by this point and it's more money than we'd make from a permanent sale.
  17. Crazy to think we’ve spent £80m on Baba, Luis, Alonso and Emerson.
  18. Not sure an 18 year old making their debut can be classed as a “specialist”. Zouma’s played in midfield before, he could of slotted in there and Christensen comes into defence. Or just play Christensen there, he’s played it before to help see out games. Bring Alonso on at left back, move Emerson to left wing and move Mount deeper. Frank rolled the dice on Gilmore. He didn’t directly do anything wrong but with an already quite inexperienced line up battling to hold the lead Frank didn’t need to throw a complete rookie on, on top of giving Michy his first competitive minutes of the season.
  19. For all the doom and gloom, is our season going any worse than Arsenal, Spurs or United’s? And the difference was they all could invest in their squad. None of them are blooding 3/4 youth players game in, game out. Alright, not a fantastic start to the season but not an absolute car crash either. Early days yet, more positives than negatives so far for me.
  20. Poor game management from Frank today unfortunately. Use of substitutions was poor, not sure why an 18 year old is coming on for his debut with the game in the balance, especially with Gilmore being a smaller lad better on the ball than off it. Michy too coming on ahead of Giroud was strange. But Frank’s learning too. These sort of results are going to happen with such an inexperienced team, as the season goes on I’d expect us to learn how to see out the game. It’s still early days yet, I think there’s more to be positive about than negative. When we’ve got RLC, Rudiger, Kante, Pedro and CHO back fit I think we’ll look a lot better for it.
  21. Looks a weak link in the team right now. Hopefully Rudiger is fit after the international break.
  22. Hard to explain what the games about... It's pretty abstract. Game is decent so far but it's got some pretty bad performance problems, specifically massive frame rate drops that happen way too frequently. Possibly the worst I've seen on PS4 for some time. I've quite enjoyed the game so far though, combat is decent, fun enough. More than anything I'm just happy to have something new to play, it's been a dry few months for decent new releases.
  23. I think we'll qualify from our group. Ajax aren't going to reach the heights they did last season, not without de Ligt and de Jong. They'll give us a good game but I feel confident we can take 4 points off of them. Lille have sold a few players during the summer too, Pepe to Arsenal being the obvious one. Again we should be able to take 4 points off of them. Assuming we can get 4 points off of Ajax and Lille we'd need a win in one of our games against Valencia and we'd be all but guaranteed qualification.
  24. Thoughts go out to Luis Enrique whose daughter has tragically passed away from bone cancer at the age of nine.
  25. Personally I’m not offended. But if a black man is offended by being called a ni**er I think he has every right to. Social media platforms are huge and they make a lot of money. They need to take responsibility and have accountability for the things that are posted on them. I’m not sure why that’s contentious?

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