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  1. Eleventh time this season City have score five or more goals in a game this season... let’s not forget we was one of them. We’ve a long way to go if we want to get back to the top again.
  2. That’s harsh on Watford. This City side is one of the best we’ve ever seen in England. Winning a domestic treble is no easy feat but City are ruthless, most teams when they go 3 up will ease up and cruise to the win but this City side are relentless.
  3. It’s the old Willian defence. Doesn't score goals, not his job. Something, something work rate. Something, something, defensive contribution.
  4. If ever we needed a sign to recruit Andy Carroll this summer, surely this is it?
  5. I don't think Higuain starts. Giroud has started all of our Europa League matches this season and it would be extremely harsh for him to not start the final, especially as his goals were a big reason for our progression. Plus, Higuain is a massive pile w**k.
  6. The players were literally pulling up entire sections of the turf. Do they look particularly impressed? It was an awful playing surface.
  7. Because even at our worst we're still more successful than most clubs. Last season was a supposed mess but we still came out of it with an FA. This season has been disruptive one and yet we've still reached two finals. Transfer ban or not, there's still plenty of managers who would jump at the chance of being in charge at Chelsea.
  8. Could be missing Rudiger, CHO, RLC and Kante for this game. Massive misses on the injury front and the midfield in particular doesn't look great with Barkley, Kovacic and Jorginho likely to start we wont have anyone on the bench in case of injuries etc.
  9. Further reports this morning that the board are undecided about retaining Sarri beyond this season. Not sure whether it is just English media piggybacking on the Italian reports from earlier in the week though.
  10. I don't have any issue with us playing the game, I think it was good for match fitness with a 2 week break until the final. But having watched some highlights this morning the pitch looked awful, tearing up easily underfoot. Can't understand risking players before a final on such a poor surface.
  11. Gutted for Ruben if he misses the final. His performances recently and throughout the Europa meant he had likely earned himself a start. Massive shame that it looks like he misses out on playing in his first final.
  12. Two different Italian media outlets, GDS and Sport Mediaset have suggested today that Chelsea could sack Sarri this summer.
  13. Saw a rumour today that if Eden goes CHO wants the 10 shirt as part of any potential agreement to sign a new deal.
  14. Don't know how much was down to him specifically but the ground work done in the season(s) before Jose arrived was crucial to eventual success. He'd promoted JT into the first team and bought Lampard before Roman had arrived and the signings of Makelele, Robben, Cech, Joe Cole were made whilst he was manager. I think he did a respectable job at Chelsea but a top level club isn't really suited to his skill set.
  15. Especially when you remember Higuain is getting paid £190k a week.
  16. Don't disagree with what you're saying at all but Ornstein is about as reliable as they get when it comes to transfers and that list of names he provided has a very Chelsea feel to it. I wouldn't be surprised to see two of those players signed if we're not banned.
  17. Never got a straight red but I'm sure his influence was felt in others. God I miss him.
  18. David Ornstein from BBC sport has said that if the transfer ban is avoided then names he's heard us interested in included Cavani, Zaha and Courtinho. He acknowledges that the ban is complex and that CAS might not rule on our appeal against the transfer ban until July, mid way through the transfer window.
  19. You keep assuming you know what it is that Marina Granovskaia specific roles and responsibilities are at Chelsea. She would likely have had little involvement in the decision to play this game, organising the fixture and deciding when it should be played but you seem intent on singling her out for criticism for the game? Taken directly from chelseafc.com about Marina Granovskaia’s role at Chelsea “since 2010 has acted as a representative of the owner at the club and in support of the board of directors. She joined the board of Chelsea FC plc and the Football Club Board in June 2013 and is mainly responsible for player transactions.” She is responsible for the player transactions. Not scouting the players, identifying those needed for the team. The negotiation of finances involved. Transfer fee, agent fees, wages etc. But you keep blaming her for a friendly fixture that helps us maintain match fitness before a cup final and also is to increase awareness for causes close to the club. Whatever floats your boat fella.
  20. Dominate possession. They can't score if they haven't got the ball. As long as we keep it tight and disciplined in the midfield we should be okay. I think our midfield is much better than theirs and I think that's where we can win this game.
  21. Wasn't sure where else to share this but following this game Chelsea were the only team not to have a player sent off in the Premier League this season. Can tell Diego isn't here anymore can't you?
  22. But this is nothing to do with Sarri, your original argument was: "Conte is an overrated manager, we won the title with him as there was no real competition." So ignoring the Sarri stuff. You now say Conte "Joined when Pep and Klopp were struggling to get their teams into top gear." So Conte got Chelsea "into gear" in his first season unlike his rival managers and managed to win 30 league games and finish with 93 points (a point tally better than the previous 11 winners) on route to winning us the title. So how exactly does this make Conte overrated?
  23. So what you're saying is that Conte was able to get better results out of our team in a shorter space of time than his rivals were from their own sides? But this makes him overrated?

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