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  1. I don't doubt that he might be open to taking the job but it's so out of character for Conte to take on a job once the season has already started. Half of his impact is instilling a regime and mindset during pre-season such as dietary requirements for players and, lots of running to get them at full fitness. Looking at United right now I have no idea how Conte has an impact there at the moment. Maybe he wouldn't play a back 3, like he attempt to with Chelsea, but they need shoring up at the back and that would seem to be the easiest way to do it.
  2. I just don't see Conte taking over a side mid season. There's too much work there for him to do and he's too meticulous to want to walk into a side that looks as disjointed as that United side.
  3. Looks so much better playing on the left of attack than at wing back. Really well taken goal today and was creating a lot of space and chances throughout.
  4. Think that spell out of the team seems to have done him the world of good. He's been phenomenal of late at both ends of the pitch.
  5. Yet another impressive cameo from Ruben. If he can stay fit he could play a big part in our season.
  6. Best defender in the league at the moment for me.
  7. Another 90 muns for Chalobah and another clean sheet. Brilliant start to the season for him.
  8. Looks set to get a run of games starting following Werner and Lukaku's injuries last night so let's hope that he's fit and feeling confident.
  9. Hasn't started our last 5 league games and only played the full 90 minutes in 4 games so far this season. Tuchel must have felt he needed some rest which is why he's played so little in the last month for us. I thought he still did enough good things last night, whipped in a few decent crosses etc. He's also been taken off of corner taking duties this season with Tuchel prefering a left footed player to take all them and that was a source of quite a few of his assists. I don't see too much to worry about just yet.
  10. From The Athletic: Christian Pulisic has endured a series of “setbacks” since sustaining an ankle injury while playing for the United States in early September, Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has said. Pulisic, 23, was forced off after a hefty challenge from Honduras’ Maynor Figueroa, and has not played since. Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Malmo on Wednesday evening, manager Thomas Tuchel revealed that although Pulisic was “close” to a return, he is still suffering with discomfort. Tuchel said: “Only Pulisic is missing tomorrow. I cannot give you all of the details because I am not a doctor, but at the moment he has had some setbacks from pain. Not from a major injury or complications. It is simply the pain in the ankle that disturbs him. “Once these players with quick movements like Christian, once they feel this pain and they are not free in the movement the recovery is not happening. “You start all over again, and you start all over again, and you reach a certain point and the pain comes back. And you have to do a little pause and start all over again. “So right now we are very, very close. He was so close to come to team training last week and had a little setback and reaction, by pain. Nothing serious. From there on we go. “He is very impatient, of course, and he does everything and we can see him suffer in every meeting and every time we meet him here [at Cobham] he is really suffering and he wants to be on the pitch and help us. Everybody is doing his very best. Unfortunately the injury takes its time.”
  11. Wouldn't rule out him getting some minutes against Malmo. With Kante, Kovacic, Jorginho and now RLC ahead of him, short of a lengthy injury, I just don't see him getting many minutes for us this season.
  12. He's got a long way to go yet but I think Tuchel/Chelsea can feel fully vindicated in their decision to allow Zouma to leave and putting faith in Chalobah. I think there's still room for a top quality centre back in our squad, particularly a left sided one, but swapping out Zouma for Chalobah feels like a better fit for Tuchel's system/playing style.
  13. Farke would have a point if Gilmour wasn't consistently one of the best players on the pitch whenever he plays for anyone but Norwich. Farke be like:
  14. I thought he was brilliant in the first half last night. Looked as good as he ever did and a reminder of why so many Chelsea fans had high hopes for him before the injury. Struggled in the second half, especially once Kovacic went off and I was surprised that Tuchel didn't replace him for Jorginho. Still, I'm really happy to see him get another 90 minutes for us.
  15. I thought he was very good last night. Showed a lot of maturity and took on a lot of responsibility with two fairly inexperienced players either side of him.
  16. That was his worst performance for us last night. Wasn't up to the pace of the game and didn't look to have a good connection with his team mates. It's still early days though and he showed in his first few games what he was capable of.
  17. Zouma had a bit of a habit of giving up and watching on when he thought there was nothing he could do. Fortunately Chalobah looks like he's more proactive and came up with a goal line clearance Ashley Cole would be proud of.
  18. Not necessarily what I want us to play but something I think we could see Mendy James - Christensen - Dave CHO - Jorginho - Kovacic - Chilwell Werner - Lukaku - Mount
  19. Pulisic's injury record is just embarrassing at this point. He's never going to establish himself as a first team player if he's going to miss the majority of matches through injury. If it carries on like this we should consider selling up and putting faith in CHO instead.
  20. I'd be all over that job as a manager. Massive transfer budget to work with. Likely to get a massive wage increase and then you just know you're going to get a bumper pay off at the end of it. What's not to love about that job right now? You basically have to stop Newcastle being relegation candidates and finishing mid table next season whilst being allowed to spend a small fortune.
  21. For £500m, yes, but not a penny less.
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