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  1. Not really a mask though is it, Conte’s always been a prickly character and gets frustrated by transfer activity because presumably it’s out of his control. If he was told he could have a new striker because the club intended to get rid of Icardi but he’s not close to being sold you’d be annoyed. Difference with Conte is that he doesn’t put on a show for the media. If he’s unhappy then he says it. His passion and emotional extremes are both his biggest strength and biggest weakness as a coach.
  2. Frank says he wants Zouma to stay with us this season. So centre backs of Luiz, Rudiger, Christensen and Zouma for the season? Going to be difficult to keep all of those happy this season surely?
  3. Lampard says Kenedy is making a case for himself to be kept around this season in the first team squad. Can only see that happening if Willian were to be allowed to leave, which I just can't see.
  4. Right now I'd back Pulisic to be top scorer. He's likely to play most matches whereas everyone else in the forward and wide positions is likely to rotate a lot because of having no stand out players in those positions.
  5. Sometimes a bad result/performance can tell you a lot more about your team and players than any number of wins ever could. As nice as it would be to cruise every pre-season game smashing in tons of goals it wouldn't be a true reflection of the quality of the squad. Hopefully Frank will have learned a lot from today's game and have a better idea of how he wants us to line up and which players he does and doesn't want to work with.
  6. If having the top button done up on your polo shirt is uncomfortable you’ve bought a size too small and you must have disillusions about your size.
  7. The backtracking on this thread when the five year deal is announced will make for some amusing reading. Not Cesc Fabregas leaked signing photos funny but maybe a close second.
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/platform/amp/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2019/5/9/18537228/marco-van-ginkel-to-miss-out-on-psv-once-again-as-injury-issues-continue-report
  9. Injured. His knees are a mess. Won’t ever play for Chelsea again.
  10. I think it's going to depend on what formation we end up playing under Lampard. If we play 4-2-3-1 I could see Drinkwater staying and competing/being cover for the two holding positions along with Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho. Barkley will likely play the #10 role behind the striker which is where I assume RLC would play too. Mount will be playing there too but probably in the cup games mostly but might be used as cover for the wide areas as well given CHO's injury.
  11. Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia added: ‘Mason has come right the way through the Chelsea Academy and has always stood out as a fantastic talent and dedicated individual. We have monitored his development extremely closely while he has been out on loan and believe he is now ready to be a member of our squad competing at the top of the Premier League. ‘Like another of our Academy graduates, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, we are delighted Mason has committed himself to the club this summer and look forward to an exciting future ahead.’ https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/07/15/mason-mount-commits-to-chelsea-with-new-contract-signed So not going out on loan this season then? Wonder if RLC's injury had a part to play in that decision?
  12. Shed Upper on one of the wrap arounds was always one of my favourite places to sit, great view of the pitch. Mind you, I've never sat in the Matthew Harding upper.
  13. I'll be going, going to take my children along to take in their first football match.
  14. I think Drainkwater is more likely to be involved in the squad again. Midfield options of Jorginho, Kante, RLC, Barkley, Drinkwater, Kovacic. Six players for three positions sounds about right.
  15. Sloppy in possession and a lack of shape in the midfield leads to a not undeserved equaliser. Slightly disappointing second half from us, barely any quality on show. Biggest plus from the game was probably Michy B looking decent, which given our lack of quality from the forwards last season is an early sign of hope. Will Drinkwater be bought in from the cold by Frank? Bakayoko doesn’t look any better than when we last saw him in the blue of Chelsea.
  16. How the hell is Piazon still contracted to Chelsea?
  17. Noticeable lack of quality in this half. Can’t see any of this lot pushing for the first team.
  18. Cracks me up when Zappacosta channels his inner Messi.
  19. I’ve got some news for you but I don’t think you’re gonna like it...
  20. The commentators on the Chelsea stream keep making not overly stubble digs at Sarri. Petty, yet slightly hilarious.
  21. Pedro’s touch and movement are good. Even in the first ten minutes you can tell he’s one of the best players out there. Good finish from Michy, showed good strength to create the space for himself.
  22. Stream started at 7:25, should be working already. You watching in the UK?
  23. I have, didn’t think it was likely there were going to be reliable streams for pre-season. I can probably watch 5 of the 7 games minus the matches in Japan so just over two quid a game isn’t bad. I didn’t have any trouble with payment or the stream (so far), did it through a laptop and now hooked it up to the tele.

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