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  1. I remember the first time I saw him at The Bridge and he was on the right of a 4 man midfield, I think we may have been playing Everton. He tried a shot from somewhere near the halfway line that went nowehere near goal, I remember the Old Man remarking something like "don't get a lot for £11m". He showed us.
  2. Apparently Southampton wanted Gilmour in January. I can think of worse teams to spend a season on loan with.
  3. Didn't think it was lucky. Good ball by Pogba to find the wingback and his first time delivery was good. Hummels was caught flat footed and should have been square on rather facing his goal but Mbappe was behind him and had an easy finish if he hadn't tried to clear.
  4. Comfortably the best squad and team in the competition. No obvious weakness in the team, just going to come down to if they get complacent or not.
  5. How long until Low is caught sniffing his bum on camera?
  6. Best we can hope for is that Nike go bust and we end up with a new kit agreement with Hummel.
  7. There's another 11 years left to run on the deal with Nike. Ugly kits are here to stay.
  8. Diego Costa had a great scoring record for Chelsea, dunno what you're on about.
  9. Probably going to sell Henderson. He didn't really impress when given chances ahead of De Gea. He was valued at around £40m last summer, Chelsea were apparently interested but United wanted to hold onto him. I doubt they'd get half that amount for him now.
  10. Is it just me or is there a general lack of quality in European international sides at the moment? Maybe it's just nostalgia but there used to be a few sides that even if they didn't perform well in the competition the team was stacked with stars. I look at the teams in the Euros and outside of the France squad and maybe to a lesser extent Germany and Portugal there's barely a squad I look at and think "wow".
  11. If PSG do sign Aurier we would be in a very strong position to sign Hakimi. It's well known Inter need to raise €80m by the end of the month and that they missed their last €10m installment owed to Real Madrid for Hakimi. So even though they might value him higher if there's only one big offer on the table for one of their players right now they might not have much choice but to accept.
  12. 20 years ago today Frank Lampard signed for Chelsea. Best £11m we've ever spent? I think so.
  13. There was no width down the left at all, all three of Trippier, Sterling and Mount more often then not go inside onto their stronger foot. Hopefully was just a one of from Southgate because when you've got Shaw and Chilwell who are both coming off the back of good seasons it makes no sense to me to limit yourself that way.
  14. Those who booed the tacking of the knee before kick off definitely not allowed to celebrate a goal created by and scored by black men.
  15. Jemaine Jenas insisting that Phillips' inability to tackle is intentional is further evidence of the man stealing our TV lisence fee.
  16. Confirmation that Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest and required a defibrillator. If not for the defib he would probably have a died.
  17. I just don't understand having 2 natural right backs on the pitch, another one on the bench and then leaving out entirely one of the few naturally left footed players in the squad. I understand Walker starting, he's a more senior and experienced presence on the pitch that's a team of very young and inexperienced players. If Maguire and Henderson were playing I think James would be considered.
  18. Southgate picking Trippier as a left back when he has Chilwell and Shaw available who have both been playing well is just ridiculous. Sancho left out of today's squad whilst Sterling starts is another eyebrow raiser of a decision.
  19. I see Lukaku and Martinez have the same barber.
  20. If England had better centre backs and another midfielder to partner Rice I think we'd have had a chance in this competition but that lack of quality in midfield especially is going to let us down I think. I think France have comfortably the best squad out of everyone and its their's to lose in my mind.
  21. I've done my first aid at work training and done my refresher courses ever since my early twenties. Thankfully I've not really had to use that skill for anything too serious but knowing CPR is, in my opinion, a key skill and something that the more people know how to do, the better.
  22. Belgium never really kicked on from their "golden generation". Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Hazard, Mertens, De Bruyne are all in the latter stages of their careers and never once lit up an international tournament. Not many new faces in their squad either and you have to wonder if they're close to fizzling out if some younger players don't start coming through.
  23. I had no idea he was still playing. He turns 38 in August! Got to be one of the oldest outfield players in the competition?
  24. World Cup is being hosted in the winter because they had to acknowledge that playing a sports tournament outdoors in 50 degree heat was a stupid idea. But this congested fixture list needs to be acknowledged. Chelsea play the Super Cup final 3 days before the start of the Premier League season. Hopefully Eriksen isn't related to exhaustion and that he makes a full recovery but it's a timely reminder that these young men have limits like the rest of us.
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